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^^^^^^^^^STAFF ROOM - open?^^^^^^^^^^^^

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MaureenMLove · 23/10/2007 07:58

Morning. Kettles on and toast is done, Selection of toppings on the table.

It could be a long day here, DH is taking the window and half wall out. Thankfully there's 2 rooms between him and us, so we'll be OK, it just might be a bit noisy.

Both mindees were a bit late this morning, both had a shock when they had to defrost their cars! Its absolutely freezing. Got the robot to finish today, so i think we'll get up to the pound shop for some finishing touches for it.

OP posts:
nannynick · 23/10/2007 08:20

Nick walks in with a tin of homemade deepfill (well over an inch) mince pies.

I'm working today (taking a couple of children with autism on a trip out), so I think I'm permitted in the staff room today

LoveMyGirls · 23/10/2007 08:22

Morning!! Success at last, mindee has arrived with everything needed!

Not entirely sure what we're doing today (I have planned the rest of the week for those of you thinking I'm lazy) I'm thinking of going for a walk because I'm hoping to tire them both out, dd is kind of giving up her nap (yesterday I managed to get her to sleep and she slept solidly for 2 hrs and think she may have slept more if I hadn't had to have gone to do a pick up) so i'm thinking she isnt quite ready to give it up? (wishful thinking?) I think she thinks she is missing out so am I fighting a losing battle? She has just turned 2 so I know it's possible for her not to have a nap at this age. She gets tired later though and is miserable so isn't ready to go the whole day without a nap soI thought if i put her down a bit later that could work? - Sorry just rambling now......

Katymac · 23/10/2007 08:24


Pet hate today

Parents who book holiday then change their mind

I think I feel a policy coming on

Hiyall - btw Nick I hate mince pies......could you fill some with apple for me next time?

MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:29

Morning to halloween activity in park today, making bats i think??..dd and mindee looking forward to it as our play room looks like a haunted spooky house right now with cobwebs(no not real ones ), which's broomsticks, skeletons, spooky banners and the like!(cant wait to get it all down tbh, but then it''ll be christmas decs to put up![smuile]

RIGHT..Got A problem!**

Mindee, yes THAT one

For last 2 weeks has returned to how she was when she first came, hitting, pushing, crying to get own way or if you look at her the wrong way, saying people are being nasty to her when theyre not and i AM SICK of putting her in the living room for time out, or explaining why we dont hit/push/tell lies, or telling her to sit with a book instead of playing because she cant/wont play nicely.
She almost had my 10yr old mindee in tears last week(shes 4yrs just)saying no one .liked her, no one wanted to p[lay with her, this mindee had only been with us a week and didnt know what to think!, then she was doing the same to dd..I AM FED UP NOW, given the way i am bending over backwards for this family..i have spoken to mum on every occasion she has been doing this and had NO response, never mind contruction..nothing, she hasnt asked her why shes doing it, not told her not to do it and it feels like groundhog ideas on how to get this child to be more sociable and less violent and spiteful..phew...can i have some brekky now(dont do mince pies tho, can i have muffins with brussels pate??)

Megsdaughter · 23/10/2007 08:39

Runs in and whips some of Nicks Mince Pies (my Christmas downfall).

Have hard working day girls

actually taking 80 year old Father Christmas Shopping!! It will be harder work than the kids, s much as I adore my old Dad, he is the original Grumpy Old Man, he really is Victor Meldrew and worse since my Mom died 16 years ago, she used to knock him into shape

MaureenMLove · 23/10/2007 08:40

Muffins & pate! I've never hear do many weird and wonderful food combis since we started eating in the staff room! I will try that combi though!

Can you suggest that she speaks the her HV about her behaviour. Maybe she's not taking it seriously enough.

OP posts:
MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:40

You're taking father Christmas shopping!!!!!! you'll need your big posh people carrier for all the presents he'll be buying!!!

MaureenMLove · 23/10/2007 08:42

How do you know that Father Christmas is 80!

You going up to The Wallops then? Do wave at Auntie on along the way!

OP posts:
MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:42

breakfast muffins!, the type you get in maccy dees with sausage and egg

mumlove · 23/10/2007 08:42

Morning all, my only day of not working this week so taking DD out with her friend and mum to adventure wonderland and the sun is out today .
Have a great day the rest of you.

MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:43

Ding Ding, round one!...sat here, girls playing nice, then mindee pushes dd over..again..its not playful, she has a kind of 'look' in her eye??

Megsdaughter · 23/10/2007 08:43

No MissI dad is Jewish dosnt buy Christmas presents, but does buy small gifts for hanukkah.

but he does want to but things to eat, so off to do that, took him yesterday and bought him some new clothes, he wouldnt notice what he was wearing!

MaureenMLove · 23/10/2007 08:44

My dh makes the most delish sausage & egg mcMuffins. Much better than the McD's ones. We call them sausage and egg Mcdaddys!

OP posts:
MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:44

was it a red suit with fur trim??..bless him, most blokes(expect my dp dont know what theyre wearing!

Megsdaughter · 23/10/2007 08:45

You will laugh but Dad does look like FC white beard and all.

No not goingto the Wallop[s, dad moved to Weymouth when Mom died, so heading that way.

MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:47
Megsdaughter · 23/10/2007 08:47

No MissI t was agottycardi and tatty trousers when got there yesterday, Primark was brillant eevn ought him a zip up cardi that DS says h woulnt mind [grn]

MissInvisible · 23/10/2007 08:47

he's been kidding you all these years!, it was a red suit he bought wasnt it!!..and di he buy lots of oats and carrots with his food shopping??

MamaG · 23/10/2007 08:51

shosh, have you been at the single malt again?

MamaG · 23/10/2007 08:52

Mo, did you get your ring off the table?

MamaG · 23/10/2007 08:52

Miss I - did you sort out your plastering?

MaureenMLove · 23/10/2007 08:54

OMG! MamaG, I forgot to tell you, it was amazing! All I did was put a v, hot dry iron on it, with a tea towel between it! GONE - in 5 seconds!

OP posts:

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MamaG · 23/10/2007 08:55

I truly am a Domestic Goddess
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 23/10/2007 08:56

I know I'm not working but can I come in please?? I need company, feeling very down Off to Dr's for my blood test in 10 mins and I will be picking up my pregnancy pack, thing is, I don't want to look at it, it really feels like this isn't going to work this time. Call it 'intuition'.

Just wanted to say to 2 yr old mindee started playing up for up to an hour when I put her down after lunch, it was causing major problems and she'd fall asleep so late she'd not had enough sleep and then it was time for the next school run. I now put her down at 3pm straight after school run and she normally goes off no problem. She still needs a nap most days or else she gets grumpy later but the only way is to put her down later. HTH)

Katy - I've had this before and really annoys me to as it's usually the double pay baby so I think 'yeah, just me for x hours' and then she sends text night before saying I'm needed

Right...I'm out of here.

(sorry for moaning!

MamaG · 23/10/2007 08:56

Loon, you've more right to be here than me!!

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