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Cheap Stocking Filler Ideas!

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BabyofMine · 12/11/2022 08:47

I found I spent almost as much on small stocking presents as I did on main presents for my little one last year and I just can’t afford it this year!

When I was young we got basically the same thing in our stocking every year. I remember we always got a pencil set, and chocolate coins, but I’m drawing a blank on what else!

I thought about a fun toothbrush but didn’t know if that’s a bit mean 😂

Any ideas to bulk it out?!

OP posts:
RemindMeAgain · 12/11/2022 08:50

Go to the pound shop or home bargains get the toothbrush, a bathbomb, a bouncy ball and some marshmallows/flumps to add to what you’ve got, you can do it for less than £5

BCBird · 12/11/2022 08:50

How about a new cup? A face mask? A pair of fluffy socks? A tube of their favourite sweets? Their favourite magazine,roll it up,they will think it's a telescope 🤣

ncncncnc123 · 12/11/2022 08:56

These are the stocking fillers I'm doing for my 4 year old and 1 year old:
Kids cutlery (Asda have toy story and paw patrol)
Socks or underwear
Novelty toothbrush
Mini puzzles from the works (£1 each)
Drinks bottles
Novelty Face mitt/flannel
Toy animals
Tube of fun washi tapes

If that doesn't fill the stockings I'll have to add in some of their other gifts but we'll see!

SlatternIsMyMiddleName · 12/11/2022 08:56

then more chocolate.

MassiveSalad22 · 12/11/2022 09:00

My mum very helpfully (….🙃) made my kids MASSIVE stockings. Ugh. New pants and socks very helpful for bulking them out but they still always look half full.

// has some great stuff - books, good toys etc. They also do tat but there is good stuff in there too.

Then, a shit ton of chocolate and a satsuma. Bought a giant choc coin, giant kinder egg and chocolate Santa each yesterday. Giant is the way to do when looking to fill a stocking 😄 Gets used up so doesn’t clutter up the house!

MassiveSalad22 · 12/11/2022 09:03

Oh and I think new toothbrush is a good idea. Buying things you would end up buying anyway is good financially (hence my pants and socks suggestion 😄) Bath bomb a good shout too. Bubble bath.

AlliwantforChristmasisgu · 12/11/2022 09:03

I go for ‘nice versions of boring stuff’ so my kids get socks, pants, bubble bath, and maybe hairbrush/toothbrush/flannel if they need them.

As they get older lip balm, batteries, charging cables, torch….

Plus Lego minifigure, chocolate coins, fruit and books/magazines.

Chickoletta · 12/11/2022 09:04

Squirty foam shower gel is good - my two still love this in their stockings now at 9 and 12! Or Matey pirate bubble bath for little ones?
Sticker book?

YorkieTheRabbit · 12/11/2022 09:05

Not sure on age but
colouring book
bubble bath
shaped sponge
tube of jelly tots or whatever they like
selection box

PuttingDownRoots · 12/11/2022 09:05

Shower gel (or bubble bath for little ones). Very useful for bulking out!

Drinks bottle are handy for bulking too

Hat and gloves.

Soft toy if they like them.

Flowerfairy101 · 12/11/2022 09:06

The Works have got some good stuff at the moment, glow in the dark stars £1, little set of dinosaur stamps £2, slinkies etc

PurBal · 12/11/2022 09:08

So far I’ve got:
dinosaur toy: £1.25
set of 4 cars: £3
choc coins: 80p
socks: £3
and on the list:
squirty soap: £2
bath squirters: £2.99
crisps: 80p
satsuma: ?

We used to get inexpensive and “useful” stuff: pencils, magic flannel, etc

BankseyVest · 12/11/2022 09:09

Each year i go to the pound shop and spend £15 on stocking fillers, it's easier for girls as you can buy smellies, makeup etc

JustFrustrated · 12/11/2022 09:10

My mum used to use blow up toys, and blow them up 😂 worked a treat.

In my girls, 10 and 13

Lip balm
Hair bobbles
Fun shower gel
Pencil case
Note book
Sketch book
Reading book
Water bottle
Chocolates they want (kinder Bueno multipack etc) x2
Hair brush
Shower squishy pouffe thing

When they were younger they'd get

Colouring books
Cheap puzzles

Instead of shower gel etc.

My best tip though: use different wrapping paper if you have multiple kids. Then you're not trying to remember who's is who's 😂

JustFrustrated · 12/11/2022 09:11

Ha there is definitely a theme for "needed, but nicer than usual"

E.g. shampoo and conditioner, normally they have a bottle of each they share. In the stockings it will be ones that are specific for them.

ranoutofquinoaandprosecco · 12/11/2022 09:30

Tubes of Pringles here! Along with other bits and pieces.

MrsJacksonAvery · 12/11/2022 09:31

I got a huge box of stuff from poundtoy - they have loads ranging from a penny to a pound.

TokenGinger · 12/11/2022 09:39

My DS is 3.5, and his stocking will consist of:

  • A pack of 9 monster trucks from Santa (the only thing he's been asking for)
  • Underpants
  • Socks
  • A pack of Kinder bars
  • Pyjamas

And that's it. It's quite a big stocking, too, so I might have to stuff it with tissue paper or something for him to rummage around for the presents.

It's all very new to me as it's the first year he'll understand, but I'm trying to set the precedent early that he'll get one toy he'd really like from Santa, plus new pants, socks, pyjamas and a sweet treat and leave it at that x
TokenGinger · 12/11/2022 09:40

Oh and a book! I forgot about that.

PurBal · 12/11/2022 09:41

I got a hardly used book from the charity shop too for 50p. You have to search for the ones that aren’t dog eared but they exist!

PushingAnElephantUpTheStairs · 12/11/2022 09:44

We do a mix of practical, daft and useful.
Some past and present ideas are:
Pokemon cards
Bath bomb
Scratch card
Hot choc spoon
Gorilla tape
Skipping rope
Small soft toy
Character plasters (were the biggest success of that year's Christmas)
Nappies for a doll
Yo yo
Lip gloss
Glow sticks
Small jar of Nutella
Balloon animal kit
Shower gel
Expandable facecloth
Water bottle
Box of slugs
Muc off
Mini lego kit
Hair baubles

LT2 · 12/11/2022 09:44

A toothbrush isn't mean at all! I always used to get one. I remember feeling so excited about each and every present (our stockings were huge too) just because it had come from Father Christmas. My parents always had useful presents for us, not just fun ones.

JustFrustrated · 12/11/2022 09:47

Ohhh a box of cereal that they wouldn't normally have.

It's big, and takes up space but inexpensive.

thismeansnothing · 12/11/2022 09:51

Singing soap. Usually get it from bodycare or home bargains.

Chocolate coins.


A pen (crayons and colouring/sticker book if they are a bit younger)


A book.

Mystery collectable bag - like the Lego figures

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