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Breastfeeding in public your thoughts?

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Yazza123 · 16/03/2018 16:33

So I strictly breastfeed which has its pros and cons. One con is definitely when I am out with my 3 month old who insist that she will only have the boob it is hard to locate a breastfeeding friendly room nearby so what do you do when you are out and there is no feeding rooms nearby? I know there are discreet covers you can use in public places but is there anybody who openly breastfeeds in public? Surely it’s 2018 breastfeeding should not be an issue to do in public but nearby cafes and shops should have rooms for bf mums.

OP posts:
AvoidingDM · 18/03/2018 07:44

In Scotland your baby has the right to be fed, it's not your right to BF, it's the babies right to BF.
So if somebody tries to stop the baby feeding they have committed an offence against the baby.

However even before that law I never had an issue. In cafes I would generally choose to face the wall rather than the body of the room but I never really bothered with the vest top idea.

With Baby2 I was in McDonald's. DC1 (6) went to the counter to order an ice cream after spending half the day in A&E. Then he changed his mind looking at pictures of frappees or something. The lady came round to me to warn what he was asking for had coffee and was he allowed that! Honestly she couldn't have been more helpful all the time I was pinned down by the baby having a feed. I'm sure she ended up getting me a tea too as I didn't want to ask 6yo to get it / carry it.

Situp · 18/03/2018 07:54

I have breastfed everywhere from buses to pubs and nobody has aver said anything or even looked at me funny. I have massive boobs so am not really that discrete either. I am a bit of a scrapper so was almost disappointed I didn't get th school someone for suggesting that I went elsewhere Grin

It makes me sad, the publicity which happens when people behave badly about bf. Not because I don't think there should be a very strong public response but because I think it makes it seem that these incidents happen more than they do and make women feel less confident about bf in public. They are also accompanied by debate over something which is an absolute right which creates doubt and confusion for mums.

The best thing we can do is to bf in public so it becomes normal. Giving info re. Rights about bf in public places should be part of antenatal care and we should all feel confident that we are in the right.

Situp · 18/03/2018 08:01

I was breastfeeding my dd in a sling in Aldi last week. It was difficult for me to lean over the trolley and the girl on the checkout packed my trolley for me.

Hope she didn't get fired for not following the policy of lobbing your shopping at you as fast as possible!

sleepycat13 · 18/03/2018 21:09

6 month old and ebf
was nervous about public feeding at first but soon didn't care. I wear layers and can do it discreetly but don't use a cover and would never go to a toilet to feed. fed in pubs, restaurants, on the train, shopping centres etc never had a negative comment and wouldn't let it put me off either. some places do feel more welcoming but if baby needs feeding then that's all that matters

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