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Childminders Club: Initial Interviews.......(rant)

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KatieMac · 01/03/2005 22:08

I've got one tomorrow....I hate them
I get flustered, I forget things, I get confused

I write everything down and use that lovely list of questions from Alibubbles - but I feel out of control and I don't like it (maybe there is a reason I work with 2y olds - I have the power )

I know I'm competant - but feel that I come accross as a egotistical, controlling dictator (I am - but don't think prospective parents need to know this....)

I feel defensive asking for Bank holidays & holiday pay & money up front - but I know I'm within my rights

So I've said all that and do I feel any better - no I'm just as insecure

OP posts:
blodwen · 04/03/2005 21:19

I think x is really lucky to have you as her childminder Sounds like you're doing a great job.

Xena · 05/03/2005 09:51


ayla99 · 05/03/2005 15:28

I would speak to each parent suggesting that, if it were my daughter I would make a doctors appointment. Then keep asking them every day if they've made the appointment yet?

Spare Clothes -
When they arrive in the morning ask them if they've brought spare clothes? If they've forgotten don't be afraid to ask them to go home and get some. Or write all your parents a letter saying that, if they haven't provided you with spare clothes you will buy something suitable for their child to wear and you will add the cost of the clothes to their bill.

Teaching this age of child they really ought to be handling this better!

I would be sure to speak to the teacher EVERY time she comes out wet - not to accuse the teacher of failing to deal with this properly, but simply pointing out (discretely) that the child is wet, can you have some spare clothes for her to put on?

If I was unhappy with the teacher's response I would normally ask the parents to approach the school (first instance teacher, then write to head teacher if problem not resolved) or offer to speak to the school on their behalf (you may need to ask the parents to tell the school they are happy for such matters to be discussed with you - some schools are more particular about that)

I had a similar toilet problem with a preschooler - it started when there were disruptions to routine at home - he didn't tell anyone when he weed, and he wet himself nearly every day in the queue waiting to leave preschool. Lasted weeks, but recently things have settled at home & seems to be fine again now. I hope it all works out for you too. Best of luck with both the parents & the teacher!

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