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To be amazed at how many people are making excuses

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Sunshinesky1981 · 13/03/2020 10:14

Looking through these threads I'm feeling pretty horrified at the amount of people that either dont seem to be able to understand what self isolate actually means or are already making excuses as to why it can't possibly apply to them ?!?
Have read so many.. oh I'm not going to self isolate, I'm pretty sure it's just a cold. Can I still go for a walk. I need to go out for a run or else I'd go crazy, how am i going to walk the dog, I'd only pop to the shop really quickly

No wonder the schools aren't shutting, and we are not banning gatherings. I really can't understand how people are either not getting this or feel happy to just think sod the risk

OP posts:

Redrover87 · 13/03/2020 11:50

Some people live in a sparkly little bubble don’t they, £250 is a hell of a lot to some people (including myself!)

It’s alright if you’re doing well to say “it’ll be hard, just get a CC and pay it off over the next few months” how are people this stupid.

Like a pp said, instead of having a go at the skint people, why not blame the landlords, government etc for not putting more in place to help people out with rent, council tax, utilities etc.

Some people literally have a fiver spare a month, imagine being 250 down, putting it on a CC (if you can get one that is) and paying it off at a fiver a month Grin never mind the fact you’d have no money spare then.

It really feels like a “then and us” situation


Redrover87 · 13/03/2020 11:50



IfYoureNotIntoYoga · 13/03/2020 11:51

Yes, agree, however that nurse is going to have to isolate herself is her child has cough so she won't be able to visit the client anyway as by this thread anyone in contact with someone with a cold needs to isolate.


MauriceandAlec · 13/03/2020 11:52

Well op cares about her mum dying
And other people care about themselves.

Yes, how very dare those presumptuous people care about feeding their children and keeping the roof over their heads! I wonder what it's going to take for people to fucking wake up and realise just how many people are sailing close to the wind through no fault of their own but due to high housing costs (rentals) and gig economy and who are, indeed, utterly fucked.

Because it's a lot of people.


PerkingFaintly · 13/03/2020 11:52

angell is in the US, so his/her post is not that surprising. S/he is repeating Donald Trump's messaging that's it's just scaremongering by the Fake News Media and the Democrats.


SonjaMorgan · 13/03/2020 11:52

@AnIdiotNeedsHelp LL here. Yes we are. There are big banks who are allowing mortgage payments to be stopped but as far as I can tell there is no requirement to pass this on to your tenants. We have a buffer of money so we can afford for our tenant who is self employed not to pay us indefinitely. I have no idea how much or for how long their business will be affected.


KittyJune · 13/03/2020 11:53

There is NO point self isolating for one week once you get a cough. Coronavirus has a two week incubation period, for a start. Secondly, many people only have VERY minor symptoms (and some none at all) and they will be fine, but spreading it to everyone that they come into contact with. Washing your hands occasionally just isn’t enough. I can’t get my head around how badly people are dealing with this outside of China. I live in China and my province was badly affected, it started in mid January here, got very bad at first, and then by January 23 we were told to self isolate. Everyone. No excuses. For one month we all stayed home, only going outside (with masks on) to collect food deliveries. Shops were open but very few people ventured out. There was very much the spirit of ‘we are in this together and we all need to do this to get rid of the virus once and for all’. It was boring but absolutely fine - if anything very nice at times! Everyone I know spent 4 weeks cooking, watching movies, playing with their kids. Companies paid a basic salary so people could survive. If you didn’t feel well a team of doctors popped round to check on you, being medicine if not Coronavirus, take you off to quarantine if it was. There have now been no new cases of the virus for almost a month now, because of this one boring month. But everyone else seems to want to Fanny around washing their hands and spreading the virus to anyone to save themselves a few quid. It’s mad to me.


Meruem · 13/03/2020 11:55

The thing is other countries are putting things into place for this. Special payments for those who need to self isolate. We are doing none of that. Oh apply for UC the government says. Yep a 5 week wait for that (if you even qualify) is going to do nothing to help people now. I agree with OP that people who can self isolate should, and that many are just being selfish. But I also see it isn't that simple for many and the government is doing nothing to support them.


IfYoureNotIntoYoga · 13/03/2020 11:56

Your tenant is very lucky to have nice, kind and understanding Landord/landlady and I'm sure they will appreciate your help.


MauriceandAlec · 13/03/2020 11:57

And as far as the dog walkers go - fucking hell, humanity is doomed.

I can drive about 30 minutes from my home and be in the middle of nowhere. Why assume anyone who wants to walk a dog lives in some urban area?


SchadenfreudePersonified · 13/03/2020 11:57

I'm just absolutely gobsmacked by the selfish, don't care about anyone but myself, I'm going on holiday because I haven't had a holiday for four years wankers.
I have lost all faith in humankind completely.
I'd love not to have to go to work in the NHS everyday because of the huge risk to myself but in I go and I self isolate after my shift is over so I don't infect everyone in my local area should I have caught it and don't know.


A friends DD works as a nurse and says that the hand sanitiser is being stolen from the ends of patients' beds, and from outside ward doors. They can't keep replacing it as as soon as they do, it's gone again. Too many visitors to a bed (whole families sometimes) and open visiting hours makes this possible - no-one can keep an eye on the stuff.

Having said that, they shouldn't have to. These people are thieves, and could end up being murderers. They should be ashamed.


aroundtheworldyet · 13/03/2020 11:58

I didn’t say caring about yourself was a bad thing!
But as someone else said, what happens when this totally destroys the economy and we are living through hell for years.

If you’re on minimum wage then you’re down by £250 before tax. Without any of the extra top ups.

Personally I would not pay my council tax and I would not pay my water bill or my phone bill if I had one. I certainly wouldn’t pay my CC bill. Or any TV

That’s the 250 saved roughly. For more essentials such as the electric meter rent and food for the 7 days.

The point this thread has raised is that because of the last 10 years of shit that’s been thrown at us there are too many people on the edge barely surviving.


FourTeaFallOut · 13/03/2020 11:58

These are the rules kittyjune

Self isolate for seven days with new persistent cough or a temperature unless your symptoms get worse.

"The updated guidance asks people to self-isolate at home for seven days if they have a new and persistent cough for up to four hours and a temperature of 37.8C and above. These are considered to be mild symptoms of coronavirus and people do not need to ring 111 for advice unless their condition dramatically worsens, the government said. Following this advice is thought to be an effective way of reducing the peak number of cases by up to 20%. The seven-day period is based on people being infectious just as their symptoms start to show and for a week afterwards. In the future, the government may ask a whole household to isolate for two weeks if one person is affected."


Silentplikebath · 13/03/2020 12:00


People are being very selfish about this. I’m in the at risk group but I’m ‘fortunate’ enough to get pip for my chronic illness.

I’m planning to self isolate for the next few months because I know that I can’t rely on anyone else to do the right thing.


inselfisolationnow · 13/03/2020 12:03

They're selfish arseholes


ShatnersWig · 13/03/2020 12:04

It's also worth remembering that it's not just about lost wages for being shut down for 2 or 3 or more likely 4 weeks as with China. For many businesses there is a knock on effect for another two-four months after that before things start returning to normal. There will be small businesses in particular who won't receive any income for some months.


IfYoureNotIntoYoga · 13/03/2020 12:04

Good for you, but the government pays your benefits regardless.

Employers don't pay wages for
Not going in to work so it's nice you can afford to isolate for months but I can't.


Jaxhog · 13/03/2020 12:06

I just can't believe the level of selfishness and ignorance on here!!

The point is that we at the beginning of a major epidemic. One in which probably thousands will die. How we handle it will determine whether this is thousands or hundreds of thousands. What the government is trying to do is to reduce the impact on our health services at any one time. If everyone gets sick at the same time, the NHS will be overwhelmed and will be forced to triage the sick i.e. only those with a good chance of recovery will be treated. A lot more people will be left to die, because there are simply not enough nurses and doctors to treat everyone in this scenario. More money won't help, because there isn't time to get more nurses and doctors.

Levelling out the impact by taking precautions won't stop people getting sick, but will spread the infection rate so the NHS can cope better. Fewer people will die this way.

The brutal truth is that EVERYONE is responsible for getting us ALL though this time. EVERYONE is going to have to make sacrifices. - whether this means walking the dog less, incurring some debt, using less toilet paper etc.

The Blitz has been mentioned several times. This is no different in that we all need to show fortitude, good sense and self sacrifice.


PerfectParrot · 13/03/2020 12:06

The point this thread has raised is that because of the last 10 years of shit that’s been thrown at us there are too many people on the edge barely surviving.

We knew that even before the last election though - and the one before that tbh. But people wanted this government.


ShatnersWig · 13/03/2020 12:07

SchadenfreudePersonified I don't understand why local NHS trusts haven't banned visitors to all hospitals. They don't need the Govt to sanction that - it's happened several times at our local general hospital due to a sickness bug. Same with care homes - stop visitors. No one will half inch sanitizers then and it will protect the vulnerable.


Deathgrip · 13/03/2020 12:07

All this uproar about how shockingly low SSP is really angers me as does the sudden panic about the NHS being unable to cope.

SSP is significantly more than carers allowance or several categories of ESA. And that’s not just for a week or two.

Seems a lot of people are more than happy to vote for governments who decimate public services and offer such little support to those with chronic illness or carers, and couldn’t care less until it starts to impact them. This is the sort of poverty and difficulty accessing healthcare many of us have had for a decade, but not for a few weeks - indefinitely.

We are in a situation where banks and other creditors are more likely to provide payment holidays, instalments and so on. For many people this is just their life.

This is clearly a wake up call for a lot of people and I hope they don’t forget. I also hope that everyone who’s going to face financial difficulties as a result of this crisis can access the support they need and don’t end up in the same mess as so many others - it’s an awful place to be.


IfYoureNotIntoYoga · 13/03/2020 12:07

@inselfisolationnow who are selfish arses?

People not self isolating because they can't afford to?

Or people like yourself demanding we self isolate because you can afford to?


ClientQueen · 13/03/2020 12:09

My colleague has come in with a new cough Angry


Marlox · 13/03/2020 12:09

Those that are financially vulnerable (as well as medically vulnerable) need people to self isolate.

Im financially stuffed if i get it, and would be absolutely devastated if others decided to ignore self isolating advice. We all need to be limiting our contact with potential carriers, if people are not follpwing rules then it will spread much more quickly and everyone loses out financially. I cant afford for a supermarket worker, or person i pass in the street to give it to me.

Someone who cant afford to isolate, might go to work and give it to 20 other people who are in the same financial position

Its utter selfishness


SnoozyLou · 13/03/2020 12:09

What I find shocking is posters telling others with reported cv symptoms to go to A&E. it's no wonder we're headed for an NHS crisis with the rampant stupidity.

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