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To have not done anything about the c virus?

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bingbangbing · 06/03/2020 08:25

Despite a member of my household being in an at risk group?

We always washed our hands anyway.

We haven't bought hand sanitiser. We haven't started stockpiling. We're still going to work etc

I think the current coverage is irresponsible. It's mainly causing people with underlying anxiety issues to panic.

OP posts:

welshfishwife · 08/03/2020 20:48

@T0tallyFuckedUpFamily sorry I misunderstood, I thought it was being used as a sanitiser rather than a soap! But, it's still unnecessary. If you're washing your hands with soap and water, any old soap will do. It doesn't need to be anti-bac, anti-bac soap does not have any benefit at all in normal hand washing. It's use can have negative consequences, as we need a lot of the bacteria on our hands Clearly if you're in a surgical situation different rules will apply. But everyday hand washing (even during this epidemic) bog standard soap is all we need.


sleepingpup · 09/03/2020 09:47


I'm not a prepper at all. The opposite really as I love empty space and decluttering. That makes me feel good.

Probably like the good feeling peepers get when they are fully stocked. And good luck to them. Each to their own.

Last 3 weeks thoughI've been buying a bit extra when I shop.Mostly I've done that online.

Apart from hand sanitiser I haven't seen empty shelves here.

i don't feel like I've been 'panic buying' more like getting a week possibly 2 ahead in front of what I normally would. And frankly I don't have the head space for more than that. ( I have 4 very sporty kids who eat like horses) So I totally acknowledge I have changed my behaviour.

My only rule has been to buy stuff I normally use so it so it can be used up in ordinary circumstances.

I had proper flu about 10 years ago and it totally floored me. I couldn't have organised anything/do anything whilst I had that. It was truly vile. Really it's the thought of that that has made me act.

I am just very interested in what are people's personal kick start points to actually do some prep.


YouAreTheEggManIAmTheWalrus · 09/03/2020 10:40

Just FYI, here is a testimony from a surgeon in Bergamo Italy of what it’s like in the hospital there at the moment. Our numbers are currently standing where theres were just a couple of weeks ago. It’s heartbreaking to read but gives some insight of what we may expect to be here in the coming weeks.


sleepingpup · 17/03/2020 08:59


Interestingly this thread was only 11 Days ago?!!!

I'm interested to hear how you feel now OP?


T0tallyFuckedUpFamily · 17/03/2020 14:53

No worries welshfishwife, I know your advice cane from a good place. I think I was a bit sharp I’m my response, so I apologise for that. The company ended up running out, so refunded me instead. Sad

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