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April 2023 - We’re nearly half way! ✨ 🍼

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Cuppasoupmonster · 03/11/2022 19:01

New thread! Hopefully this one will see us through 20 week scans and crossing the halfway point! 💕

As ever if you’re missing from the list give me a shout and I will add you:

Cuppasoupmonster second baby 7th (induction 37w) 💖
Milkandfenty third baby 1st 💛
Searchingtheskies second baby 2nd 💛
Biscuitsplease first baby 2nd 💖
Chocolat first baby 3rd 💛
Bluebubbles12 second baby 4th 💛
Erber third baby 4th 💛
CariadBB first baby 5th 💛
Skylark1990 second baby 7th 💛
Melissa2023 first baby 8th 💙
Tubbytele second baby 14th (CS 39w) 💛
Alwaysseeingstars first baby 9th 💛
Lj2022 first baby 10th 💖
Emeal123 second baby 11th 💙
DBS94 first baby 11th 💙
tattlytote second baby 12th 💛
Bernesemum first baby 12th 💛
Lid88 second baby 13th 💛
Ncbn first baby 14th 💙
Kennadams fourth baby 16th 💛
Margo34 second baby 16th💛
Aliceinslumberland first baby 16th (CS 39w) 💙
Appleandcheese first baby 18th 💛
Xalexandra first baby 20th 💛
Piggybean first baby 20th 💛
Tropicana1 second baby 20th 💛
Puddingbear 27th (CS 39w) 💛
Springblooms08 first baby 21st 💛
Hannah223344 first baby 21st 💙
Gilm0reGirl second baby 21st 💛
Pommy1 first baby 22nd 💖
Deek88 second baby 24th 💛
Marshmallowmountain first baby 25th 💖
LauraA31 first baby 26th 💛
Peachesthecat third baby 26th 💛
Allfurcoatnoknickers second baby 28th 💖
Limoncelloo 29th March second baby 💖
MamaMenna second baby 30th 💖

OP posts:
Margo34 · 25/11/2022 19:19

alwaysseeingstars · 25/11/2022 10:14

Hi everyone, hope you're all looking forward to a nice weekend :)

I commented a couple of days ago about having mild pulsing/cramping feelings that were really quick but happening quite a lot over the course of a morning, that I was a bit worried about. I spoke to my midwife about it when on a call for prescription changes and she said they are very likely to be baby hiccups - so if anyone else feels it, that's probably it! They aren't easy to describe but it's a sort of pulsing/mild muscle spasm feeling 😊

Awwww the hiccups! 😍 My DC1 had hiccups from about 18w at the exact same time every day for the rest of the pregnancy - like clockwork! Very rhythmical feeling. You could set your watch by it!! And even once baby was born, baby still had hiccups for weeks afterwards at the same time too!!
I really missed feeling them after baby was born.

Gilm0reGirl · 25/11/2022 19:44

I can feel baby moving more each day but they tend to be more active in the early evening. They are really really low! it feels very ticklish almost. Then they go quiet for a day and I wonder if they are ok in there.
We had DD nursery fee increase emailed to us today, someone pass me a paper bag to breathe into and something that tastes somewhat like gin please. DH is out with the neighbour tonight to watch the football so I’m going to give my hypnobirthing notes a read through from last time and start that process again, my hormones are…a little unhinged at the moment 😆 I need to start doing some deep breathing before I throw something at my very wonderful DH head.

BeingHappy · 25/11/2022 19:48

Aww @xalexandra I remember my first meeting with the midwife, I had all these concerns, and she laughed and said it's perfectly normal and I will now worry until the day I die 😅

@Longbin I feel the same. I am very grateful for the bubs but I am so very much looking forward to all this discomfort and stress ending at some point 🤞

In other news I have a stinky cold. Haven't done a COVID test yet but quietly worry about how my temperature etc is affecting the little banana (apparently that's the size this week!)

Lots of luck @xalexandra with the scan xx

BeingHappy · 25/11/2022 19:50

@Gilm0reGirl I think I am finally beginning to feel something now. It's my first so no idea what it's supposed to feel like but I figure that it probably is the baby moving given I've never felt these sensations everyday. Mine are also a lot more low down than I anticipated. And similarly sporadic. Haven't felt anything all day until just now and yesterday I only felt something in the morning and nothing else all day.

cheekysausage · 25/11/2022 20:24

@Gilm0reGirl i feel your pain! Our childminder is increasing her pricing as of January…giving herself a 10% pay rise 🙃 Another higher expense to add to the list!

lj2022 · 25/11/2022 21:21

Is anyone else getting braxton hicks? It really freaks me out getting them this early even
Though I've read they can happen at this stage

Gilm0reGirl · 25/11/2022 21:31

@cheekysausage yep it’s painful, ours has gone up by £13.50 a day so £170ish a month as DD only does 3 school hour days a week. All the bills and being pregnant!

Cuppasoupmonster · 25/11/2022 21:53

Hi ladies, checking in. Haven’t read through this thread today but will have a look tomorrow when less tired 😴

For the sake of my mental health I have an amnio booked for Monday. I had my NIPT redraw but I no longer trust the test, and my anxiety has massively spiralled since the obstetrician said the mismatch in results could be down to ‘rare conditions’ so I need to know for my own peace of mind. It’s been a very shocking and odd few days, so I’m hoping the amnio result will mean I can move on from it and look forward to welcoming a healthy baby boy.

I was doing really well with my anxiety levels until this happened, I still feel upset that once again in life I have fallen into that 1% and frankly wish I had never bothered taking the test. I did it for extra reassurance but it’s given me anything but.

I will check back in once I have any news xxx

OP posts:
CausingKaos · 25/11/2022 21:54

Sorry, I’m useless and haven’t kept up to date in this thread. I also changed my username from BernerMum.

I had my 20 week NHS scan yesterday, thankfully all fine except they wouldn’t allow the sonographer to check sex. I felt so let down even though I should have been content with an otherwise straightforward scan…..I immediately booked a private scan for the same day and she was able to confirm I’m having a baby girl 💓

Trying to search Black Friday deals but I’m not getting anything! Now I’ve had that scan I really want to try and get prepared-she will be my first and I feel completely overwhelmed with everything I need to arrange/buy/learn before her arrival!

MamaMenna · 26/11/2022 07:24

@Cuppasoupmonster sorry to hear it's been s tough few days 😔 goof ouck for Monday. Will the amnio reveal if there are / aren't 'rare conditions'?

MamaMenna · 26/11/2022 07:25
  • good luck
Peachesthecat · 26/11/2022 07:27

@Cuppasoupmonster So sorry that you’re feeling this way. I remember it all too well when I had a less than ideal 20 week scan with my first. Just keep thinking to yourself that all will be well and this time next week all the anxiety should be done and you can focus on your family and the little man ❤️❤️

PiggyBean · 26/11/2022 08:03

@Cuppasoupmonster sorry to hear you've been feeling like this, it must be really worrying to have been told that. Good luck for your amnio on Monday I hope results come back ok and you won't have to worry anymore x

BeingHappy · 26/11/2022 12:57

Absolutely terrified. I thought I had a cold yesterday but I tested for COVID just now and I'm positive. Midwife wants me to go to A&E now. I can't believe it.

Longbin · 26/11/2022 13:16

@BeingHappy why do you have to go to a&e? Hope you're okay

Biscuitsplease · 26/11/2022 16:29

I'm think waaay too early about this but the cot I'll be using is a 132 x 70 mattress, but most standard fitted cot sheets are 140 x 70? Can I use 140 x 70 fitted sheets on a slightly smaller length mattress safely or will they be too big and loose and therefore unsafe?!

Balloffluff123 · 26/11/2022 16:38

Hi all! I’ve been lurking since the beginning and enjoying all the moral support from afar but didn’t feel confident joining until after my 20 week scan. Due 4th April with my first baby!
@BeingHappy i saw your message and made an account to reply! How are you feeling?
I know we are all different but hopefully my experience is reassuring - I tested positive for covid last Sunday (19+5) and apart from feeling sorry for myself for a few days and having to postpone my 20 wk scan, I seemed to be over it quite quickly.
I had had my vaccine only the week before (after putting it off for ages 🙄) so probably hadn’t had the benefits of it yet. Just had lots of heavy cold symptoms and an awful sore throat. Lost my taste for one meal only. My partner who hasn’t had any vaccines since the first two was a little more unwell with muscle aches and lots of shivering - but that just might have been because he’s a man!
Rest up, stay hydrated, be kind to yourself and give yourself heaps of time to recover x.
My midwife seemed quite uninterested and didn’t even reply to my message until the end of the week! It’s funny how they all seem to have such different views!

SavedByGraceAlone · 26/11/2022 16:57

Is anyone else feeling extremely full for hours and hours after a meal? I'm used to eating frequently and generally would get hungry every 3-4 hours, but for the past couple of weeks I can go for hours without feeling needing a meal (not like me at all!). Uterus pushing against the stomach? Xxx

Balloffluff123 · 26/11/2022 16:58

@Biscuitsplease I haven’t had a baby so I have no experience with cots! I know the NHS suggests flat sheets tucked in firmly as a cheaper alternative to fitted but it also might help you get a snugger and firmer fit? You can get flat cot sheets but they seem harder to find.

AliceinSlumberland · 26/11/2022 17:11

@Cuppasoupmonster just sending you lots and lots of love and I hope Monday is as easy as possible. I feel like they should definitely refund your NIPT…

@BeingHappy oh no that’s so rubbish, I had covid early on in pregnancy and it was fine. A and E seems like a big reaction from the midwife unless there’s other factors?

Got my pram today and I’m absolutely buzzing about it! It’s perfect for us and we got a great deal - the Pram and bassinet add on is £550 and we got that, plus the car seat and a 360 turning base thing for £660.

I then got in a massive mood because I ordered some maternity clothes from shein and they just didn’t look good at all! Luckily managed to get a couple of jumpers from Tesco to keep em going and sent all the order back. It’s so hard feeling comfortable - I don’t like super tight but also too loose make me just look like I’ve gained 3 stone 😂

Margo34 · 26/11/2022 19:49

@AliceinSlumberland urgh, I hate maternity clothes shopping. Do Tesco do mat wear? Didn't know that!

I had my Flu jab today and hoping it doesn't knock me too hard for scan on Monday 🤞

Have you all had covid boosters since being pregnant? I'm still on the fence about it, wondered what you guys decided.

simplythequest · 26/11/2022 19:58

@Margo34 I had both covid and flu jabs last weekend, and other than bruised-feeling arms, I was absolutely fine. I'd rather have the vaccines than the illnesses, personally.

Not sure if this is normal, as this is my first: I've reached 20 weeks, and my bump, which was already a reasonable size over the last couple of weeks, has felt like it's really stretching and I've found it really difficult to sit comfortably today. I know there is stretching going on as baby grows, but I haven't felt it like this, as if it's happening right then and there. Feel huge already and I'm only half way!

AliceinSlumberland · 26/11/2022 21:07

@Margo34 no they don’t but they had some nice jumpers and jumper dresses that should do me for a while with my maternity leggings!

Ive had flu and whooping cough, my consultant said I didn’t need covid if I’d had two jabs and a booster already? Tbh I’ve also had covid twice, the second time being a few weeks ago so I’m thinking I’ll probably not bother getting another one.

SprinGarden · 26/11/2022 21:15

Re vaccines:-I v had flu and whopping a couple of weeks ago with no symptoms and have had covid jab today, so far just a bruised arm.

I m feeling her move more, even saw my tummy move from a kick, got my partner to feel it too which was nice 😍.

@simplythequest Regards tummy expansion, I feel mine s stretching, feels like it s under pressure and I find it very uncomfortable bending forward since yesterday.

simplythequest · 26/11/2022 21:18

@SprinGarden yes, that's what I'm feeling! Can't sit or lie comfortably, though haven't tried bending forwards yet. Can't imagine it'll be comfortable either. I mean, I guessed this feeling would come, but I had imagined I'd be a lot further on before it did!

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