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To have not done anything about the c virus?

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bingbangbing · 06/03/2020 08:25

Despite a member of my household being in an at risk group?

We always washed our hands anyway.

We haven't bought hand sanitiser. We haven't started stockpiling. We're still going to work etc

I think the current coverage is irresponsible. It's mainly causing people with underlying anxiety issues to panic.

OP posts:
CKoRn · 07/03/2020 00:55

I think some concern and preperation is actually very wise. People carrying on as if this won't change anything and will blow over soon (it's only been getting worse in, what, two months?) you're being naive.

CKoRn · 07/03/2020 01:00

Also, if things escelate in the UK they will definitely implement martial law. Which means the army will be brought in to police the streets and prevent looting and there will definitely be an enforced curfew with people suspected of being infected being kept in their homes.

Scaremongering? It's a very real possibility, not so much if and more when.

Furfockssake · 07/03/2020 01:01

As a logical human being I can understand the risk to me personally is very low, whilst simultaneously understanding that the stats dictate that lots of people will die. A 10% infection rate would lead to over 200,000 people dying - according to stats from WHO. As I’m a fairly normal empathic human, that concerns me and makes me worried. If you don’t care - fine. But that’s not the average reaction.

Furfockssake · 07/03/2020 01:04

Anyone who understands the stats we have been given by the Government is not hysterical or fearmongering just because you don’t necessarily understand.

YouAreTheEggManIAmTheWalrus · 07/03/2020 08:49

I keep seeing people stating that the media are scaremongering. Scientists spend a lot of time researching, charting data. Media are sourcing material from as official a source as they can, present these facts and data and get called fear mongers.

I think what people mean is that the information scares them.
“If it scares me, you're spreading fear".
“What you are telling me is scary, so you must be trying to scare me.”

Theres a also lot of self-soothing going on with people who call fear mongering. They don't want anybody interrupting their self delusion.

Here's an idea, if you disagree with what someone says, present some legitimate data of your own

joystir59 · 07/03/2020 08:54

There weren't any eggs in Tesco's this week. What does that mean?

nellodee · 07/03/2020 08:56

There was a shortage of eggs in my local Aldi's the other day too. It's obviously either the eggpocalypse, or armeggedon. I'll get my coat now.

(It really was out of eggs, though. Nothing else whatsoever.)

tud41 · 07/03/2020 09:19

present these facts and data and get called fear mongers.

i think tho its actually the way the relay the information. Just 2 examples here. obviously i know the figures are different now but just using it as an example.

"Coronavirus cases sore.... this was the headline... at the time cases had gone from 31 to 35.

"Iran closes all schools and universities for 1 month"....while the fact is true on this one. The schools and universities broke up next Friday anyway until early April. The headline would not have been as shocking tho if it read "Iran lets kids break up a week early" which was essentially what happened.

Even today's news. "Granddad becomes 2nd Corona-virus victim"

again while the facts are not wrong, just by describing him as a granddad is just trying to tug on peoples heart strings more than if they had just put "86 year old man with underlying health issues dies of Coronavirus"

Bottom line is the media will do whatever they can to sell a story!

friendineed · 07/03/2020 09:22

Someone in my local hospital has it, and I'm not bothered any longer. It was a bit scary as I work there and have vulnerable children and older parents, but now it doesn't bother me. Kids seem to be fine if they catch the virus, and DPs are not very old.

Not stockpiling anything.

UntamedWisteria · 07/03/2020 09:23

We live in a free society so you can react to this virus how you please.

Excuses for selfishness, right there.

Panic buying massive quantities of toilet paper and paracetamol is madness and selfish.

And in my local supermarket all the antibacterial cleaning stuff had sold out too. Doesn't bother me because i dont buy it because I know it doesn't work.

friendineed · 07/03/2020 09:24

I don't think the anxiety is totally unwarranted. If the virus mutates and becomes more deadly we could be in serious trouble, and the more people it infects, the more likely this is.

sonjadog · 07/03/2020 09:29

I had a look in my supermarket this morning out of curiosity. There is less toilet roll than usual, but still plenty there. Masses of antibac and paracetamol. I think people where I live are fairly pragmatic about life.

Porcupineinwaiting · 07/03/2020 10:34

Nobody can panic buy "massive quantities of paracetamol" without huge amounts of effort- you are limited to 2 x paracetamol products per shop. I dont think that's what's happening, I think everyone is buying a packet or 2 to keep at home. And that's sensible, not despicable.

Lweji · 07/03/2020 10:56

Actual bird flu in chickens could be responsible for lack of egg availability.

We can't have humans and chickens sick at the same time! We need to start stockpiling chicken soup.

JKScot4 · 07/03/2020 11:10

Bulk buying is selfish, what about ppl on low incomes, they can’t stockpile, likewise elderly ppl who may be unable to do deliveries or manage a large shop home.

Porcupineinwaiting · 07/03/2020 11:19

Ah that would explain it Lweji - eggs, cheap paracetamol and pasta are in short supply at our local supermarket and I was wondering about the eggs.

Digitalflower · 07/03/2020 11:26

This virus can spread very, very quickly Italy had about the same numbers as the UK 13 days ago, and they're reaching 4000 now with 170 odd deaths the last time i looked (yesturday) that's a high death rate! and a lot of hospitals working very hard, we should be taking things more seriouly here to slow the spread now.

UntamedWisteria · 07/03/2020 11:30

Porcupineinwaiting it's quite easy to get round the 2 packets per shop rule - you just pick up 2 packets from a range of different places. Or go back later for more.

I think people must be doing that, because my 2 local supermarkets were both completely cleared of paracetamol. Boots still had some in luckily (I have a headache!)

Lweji · 07/03/2020 11:32

As bad as the UK may be, apparently not as bad as Italy on public health.
The high death rate is probably due to lack of tracking infected people and contacts. Which is a bad thing by itself and will explain how it has spread as it has.

Digitalflower · 07/03/2020 11:32

I presume stockpiling is more people thinking along the lines of reducing their shopping trips to avoid catching it. I must admit, unless scientists can garuntee i get a mild case, I don't like the sound of the symptoms from the accounts I've read! I usually do a daily shop, i've brought a weekly so we don't need to go out as much. We need to all protect the vunerable, by slowing the spread to ease the potential rush on the NHS. I'm quite worried about this one, I have to say. It's new, we need to slow it down. People can spread it, without having symptoms, so i don't agree with stockpiling, but i do agree with slowing down your movements where you can at the moment, not going to crowded areas where possible.

Digitalflower · 07/03/2020 11:34

Yes, agree with you there. Also, I think Italy have had it a few weeks, as people can take 2 to 4 weeks to sadly finally pass away from it. But that's also a concern for the NHS, it's a long illness if it becomes critcal. Flu is like a week maybe?

Digitalflower · 07/03/2020 11:59

Not enough is known about the virus, kids are not badly affected (thank goodness) but they can still spread it, pass it onto adults - that's still a big concern. I heard that one hospital (can't recall where) has stopped children visiting, and adults visiting, unless they'er seeing a sick child or someone already at end of life. We need to protect the vunerable now. When i looked last night we had 10 people who we can't trace back where they've caught it from - we already have 'community spread' out there, that's worrying, because this spreads so fast. I don't think we need panic, but we do all need to take it seriously in a mindful way, work from home if you can now, online meetings, reducing our movements now really, washing hands, not touching your face. Buying a weekly shop not daily. Even the Director General of the WHO made a statement staying some countries are not taking this serioulsy - i felt that was directed at the UK, Germany and the US! I feel people are perfectly within their rights to panic right now, this is a new virus - we don't even know yet if there's lasting affects on the human body i don't think? or if you have total immunity after having it? One good thing i did hear is that there's two strains now L & S and one is less transmissable, however both strains have been found in a patient in the US, so you can catch both. So much more needs to be answered. The outcome of clinical trials for treaments, getting answers will ease panic as well. Also the WHO say the death rate is 3.6 - our Gov in the UK are telling us 1%? Italy are showing something like a 6% right now, we need more answers which is why everyone should do what they can now to slow it down for the vunerable.

Digitalflower · 07/03/2020 12:07

Gosh sorry for my waffle, i deviated from the thread, basically, i'm worried about this and my worry is based on facts, figures, UK Gov and understanding how this virus is transmitting, i've been tuned in since it started in China and watched it spread.

I get my daily updates from Dr John Campbell who's not scaremongering, but delivering the facts and figures only. He's worth checking out on YouTube.

JKScot4 · 07/03/2020 14:18

Many cases that are fatal are people with other health issues.

HoffiCoffi13 · 07/03/2020 14:35

Many cases that are fatal are people with other health issues

Which lots of people have. And if they don’t, they have loved ones who do. That’s why people are worried. Unless people don’t care that elderly people and people with pre existing health conditions die?

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