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What we cooking this week BMN?

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JingsMahBucket · 25/07/2021 21:43

Hey folks. After the heat wave last week, I’m a bit lost for ideas. Thankfully it’s cooling down now this week but my brain isn’t ready yet. To top it off, we just moved house and fridge/cupboard is a bit bare.

I pulled out a package of skin on bone chicken thighs from the freezer and I’m about to jerk them overnight :)

I’ll roast them tomorrow evening when it’s cooler but still a bit stumped for other food this week though. This afternoon I made a vegetable couscous salad but Mr. Jings and I plowed through with gusto.

Anyway, what are y’all cooking this week? What are you eating cold as a full meal, etc?

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JingsMahBucket · 25/07/2021 21:58


Which regulars are we missing? :)

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Starseeking · 25/07/2021 22:42

Hi @JingsMahBucket!

Today I had a full on roast with stuffing, pigs in blankets and vegetables which was absolutely delicious, and I'm looking forward to tucking into leftovers tomorrow!

Other delights this week should include a king prawns and tilapia fillet stew, kenkey and fish, plantain and beans and boiled rice. Not all at the same time, I hasten to add!

EchoNan · 25/07/2021 22:55

@Starseeking ( ha you got there first!)
All new BMN welcome! Call in. I love food threads!

We have been living on salads and chicken. I need motivation! Grin

(And Christmas cakes to come....who is soaking their fruit?)

EchoNan · 25/07/2021 22:57

A big wave to @JingsMahBucket !

JingsMahBucket · 25/07/2021 23:31

Hey ladies! @Starseeking wasn’t that Sunday meal heavy in this heat?? You’re better than me. Just like @EchoNan I’ve been feeling lazy. Here’s what I’m thinking for this week as gleaned from a few others. It’ll be a combination of shop bought and cooked

  • Bulgur salad — tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes, mange tout, olives
  • Roasted peppers, onions, and carrots - a big tray
  • Jerk chicken thighs
  • Gazpacho (bought), mozzarella salad, bread
  • Roasted asparagus, blue cheese, and toasted hazelnuts

    I’m likely to buy some quick food from M & S in their 3 for £7 deals like quiches, Spanish tortilla, half roasted chicken, ham, etc along with plenty of cold fruit like berries or mango.

    In a couple weeks I’m going to cook curry goat for some friends and I should start sourcing the right spices now. Any online retailers for specifically Trini or Jamaican curry powder mixes? @Starseeking you made me think of adding fried plantain to the menu!
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EchoNan · 26/07/2021 00:11

@JingsMaBucket That sounds good!
Happiness to you in your new home!

I'm going to make a Chicken /Mango/Goatscheese quiche on Tuesday.
I found a recipe using a Golden Jewel Blend and breadcrumb crust. So will test that out.

Tomorrow, we are having a beef stir fry. I'm working through what we have in the fridge / freezer this week.

EchoNan · 26/07/2021 00:19

You can get Spicey Hill Farms products on Amazon and I bought a few things from these people a while back.

Maggiethecat · 26/07/2021 01:14

@JingsMahBucket - congratulations on your move!
You’ve got some nice sounding salads there. One to add is a Greek salad - quick, easy and refreshing: tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives, feta cubed or crumbled on top, sprinkle of oregano or other dried herbs and drizzle of olive oil.

Also coleslaw - shredded purple/ white cabbage, grated carrots, onions mixed with mayo/vinegar/sugar dressing, seasoned salt/pepper. Nice accompaniment to meats, burgers.

Eating less meat so home made chick pea burgers or store bought range.

Halloumi - panfried and drizzled with balsamic vinegar or if you use pomegranate molasses make a dressing. Good to have alongside various salads.

Or halloumi and portobello mushroom ‘burgers’ - pan fry halloumi and mushrooms (marinated in soy sauce/vinegar/oil/garlic) - serve in burger bun with chilli jam.

There’s a Cajun style chicken breast recipe that I’ll dig out - easy and moist chicken every time.

Enjoy the summer cooking!

Maggiethecat · 26/07/2021 01:15
Starseeking · 26/07/2021 07:52

Haha @JingsMahBucket, my two favourite English meals are roast dinner and English breakfast. Either of them I could eat anytime!

The only thing I know about Caribbean food is how to eat it, as my background is West African.

Your meals sound yummy Smile

GingerScallop · 26/07/2021 08:06

I had made Turkish kebabs with pistachios in them, ate with laccha parathas and plain gem lettuce. And turkey burgers!

I have some skin-on chicken thighs and beef steak for this week so hot me up with recipes! And vegetarian recipes to clean me out after a meaty week

EchoNan · 26/07/2021 08:13

@Starseeking do you make your own kenkey? I was just looking online on how to do it. It looks a labour of love!

EchoNan · 26/07/2021 08:15

@GingerScallop Hello to you. The kebabs sound delicious!

Starseeking · 26/07/2021 08:42

[quote EchoNan]**@Starseeking do you make your own kenkey? I was just looking online on how to do it. It looks a labour of love![/quote]

Never! It only costs £1 for 2 near me, the convenience of buying it versus making it yourself is insane. Plus I would need to learn first Wink

When I was in my teens I had an Uncle who stayed with our family for about 6 months, and would make kenkey over the course of what seemed like about a week.

It used to give off an interesting smell, but my goodness it was delicious.

Do you eat kenkey often?

EchoNan · 26/07/2021 08:58

@Starseeking I haven't eaten kenkey for years!
I'm retired now, and miss the mix of work colleagues. We used to cook for each other once a month. It was great!

One lady introduced us to kenkey! With fried fish and sauce ,was one of her best! It was a taste of heaven.

EchoNan · 26/07/2021 09:01

I miss the working in a city and being able to buy all sorts of foods from the different shops and supermarkets.

Orchidflower1 · 26/07/2021 11:22

Oh my you’re all making me hungry! I starting weight watchers this week as the lockdown lard is progressing into Middle Aged spread I must so something to stem if not reverse the tide!

Anyhow I had last night baked goats cheese with a walnut, pear, rocket salad and balsamic vinegar dressing.

This morning I had pan aux raisin as a last blow out! Tomorrow is go day……….

I’ve subscribed to a veggie box through my milk man and the first one comes tomorrow. I’m quite looking forward to it as it is apparently never the same thing two weeks running. My friend had it last week and the box had fennel in it. She made a fennel and chickpea curry. I didn’t try it but she was impressed with herself. What I’m hoping is the box contains a variety of veg to improve the scope of what I can do with it. I’ll keep you posted!

EchoNan · 26/07/2021 12:48

This is what I'm having this evening, really fast, and using up the bits in the fridge. (Pan must be really hot to quick braise the meat!)

Some great recipes on this site, from around the world. I look at it quite often as it isn't full of pop up ads!

Maggiethecat · 26/07/2021 13:03

If you fancy a fruit diet especially exotic ones you can try this place

I discovered them after hearing that Jamaican mangoes were being pushed heavily for export to the UK. Was in mango heaven with Julies and East Indians 🤤

patcarmichaelenergy · 26/07/2021 13:58

Currently eating a quick plaintain, eggs and beans ahead of a boring meeting!

C130 · 26/07/2021 14:02

Lots of really delicious sounding food being cooked by you lovely ladies. I am going through a rather boring patch with my meals at the moment. I think I am just getting fed up of cooking all the time. I have been having quick meals like stir fry noodles with prawns, special fried rice, and lots of chicken seasoned up, with rice or potatoes. I had sea bass with potatoes and corn on the cob last night. I really should move back home. My mother is never happier than when she is cooking for the five thousand. At least I would not have to think about what to cook every day.Smile

Maggiethecat · 26/07/2021 15:12

@patcarmichaelenergy - sounds like my idea of livening up a meeting!

Lndnmummy · 26/07/2021 18:16

Oh I’ll shamelessly steal ideas this week as completely snowed under at work. Dp made amazing chicken thighs ina roast bag today that we had with some tilda microwave rice. It’s going to be a week of short cuts!

Lndnmummy · 26/07/2021 18:18

Good Luck @Orchidflower1 we can do with some of the recipes!

debbrianna · 26/07/2021 18:24

Fish pie for today. Possibly pasta with something and then beef stew soon.

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