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Over 70s to self isolate

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Dodie66 · 14/03/2020 21:36

Over 70s are going to be told to self isolate even if they don’t have the virus and this will be coming in 5-20 days and last 4 months

OP posts:
Snowy111 · 17/03/2020 03:09

All out, it’s truly horrible and distressing. We are so lucky to have free and readily available medical care but I’m worried about when there’s not enough for everyone. And I’m worried about what the nhs front line will need to deal with - physically and emotionally.

valentinesdaynamechange · 17/03/2020 05:37

From the BBC: Mr Corbyn - who is 70 - said he would not follow advice to self-isolate and would carry on his duties as normal.

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 05:38

Are you kidding. Wtaf is wrong with him.

valentinesdaynamechange · 17/03/2020 05:59

Marcha afraid not if the BBC report is correct

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 06:06

I loathe him the biggest idiot. Why anyone on here said Labour would do better is laughable.

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 06:13

I wish we’d arrest people who non comply. He’d look good in a prison outfit.

Lincolnfield · 17/03/2020 06:17

Oh crikey! You lot still at it then? As there is no statistical evidence that older people are a. more likely then the general population to actually contract Covid 19 than anyone else - only that they are more likely to die from it
b. There is no evidence that older people are more likely to be carriers or infect other people

Then why oh why this constant refrain of ‘they’re all selfish’?

I’ve just got home after spending a few hours yesterday training junior doctors and going straight on to working a night shift in a hospice, so now I’m going to take my ‘selfish’ husband a cup of tea before he gets up to take our dogs out on the moors. Contrary to your increasingly weird theories he is highly unlikely to become infected by the moorland sheep and then I shall take my not quite selfish (still under 70, just) old bones off to bed for a few hours while you lot start your planning your ‘let’s take all the old ‘uns to Elba campaign.

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 06:18

Lincoln because your attitude is creating the problem.

Full text

Hello all, I am writing to you from my fourth day in coronavirus quarantine, here in Barcelona, Spain. This is a message to everyone- family, friends, former colleagues, peers and teammates back home (or wherever you are in the world). Please take this virus seriously. I want to share with you what is happening here now, what the consequences are of a delayed response. I hope this will help you to understand that all jokes and toilet paper memes aside, your action needs to be taken now.

A week ago here in Spain, we only talked about coronavirus. We already had some cases, but it just didn’t seem that bad. We saw the suffering in Italy and said “That won’t happen here.” Changes were not made. People still went out on the weekend, went to the gym, went to work, to school, etc. Preventing the spread of the virus was not a priority. Fast forward just 1 WEEK: Spain is now in a state of emergency. The virus is here and it is tearing through this country. I have coronavirus. My friends have coronavirus. Parents of children have coronavirus. Teachers, students, business people, researchers, politicians, bus drivers, etc. have coronavirus. In a matter of days, the number of confirmed cases spiked from just a few hundred to well into the thousands. Hospitals and medical clinics are completely and entirely exhausted, operating at over-capacity, with quickly depleting resources and staff. Hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel have caught the virus and have been issued to quarantine. Those who remain are working 24/7, non stop. It is not just the elderly or the immunocompromised who are checking in for treatment- people of ALL ages are needing medical care. With each passing day, the death toll rises and the situation grows more severe.

In just 1 WEEK the coronavirus has caused Spain to crumble and it appears the worst has yet to come. Now having one of the fastest rates of COVID-19 contagion in the entire world, the Spanish Prime Minister stated that the number of cases could top 10,000 by early next week- almost double the current level. Just yesterday, cases rose by 1,500. If the pressure on the health care system is already unbearable, then what could possibly happen in the following days? We could ask our dear friends in Italy, as they are about a week ahead of us, with thousands of infected people trying to get into hospitals with only a few spaces left. With doctors and nurses having to CHOOSE who to save and who to let die because there are not enough medical professionals, supplies or space left to treat the growing number of patients. The Spanish government can see we are following in Italy’s footsteps and the pressure is on, to make up for a lack of action taken in the beginning.

All schools and universities have shut down. Public events and sports games have been cancelled. Roads have been blocked, entire regions of the country are under lockdown and towns and villages have been quarantined. Businesses, cafes, restaurants, gyms, bars/cubs and shopping centres have all closed, with the exception of the supermarkets selling food and pharmacies. Police roam the streets to ensure people stay inside. The rest of the world can see the risk now too- 62 countries have suspended flights from Spain.

To think, if preventative action could have been taken just 1 week before, if the mindsets of people could have shifted 1 week earlier, we could be living a very different reality right now.

To all the people back home in Canada or wherever you may be, please understand that this virus will change things very quickly. Once it becomes an issue, it is very hard to control. Being proactive and taking precautions now is absolutely necessary; every day counts! Be diligent with your health practices and be responsible with your decision making to be out in public!!! Going to the bar, the mall, the movies, the gym, etc. is truly just not worth it right now!!! Save it for a week that isn’t potentially life threatening to you or the humans around you. Push for work weeks at home and online classes!! Nothing is worth the risk. Social distancing is CRITICAL. And if you are sitting there feeling like you don’t have to be cautious because you are young/healthy, PLEASE remember that we as human beings have a responsibility to look out for one another. You being careless could lead to the loss of someone’s grandmother or grandfather, someone's parent, someone’s coworker, or someone’s friend. That is what is happening here and it’s a lot more difficult to stop now that it’s started.

I hope you take something away from this going forward. Stay home and be cautious. Start today if you haven’t already. You will make a difference!!! Please stay safe everyone.

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 06:20

Fine if people want to die in their bed at home. But I doubt it when it happens.

Otherwise take the instruction.

Trooper59 · 17/03/2020 06:34

Every over 70 I know is taking this seriously. Even my fit and well DH who has no underlying health conditions.

However I don't think the government is being direct enough in general. It's not enough to tell people to avoid busy places like pubs, they need to be told you must not go to pubs. Advice across all age groups is too woolly.

jillybeanclevertips · 17/03/2020 06:44

I don't think we are giving our over 70s the credit they deserve. They survived hours in a cold damp bomb shelter listening to bombs going off around them, they survived rationing- we can still learn a lot from this generation. if we're ready to listen. Stay calm and carry on. Get out the WW2 cookery books.

jillybeanclevertips · 17/03/2020 06:49

Thank you to Marsha Bradyo, who took the time to give us an inside look at the effects of this virus, I hope you get better and survive this.

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 06:50

I just pasted that! From Spain. But it worked on my reluctant Dh so I’m sharing it around. I think we should all share it to our friends and relatives who are stubborn and do not get it.

Lincolnfield · 17/03/2020 06:55

@MarshaBradyo - morning Marsha. Hope you and yours are all well!

You are telling me my attitude is a problem? Pleas understand I take this whole crisis very seriously BUT where I have a massive sense of disgust is all the constant finger pointing and sheer nastiness towards older people which so many on here are demonstrating.

I walked back through Manchester yesterday and the vast majority of people out on Market Street were NOT older people. There was a group of teenage lads on skateboards playing around - essential perhaps?There were the usual street buskers belting out god awful songs and the young women in all their trendy gear in and out of Primark.

The only old person I saw was a homeless guy in his sleeping bag.

So all this constant refrain from people here that all the old folk are ignoring the need for social distancing/isolating is, frankly crass and ignorant.

Have a lovely day. I’m off to my bed.

MarshaBradyo · 17/03/2020 06:58

Morning Lincoln there are plenty in here saying they won’t listen. This is what we are responding to.

You are frontline, and whilst you think I am against you, I’m not, you are essential.

I want people to take the instruction seriously and not fight it under a misguided defiance.

Rosehip10 · 17/03/2020 07:04

@Lincolnfield So selfish and arrogant - over 70s are more likely to need hospital care if they get it, upto and including ITU.

So over 70s should be taking all steps to avoid getting it to avoid further pressure on the health service. Brilliant for the car crash victim, the cancer patient who needs an op, the premature baby that their bed/care isn't available due to over 70s filling hospitals as they selfishly did what the hell they wanted Hmm

Lincolnfield · 17/03/2020 07:17

@Rosehip10 - oh give your head a bump! I’ve just spent the whole night nursing a man in the final stages of motor neurone disease and three other patients with various terminal diseases.

Marsha and I have developed a friendly discourse over the last couple of days and I don’t need you, with your undoubtedly limited medical knowledge to lecture me on my ‘selfishness and arrogance.’ Now I really AM going to bed.

Bool · 17/03/2020 07:27

@MauriceandAlec errrr this is a tad more serious than two people having different opinions and no consequence though isn’t it. I am sure there are many differences of opinion on this going up and down the country and the ones trying to save their loved ones doing everything they can to win this one. Or do we just back down and say oh ok then. Have your opinion and I will have mine.

Bool · 17/03/2020 07:30

@Holidayreservation what further black and white advice do you need? The government is not going as far as saying we will barricade people in but I think their advice is clear! I think you need to think for yourself how viruses spread and how to protect you and your family.

Bool · 17/03/2020 07:33

If it helps here it is

Over 70s to self isolate
Widget123 · 17/03/2020 07:37

I’m pretty shocked at how spoilt and selfish our nation has become. Understandably there will be a lot of people who have careers etc who can’t self isolate but for many yes it’s going to be a pain in the arse staying in your houses and having to endure walks and one another’s company for a few months but in doing that hundreds of thousands of lives are going to be saved, is it that fucking difficult to make that decision??? If I saved one life by staying in my house for 6 months I would. Everyone moaning about their lost luxuries when even with these measures tens of thousands are still about to die. Seeing this I have so much respect for the families in wartime who just got their heads down. Band together people we need to toughen up to beat this and stop being so bloody selfish.

Widget123 · 17/03/2020 07:37

*carers not careers!

StatisticallyChallenged · 17/03/2020 08:00

To be fair Widget either option made sense in that sentence :)

florentina1 · 17/03/2020 08:26

From when this idea was proposed until now, there has been a big change in attitude from lots of 70+ people that I know. They started with feeling indignant about being told what to do and worried that it was such a long time. In particular, the very healthy ones, who still have jobs or care responsibilities were feeling mutinous.

I think the way it has been explained now, ‘we are not doing this for ourselves but to, protect younger people’ has a big impact. We do have a responsibility to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Whereas many may feel fatalistic about their own death, the drain on resources from becoming ill to dying is something that should be considered. All of the clubs we attend have emailed to say that they are cancelled until further notice.

It has helped enormously that the Government stance has changed from ‘house arrest’ to social distancing, because that gives us some normality.

Bool · 17/03/2020 08:36

@florentina1 am so happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing. I have been out and about the last 2-3 days putting cards through people’s doors and making sure the support is there. I met K yesterday. I sat with her for an hour and talked it all through and went to get her groceries. I had to explain that I would drop them off at her door and she wasn’t to come to my house. And S - a man who needs his medicines collected weekly from the pharmacy - a place he should definitely not go to. And then cards through doors. People were genuinely grateful to see the community hell coming. Hopefully the government did this well in that they announced it early enough for people to come to terms with it. They never did say ‘house arrest’. But this weekend I would really like to think we can make this happen and we can come out the end of this proud as a country.

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