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I need some new ideas for books to read to dd (nearly 6)

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imaginaryfriend · 28/05/2008 23:10

She's only just moved from me reading her picture books to reading her chapter books. I've found it quite hard to come up with things that appeal to her, but thanks to some great suggestions on here I've had huge success with:

Princess Mirror-Belle stories
Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf
George's Marvellous Medicine (Roald Dahl although she doesn't like any of his other books)
Arabel's Raven
All the Amelia Jane stories

She generally seems to favour books which are quite funny and a little bit surreal / magical. She hasn't liked any of the Animal Ark type stories, nor the Magic Unicorn / fairy type books.

I'd love some new suggestions. I've just started an Ottoline book by Chris Riddell but she's not too impressed so far!

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Smithagain · 23/06/2008 17:50

DD1 likes MMM - but I find them completely turgid to read aloud. Can't see the attraction.

She's enjoying the Teddy Robinson stories at the moment. Also Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is the first book she has DEMANDED a copy of because they are having it read to them at school and it's so exciting she wants to know what happens next.

Olga da Polga has gone down well. So have the Jill Tomlinson books.

And the blessed rainbow fairies, obviously But she has to read them herself - I've read one and I don't want to read the same plot again another 50 times!

imaginaryfriend · 23/06/2008 22:25

... Jill Tomlinson?

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Fennel · 26/06/2008 12:06

Jill Tomlinson wrote Plop: the owl who was afraid of the dark.

I have been studying this thread as my 8 and 6yo dds are getting through a lot of books, and have just ordered 3 more old classics for my 6yo who doesn't like books which are too girly or fairy-ish. They might suite your dd too Imaginary friend, from what you say.

Stig of the dump
Tom's midnight garden
The family from one end street.

Also, has anyone suggested Moomintroll? Quirky but not twee.

And for rabbit stories, what about Watership Down? I loved it as a child. A bit complicated for a 6yo to read themeselves, probably, but could be read aloud to a rabbit-lover of this age.

imaginaryfriend · 26/06/2008 14:29

Fennel, those are great suggestions but all a bit too sophisticated for dd just yet. She really likes quite immediate hit stories, she has no patience for pre-amble. I'm reading them all to her at the moment, she's coming on with her reading but hasn't tackled a chapter book yet.

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larahusky · 04/07/2008 23:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Badgermoose · 24/07/2008 15:36

Sorry to hi-jack but was just reading through this as DD is in a similar situation. Frannyandzooey - who wrote the Aurora books? I loved them as a child, and was in fact trying to find them on Amazon yesterday (before reading this thread)and struggling as I didn't have a title or an author! Would love to get them (prob as much for me as DD!)

IF, the worst witch (Jill Murphy) is a big hit in our house, as is the owl who was afraid of the dark, the hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith and the Clarice Bean chapter books (on our 2nd copy of 'that's me Clarice Bean') The Dirty Bertie books also go down well as often ivlove poo which is obviously hysterical

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