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Over 70s to self isolate

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Dodie66 · 14/03/2020 21:36

Over 70s are going to be told to self isolate even if they don’t have the virus and this will be coming in 5-20 days and last 4 months

OP posts:
Bool · 16/03/2020 21:55

@definitelyjc me neither. Especially as it is not just my life at risk but maybe somebody else’s too and the health workers risking their lives and exhausted trying to save me. Change children to ‘pregnant women’ and the same story. I bet most pregnant women will go in self isolation after today’s announcement and no outcry about that. and there isn’t even the strong evidence that it affects them. Just precautionary. It is quite strange.

Alsohuman · 16/03/2020 21:58

Nobody young is ever going to understand it @definitelygc. As you draw closer to death, it loses its threat. You look at what might happen to you if you live for a long time. It makes you shudder. You know you’ve got relatively little time left and you want it to count. Better a little quality time, than a decade of rubbish. There are far worse things than dying from a virus.

Rosehip10 · 16/03/2020 22:00

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MarshaBradyo · 16/03/2020 22:00

Four months Also then an extra decade of living it up.

Bool · 16/03/2020 22:00

@Alsohuman even if you know you are also putting other lives at risk?

Snowy111 · 16/03/2020 22:00

Alsohuman When you can barely breathe and there’s no oxygen or ventilator for you, you might change your mind

Alsohuman · 16/03/2020 22:01

If you feel like me, you won’t be calling an ambulance. How is that selfish?

MarshaBradyo · 16/03/2020 22:01

There are so many on the same list scared because they need to work for money.

Over 70 don’t need to. It is so selfish to be this defiant.

definitelygc · 16/03/2020 22:06

@Alsohuman I do get where you're coming from as my dad has been saying the same things. But my Grandma, who lived to 100 and was very sanguine about her coming death, always said "I don't mind how I die, just don't let me suffocate". Not being able to breathe is just so scary, there's no way people are going to sit at home and not call an ambulance.

Rosehip10 · 16/03/2020 22:06

The apparant attitude of many over 70s in this emergency situation is disgusting and arrogant.

Shit such as:

1.) I don't care if I get it...(so sod everyone else then if you do)

2.) This is all crap, hyped up, WW2 etc etc

3.) Oh, I will isolate of course, but I will still do x,y z etc etc as is my right

Snowy111 · 16/03/2020 22:08

Alsohuman I saw my mum, who was close to death anyway with lung cancer, having an “attack” where she was desperately fighting for breath, it was unbelievably distressing to see. Paramedics came and gave her oxygen. A doctor came. They spent around 3 hours sourcing a cylinder for her to keep. She was immediately more comfortable.

With the numbers at risk of getting seriously ill in this pandemic, the chances are that even if you rang for an ambulance, none would be available to come.

We all need to wise up and accept there are sacrifices to make

Bool · 16/03/2020 22:08

@Alsohuman it’s selfish because you are constantly commenting on a thread about how over 70s shouldn’t self-isolate because you yourself want to die from it alone and without an ambulance or person to treat you. Encouraging others with your bravado when in the end you might not want health care but most likely they do. Accept that and show solidarity and encouragement to others at risk to protect themselves.

Alsohuman · 16/03/2020 22:11

@Rosehip10, how would my getting corona virus affect anyone else if I don’t have medical care?

Of course it’s not hype, I can completely understand people with decades of life ahead of them worrying. I don’t have to isolate, strictly speaking, because I’m not yet 70 but I will follow the guidance for the general population.

LightAsTheBreeze · 16/03/2020 22:12

Is Almosthuman over 70, I haven’t seen her/his age stated on this thread, they may be younger and just supportive of older people so no need to isolate.

tryingtoprep · 16/03/2020 22:13

This is ridiculous. The over 70s is not one homogeneous group! There's many many people in this group - all individuals with different viewpoints. Some might not take it seriously and/or don't want to self isolate but plenty others are scared and are self isolating. Whatever your opinion on whether or not people should self isolate, please remember that. Stop generalising.

Bool · 16/03/2020 22:14

@alsohuman it is selfish because we should all stand behind people wanting to self isolate and not discouraging them with bravado born out of your exceptional circumstances (which I am sure if it happened and you couldn’t breathe you wouldn’t stand by anyway)

LightAsTheBreeze · 16/03/2020 22:14

X post Smile

Alsohuman · 16/03/2020 22:14

Encouraging others with your bravado when in the end you might not want health care but most likely they do

I’m encouraging nobody. I’ll make my decision, other people will make theirs. It’s called autonomy.

Bool · 16/03/2020 22:17

You are encouraging others with every post you write on here dismissing it as a silly idea.

Alsohuman · 16/03/2020 22:17


MauriceandAlec · 16/03/2020 23:26

So when people don't agree with your opinion, you personally attack them? Just today I've seen people called idiots, cunts, arseholes all because they disagreed with another poster.

The ageism is unbelievable.

MauriceandAlec · 16/03/2020 23:30

And Bool stating an opinion that's contrary to your own is not synonymous with bravado or encouraging others to share in it Hmm. Holy non sequitur, Batman!

Bedroomdilemma · 16/03/2020 23:43

Bool, your child analogy doesn’t work, it would only be equivalent if you told the children that only they would be self-isolating whilst the rest of society carried on as normal, but don’t worry herd immunity would ensure that the children wouldn’t catch it and die. If they do catch it and die, it’s all their own fault. But that’s clearly a ridiculous idea because you can’t cut children off from the rest of society, and similarly you cannot cut off elderly completely, so the risk to them increases if the virus spreads uncontrolled in the wider population. Even Boris has backtracked to a certain extent with the new social distancing measures to apply to everyone.

Holidayreservation · 16/03/2020 23:47

Why isn’t there official black and white advice.

I have my 90 year old Nan living with us (has for around a year). I already look after her full time, I’ve cancelled the carers as I’m sure they’ll be carriers. However, does isolation mean non essential visits to elderly? Or just if you’ve got symptoms? I’m going into lockdown too but what about the other adult family members who live here? I’m being made out to being OTT for asking them to stay away until this blows over (or just go to work and home nothing else).

I’m sure if official info said ‘move you’re elderly into isolation at your house, and move those who aren’t caring out’ it would make more sense.

Just don’t leave the house for four months.

alloutoffucks · 17/03/2020 00:49

@Snowy111 A close relative died last year. I saw him struggling for breath in the same way until the paramedics gave oxygen a few months before he died. It looked as if he was drowning. It was terrible.

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