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Childminders Club: Initial Interviews.......(rant)

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KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:08

I've got one tomorrow....I hate them
I get flustered, I forget things, I get confused

I write everything down and use that lovely list of questions from Alibubbles - but I feel out of control and I don't like it (maybe there is a reason I work with 2y olds - I have the power )

I know I'm competant - but feel that I come accross as a egotistical, controlling dictator (I am - but don't think prospective parents need to know this....)

I feel defensive asking for Bank holidays & holiday pay & money up front - but I know I'm within my rights

So I've said all that and do I feel any better - no I'm just as insecure

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:09

Have you got references etc all sorted?

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:11

Is it a baby?

full time?

brill news

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 01/03/2005 22:11

You stick to your guns katiemac. They need and want your services. You're a good minder and all that you are doing is letting them know the rules upfront. You are a business woman. All will be well

Good luck for tomorrow

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:13

good luck

If you want tell them to log on to here and we will all tell them about you

KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:16

References - I'm talking to a Mum (existing) about using her tomorrow am. Previously they have all been personnal recommendation, so haven't needed refs. This is a lady I asked to display my poster (in Jan)

It's a baby and a nearly 3yo for 4 hrs a day 5 days a week. The nearly 3yo will be going to nursery soon. But it's lots of money

MTMML - I know - I agree with you (told you I was egotistical) - but I still panic

OP posts:
KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:18

RTKM - do you think thats a good idea - she might see me bitching about "parents" - being late...paying late

Yesterday I gave a mum her invoice (late as child had been off)...."I'll pay you FRIDAY" says she as she closes the door. I was so ed. Another Mum was there and she couldn't believe that the other Mum had said that.....PARENTS

OP posts:
goreousgirl · 01/03/2005 22:19

What about writing it down, and handing the sheet to them to look at, and let them ask the questions - rather than you having to 'spell it out verbally'? Then you can be as cool as a cucumber, knowing that nothing can be left out, and you can use the time for them to get to know you?

KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:20

I don't mean that btw - my parents are all very nice - I'm just feeling insecure again....but how many employees (I know I'm not but..) could cope with their paycheck arriving on the 4th instead of the first.....

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:24

wasn't being really serious about mnet

but perhaps wouldn't be bad idea

Some parents do treat us like dirt don't they

I agree about giving them the sheet to read as well

so then you can study them and body lang rather than other way round IYSWIM

good luck with them tomorrow then come on and tell us about it after

What time they coming?

RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:28

Also would they go to a tesco and say oh don't want to pay for that now alright if I pop back on Friday

They just take the mick

What about your bills

just say to electric ok if I pay you next week is it

or council tax

or mortage????


KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:28

between 8 and 9 - so that the Dad can meet us. I really like that the dad wants to meet us - but it's not my best time of day (breakfast for run...morning sleeps etc)

I'll think about the shhet - I don't have much time now...I've been updating my contract addendum/policies/etc this evening

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 01/03/2005 22:34

good luck

you will be fine

KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:37

Thanks everyone - I will panic and I will survive

OP posts:
MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 02/03/2005 16:10

How did it go Katiemac? Hope they were impressed and falling over themselves to please you

RTKangaMummy · 02/03/2005 16:27

Well ??????????


scotlou · 02/03/2005 16:45

Re late payments - can you suggest they set up a standing order? I did that with my childminder and it was great for both of us. She knew exactly what she would get each month - and I knew I didn't need to remember to pay her. We settled up for extra days etc every couple of months - although since I paid the same every month whether ds was there or not, she rarely had to charge for extra days.

KatieMac · 02/03/2005 18:37

Well I think it went OK....they left the older child with me for a few hrs as a trial.

No contracts yet, Dad maybe coming round tomorrow to sign up.

I like standing Orders - 1 parent has one - but it's convincing the parents....

It wasn't a very constructive interview nothing was sorted but hopefully they went away confident and happy with the situation

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 02/03/2005 18:43

what did you think of them and child

lunavix · 02/03/2005 18:46

KatieMac - my c/m tutor on the course said she charged for late fees - something like £5 a day? Wrote it into the contract.

KatieMac · 02/03/2005 18:47

Child is very talkative and advanced for her age...and so polite at 2y2m

Baby is a dot

Parents...Mum down to earth - a bit casual maybe and Dad ...he wasn't sure why he was there

So wait and see

OP posts:
KatieMac · 02/03/2005 18:49

Great Idea Lunavix, I might start that....but not much good for the ones I have.

I just think it's rude to be late or pay late,

But they must have been fairly confiednt as they left DD1 with me

OP posts:
lunavix · 02/03/2005 18:50

HOw often do you renew contracts? Yearly? write it into the next one.

Think ncma ones have a space for it.

RTKangaMummy · 02/03/2005 18:50

sounds good

lunavix · 02/03/2005 18:51

I need to get into gear and advertise.

I've been registered for 3 or 4 months now, but only people who know are the cis and ofsted! No idea what to do really how do you advertise?

KatieMac · 02/03/2005 18:54

RTKM and the other C/Mers who have been doing it for a you redo contracts each year??

I don't but wonder if redo-ing them is normal and I'm lazy or are you like me??

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