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Coronovirus message from Italy

228 replies

gardenflowergirl · 10/03/2020 23:28

Saw this message from an Italian on Facebook, saying it's going to be worse than we've been told:


Hello everybody, long post.
It's again about Corona virus. As you might know the situation here in Italy is tragic. With the wrong decisions that have been taken not to stop the economy, we are now at the point in which in the next 2 weeks we can expect to have the doctors to cure those who have a longer expectation of life and not to cure the others. Many many people are sick and many people need breathing support. True that italy has dismantled the best health system in the world (and we are now rushing to buy breathing machines) and we pay he consequences of this but it is also true that his virus is a true calamity, something that we have never seen before. So the message is to warn you. If you have cases in your country and they are telling you it is just a flue, it is wrong. It is just a flue for some but we have also 30 years old or less in intensive care, not to talk about old people or 50/60 years old people. The virus is highly contagious, I need to remark this.... and it spreads also before symptoms appear. From what I see there are cases in Europe, in the US etc. They will probably tell you the situation is serious when it will be serious so please start to take precautions now. It doesn't matter if you feel that you appear over worried, believe me. Some weeks ago we had an important basketball event, February 13th/16th with many people coming from the north. Now, March 10th, we have about 20 people in intensive care (100.000 people city) and in Niguarda hospital in Milan (much bigger) they have 30. Regular hospitals activities are no longer possible, if we don't stop the virus we might die also for a very stupid reason because the regular hospital activities are blocked. Even this past weekend people where at the beach and this happened for 3 reasons: italians tend not to respect the rules, young people think they don't get sick but they don't understand they'll make their parents sick and finally you don't see this enemy until doctors start to literally beg you to stay home because they have been working non stop for days and nights and they know they won't be able to assist everybody...or you start to hear that someone that you know is sick, two of my friends have sick parents for example. Personally I am doing all I can including using all the means I have not to go to work but many firms still haven't understood that they must stop. Please pray for this nightmare to end, it is the greatest struggle we have faced since world war. Schools are closed and we are trying to stay connected and work from home. Supermarkets now force you to keep distances and use masks...I mean, it's an apocalipctical scenario hard to believe and to explain. Do all you can to ask your governments to act immediately and strongly, no economy is worth a massacre like this. The world needs to review priorities. Again please say a prayer for us, we don't deserve to end like this. Take care ❤

OP posts:

MamaFlintstone · 11/03/2020 09:07

This is rapidly becoming a forum for people with out of control health anxiety.

The conversations I’m hearing and having in real life are certainly a lot more measured. Including with medics.


Orangeblossom78 · 11/03/2020 09:11

Have a look here might get it in perspective with other illnesses around


Orangeblossom78 · 11/03/2020 09:12

and other countries not just Italy and China


Smartanimal · 11/03/2020 09:21

I have a lorry driving friend abroad who makes regular trips to Italy and says there’s a lot of scaremongering about Italy and the coronavirus. He says everything is pretty calm there, shops are not empty and people are not panicky.


SnoozyLou · 11/03/2020 09:28

What is scary more than the illness is the amount of denial out there. Good luck.

Couldn't agree with you more. All the people criticising the source - the message is nothing new. It's been coming out of Italy for weeks.

As for saying it's fine to go to public events because it can't live outside, if you believe that, you need you head tested. Bringing together tens of thousands of people is ok, so long as it isn't indoors?

As pp says, good luck.


planningaheadtoday · 11/03/2020 09:29

The trajectory for all of us apart from Japan is exactly the same. We are all following the same infection rate as all other infected countries in the world.

We are two weeks behind the Italian crisis. 14 sobering days.

We are walking blindly towards this, and no one in authority seems to grasp the severity of this.

Italy is not a third world country with poor health care systems. Their system is better than ours.

If we cannot take what happening right in front of us and heed their advice, what hope do we have?

So many of our older and vulnerable will die because it wasn't suitable for our economy to be affected by shutdown.

The government will shut things down when it's too late. I just can't get my head around not doing it a month earlier when it could make a difference. What good is shutting down later?

I'm despairing of our government, at the point swift action was needed to reduce the impact on our healthcare systems, we get Boris advising us to 'wash our hands' OMG.


Skyejuly · 11/03/2020 09:35

I came here to say about denial scaring me more which someone has now said. I know some people playing it so cool but it's not helping them to be ignorant. Many of my generation have never lived through any kind if serious disruption and therefore just can't understand anything disrupting their daily life or affecting them.


Dusty01 · 11/03/2020 09:36

I have heard this same message from other people in Italy speaking on Radio 4 (I wish I could have transcribed what they were saying).

I've read the same message in interviews. They are all saying that too many of the population laughed at this virus. Their failure to take it seriously has lead to the state that Italy is in now.

It mirrors where we are going. Why are so many people being not only complacent but, frankly, reckless. We have a responsibility for our own lives and those around us. We must take nothing for granted.

These people in the midst of this crisis in Italy are trying to help. We must stop laughing and instead listen to them.


Pebbles574 · 11/03/2020 09:39

Just on the private healthcare thing - yes, don't assume that if you have cover that it will give you any help in this situation. My very good friend who is a matron in a London hospital has already been part of emergency planning meetings which include the government having the power to take over 90% of ICU beds in private hospitals if necessary, and as she said, there aren't that may to start with, as most ICU is already done in the NHS.


planningaheadtoday · 11/03/2020 09:43

This is the graph. We are in line with the rest of the world. The UK does not have special immunity!

All we have is is the option to cut down on social exposure so the virus has less opportunity to infect others.

It's not forever, but a strong message now will save lives.

Coronovirus message from Italy

ElderAve · 11/03/2020 09:47

I'm shocked at all the assertions that no one would fake this, FB is full of made up or exaggerated drama. People love attention for whatever reason.

Things are clearly bad in Italy but I'm not convinced they're "that" bad. They don't appear to have mobilised the Army (which is bigger than ours) or to have asked for any international assistance.


Sparklingbrook · 11/03/2020 09:57

So what are the people that are perceived to be not taking it seriously supposed to do? Start stressing and worrying about it?


emsy86 · 11/03/2020 09:58

@planningaheadtoday and do you realise how much of an effect an economic shutdown would have?

What happens when you don’t get paid as your off sick? You sign on to universal credit, what happens then when universal credit is not taking any new applications as its closed as the economy has shut down? How do you get food to feed your children when the shops are shut because of this economic shut down? What happens when your kids are bored as the internet is down and no one comes to fix it because the economy has shut down. Then your toilet blocks but no one will come to fix it because the economy has shut down then NHS workers decide why should they have to go into work when the rest of the country doesn’t because the economy has shut down.if you think the country can just shut down for a few weeks then you are delusional.

If we’re 2 weeks behind Italy and are peak will be in 2 weeks it means that Italy is currently seeing its peak for 10 weeks so likely to be 1000 cases a day and 80,000 come the end of their peak that is a tiny percentage of their population and only a small percentage of that 80,000 will need hospital treatment! It seems much worse from China Italy and Iran because it caught them all by surprise so were not prepared!


ChibiTotoro · 11/03/2020 10:02

I've also seen a video from an Italian grandmother handing out eight suggestions on dealing with coronavirus e.g wash your hands, no hugging and kissing, no discrimination because coronavirus goes away but discrimination stays.
There is a resounding air of 'don't panic' in her video, so I'm going with that.


Dusty01 · 11/03/2020 10:04

Things are clearly bad in Italy but I'm not convinced they're "that" bad.

I will just repeat I have heard this very same message on Radio 4 and in main newspapers. The facebook message posted by OP is no more shocking than what I have heard from other Italians talking about the situation in Italy.

Do you watch Newsnight? Every night their main subject is this virus - at the moment. They speak about it very rationally and have ministers from Italy on. The message is the same. It is a disaster out there at the moment and Italian ministers are (carefully) issuing the same warning to the UK.


bellinisurge · 11/03/2020 10:04

@Sparklingbrook , sneering at other people would be a good start. Not saying you are doing that but the tone of some posts is childish.
There is a middle ground (where most people are) between not giving a shit and panicking. Too many voices on here sneering.


seasmize · 11/03/2020 10:06

It is, yes, but in Italy, not here. It could happen over here, yes, but may well not

May well not? There are likely already thousands of cases here. Look at the numbers in Germany, Spain, and France? Why would we be any different given our travel happy population?

The only difference is the testing.


Dusty01 · 11/03/2020 10:06

From Newsnight last night. Italian minister warning the UK.


OnceUponACat · 11/03/2020 10:06

You know-it-alls can raise your eyes as much as you like at someone’s lack of paragraphs or misspellings when writing in a foreign language (that in itself says it all) but you won’t be laughing when what she/he says comes knocking at our doors. Everything in that post is exactly what all my REAL FRESH AND BLOOD friends (italian and british) have said to me.
Someone is trying to give you the heads up and tell you to take care of yourself before the gov decides what to do and what do you do? Shit on it.

If not common sense I thought we could at least do with some empathy.


EvilPea · 11/03/2020 10:06

I am intrigued how they are enforcing the self isolation.


TheMagiciansMewTwo · 11/03/2020 10:07

I think there's a disconnect between the top-line advice of wash your hands and carry on, and what is actually happening in many places.
The government advice is getting most publicity and implies not much is happening but at a different level
there have been changes. Some companies are restricting travel, moving to working from home, etc.
I know some of our local schools have cancelled large gatherings, UK trips, overseas trips and even visits to external sites in the same city.
It might be helpful to share what practical steps are happening where we are and what differences we're seeing.


ElderAve · 11/03/2020 10:07

People think the government will pay for all that stuff emsy, no one can comprehend what happens when no one's earning so no one's paying any tax, which TBF is a long way off.

Quite apart from the increased mortality that poverty brings, much more certain and short term would be the fact that when there's an increase in business failures and unemployment there is always a spike in suicides.

It's not just money, protecting the economy protects lives, harming it will kill people.


OnceUponACat · 11/03/2020 10:08

Nobody is saying “panic” and “fill your garage with big roll”, people are telling you to be careful and not underestimate it. That is all. If we are lucky that it does not come here as virulently as it had done Italy it could also be because we are learning from them.


Melassa · 11/03/2020 10:09

@Smartanimal that is bollocks, I’m in the north and it is absolutely in lockdown. Shops are open but you are let in one at a time. Ditto railway stations, all doors are locked except for one entrance. There is no scaremongering it is real. Even my SIL who is a doctor but took a desk job after Mat leave has been asked to go back on the wards as the medical staff in the hospitals now are exhausted.

@BookMeOnTheSudExpress I agree entirely with your post of 8.20 👏👏👏

The healthcare is better in northern Italy than the UK, the hospitals are better equipped. Hard to believe for the “but we’re British” crowd but it’s true. It is in probably most of continental Europe now, most other countries spend more per capita in public health than the UK now.


OnceUponACat · 11/03/2020 10:10

No country would cripple their own economy and bring it to its knees if they did not thing it was serious. The economic impact will be disastrous but they had no choice, I guess.

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