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What we cooking this week BMN?

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JingsMahBucket · 25/07/2021 21:43

Hey folks. After the heat wave last week, I’m a bit lost for ideas. Thankfully it’s cooling down now this week but my brain isn’t ready yet. To top it off, we just moved house and fridge/cupboard is a bit bare.

I pulled out a package of skin on bone chicken thighs from the freezer and I’m about to jerk them overnight :)

I’ll roast them tomorrow evening when it’s cooler but still a bit stumped for other food this week though. This afternoon I made a vegetable couscous salad but Mr. Jings and I plowed through with gusto.

Anyway, what are y’all cooking this week? What are you eating cold as a full meal, etc?

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Orchidflower1 · 10/11/2021 09:11

Morning @Maggiethecat hmmm I’m not sure about the sponge base. Although I found the digestives a bit sweet, I liked the contrast of textures with the base and the filling.

We used a raspberry topping but it was quite sweet as I added syrup so maybe if we’d had a more tart topping the base wouldn’t have seemed so sweet.

I’m not 100% sure if I didn’t over bake too- I’m very guilty of this with lots of things!!

I know the solution- make another one!! It was so tasty.


Maggiethecat · 10/11/2021 21:23

Hi @Orchidflower1- yes, it is good to have a balance so I tend to go tart for the topping.
Here's a recipe for strawberry topping - do the taste test and if it's more sweet than tart add more lemon juice.

Having another go is definitely the solution!


JingsMahBucket · 13/11/2021 10:35

I’m so glad to see this is still going! ☺️ What are we cooking this weekend? I have a ton of carrots to use up. I’m thinking a carrot and red lentil soup seasoned with ginger, cumin and thick with coconut cream stirred through it.

I might have a go at a beef and barley soup too. There are some short ribs in my freezer I’d like to use.

Oh and an apple crumble as well. Loads of apples to use up.

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JingsMahBucket · 13/11/2021 10:38


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Lndnmummy · 13/11/2021 12:27

We are staying with my mother in law this weekend for her birthday so I am cooking her favourite with her (she'd never trust me to do it on my ownGrin). Mutton and upside down pine apple cake. With Swedish custard


NLisa · 13/11/2021 12:57

We are having our monthly family dinner. 18 people, so it needs to be easy. We are having rice and peas, jerk chicken and pound cake.


JingsMahBucket · 13/11/2021 16:01

@Lndnmummy Pineapple upside down cake! My mum used to make that I loved it. That takes me back. I've been meaning to make one for a while now. How are you seasoning the mutton?

@NLisa that sounds amazing, especially the jerk chicken. You reminded me I have jerk paste in the fridge that needs to be used. Hrm, and some ground goat meat as well. Maybe I'll make goat meat tacos with them next week.

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PompomDahlia · 13/11/2021 16:44

@NLisa the monthly family dinner sounds a lovely idea.

Quiet weekend for me as I’m preparing for a move. Cooking roast beef and all the trimmings tomorrow for DH and I. Got my hair done earlier today (was in desperate need of getting the dead ends chopped) and I’m tempted to go out to eat tonight and make the most of it!


Lndnmummy · 13/11/2021 17:16

@JingsMahBucket we mix garlic, tumeric, thyme, jerk (paste in a jar) curry powder and hot pepper.


NLisa · 13/11/2021 21:55

Yes it’s great, we realised that we as a family were starting to grow apart. It could be we would see each other 3 times a year. Or just during the holidays.

So we started family dinner, every time someone else is the host. We do it once a month so it’s not overwhelming. And everyone needs to make an effort to show up.

We have my mum and her sister and all their children and grandchildren and partners. So it’s usually around 18 people.
And I absolutely love it, it’s loud, it’s fun, it’s family bonding.


2020inhindsight · 13/11/2021 22:28

Just did a pineapple upside down cake today as well. It was lovely with plenty of almond and vanilla extract. Chicken under season for tomorrow 😀


Maggiethecat · 14/11/2021 11:27

@JingsMahBucket - that lentil and carrot soup sounds scrumptious and very warming.
Doing chicken wing soup with butternut squash. Have some grated cheese that I need to use and will make a mac cheese.


MysteriousSoup · 27/11/2021 16:28

Homemade mushroom and garlic soup and home baked sourdough. Feel like Mary Berry Smile


Lndnmummy · 27/11/2021 23:40

Terrible cooking week this week. We've luved off freezer food.
I got some heart complications following my covid booster (nothing major) so its been a rough week all in all. We put the tree up today to cheer us up abit (according to a thread on aibu that makes us common).
Oh well, happy to be common. In the country where I am from thats what we do. We decorate from first of advent.


Maggiethecat · 29/11/2021 13:07

@Lndnmummy - hope you're ok. Not really followed up reactions to booster which I should as I'm due mine.

Ignore the naysayers - hope the tree does cheer you up a bit.


Orchidflower1 · 29/11/2021 21:56

@Lndnmummy can I ask what Swedish custard is? Very interesting!

My American friend inspired me with her mash potato recipe this week. She made bacon, spring onion and chive mash for her virtual thanks giving with her family. They loved it.

I made it - it did not go down well with the offspring but dh and I loved it!


Orchidflower1 · 29/11/2021 21:56


Homemade mushroom and garlic soup and home baked sourdough. Feel like Mary Berry Smile

And such an apt user name!

BlackandGreen · 29/11/2021 22:39

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

EchoNan · 30/11/2021 12:34

Hello lovely BMN ladies! Another grey miserable day here, and that's just the new neighbours ha ha.
(A whole thread of their own at some point I think!)

I've been cleaning all the rugs and carpets, with our trusty old shampooer, (nearly as old as me) getting ready for Christmas.

Mr. Echo is sorting out a tree that fell in the storm, so we are having an easy lunch of chicken soup and sandwiches.

But this evening, we've decided to have Bubble and Smoke.

Lovely, flakey smoked haddock with a potato mash, with spring onions and spinach for extra taste. Some garden peas, and a delicious runny poached egg over the top.

I just quickly bake the haddock in foil with plenty of butter, a bit of dill or parsley. Mash is done in no time at all! Smile Yum!


EchoNan · 30/11/2021 14:00

@Lndnmummy Swedish custard explanation needed here also. I've looked online, but not sure. I'd like to give it a go. Big custard fans here!


Maggiethecat · 30/11/2021 17:03

@EchoNan - do you think you could pop round after your bubble and smoke and sort out my house? Grin


EchoNan · 30/11/2021 17:43

@Maggiethecat Grin I've lovely clean rugs, and logs aplenty!

The wood is too green for the range though, and needs to dry out for next year. Lots of greenery to make door wreaths and garlands for the stairs. Poor old tree!

I'll be over directly with the shampooer, it was strangely therapeutic Grin


Maggiethecat · 01/12/2021 00:30

You're welcome to more therapy over at mine Grin

Wish I could get my house nice and clean for the start of December (or any time at all!).


Orchidflower1 · 22/12/2021 20:49

Now my lovely lot what are we cooking up as we approach Christmas? Hope you’re all well and able to meet with family if you have plans to.

Myself and the older dc are attempting a gingerbread house tomorrow. I have a feeling it maybe more sugary icing than actual house but hey ho!


JingsMahBucket · 22/12/2021 23:38

@Orchidflower1 we’re back over in NYC (yay my friends!) for the month and my husband specifically requested a roast beef for Christmas dinner. Last night I bought a 1.5kg NY Strip roast with a great fat cap. When my other food delivery arrives tomorrow with the herbs, I’m going to make a salt, pepper, garlic and herb paste to rub over the fat.

I’ll likely use either of these two recipes for guidance:

He also requested roast potatoes, broccoli, and I’ll make a salad of kale, dried cranberries, cashews, Parmesan, and a shallot vinaigrette. What are you making?

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