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Due November, this thread to be our last! (please?!!)

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Flossam · 26/10/2004 21:11

Hi all I hope no-one minds but I thought I would start a new one... we are having broadband put in (DP has convinced me that I will be able to spend more time on the phone that way ) but still on dial up now so things were getting rather slow on the other thread!

Things OK here. Thought I would do another list to start off the thread in the right way.... looking towards the end!! I've decided that next tuesday would fit in really rather nicely with all my plans, just need baby to agree!! I'm going to try and not expect him to come before due date really, then I may be pleasantly surprised, and if not, I will be fully entitled to moan and whinge. My ankles really can't take much more. They are about the size of my upper calf and that isn't an exageration!

Just enjoyed my first cup of raspberry leaf tea... not all that bad, but then I have drunk all sorts of strange concoctions from places like neal's yard in my time! So now I've drunk that, labour should be iminent, right?!

Hopefully am going to get my hair done this week with the deposit money (if we get it!) from our old flat... I haven't had my haircut since May . Been trying to let it grow as much as possible, but its been a really slow process. Might have some highlights done too. I've figured I might as well have something about me looking nice, as I don't think anything else will post birth! I have stretchmarks now on my bum, hips, thighs, calves, and really badly on my boobs. Stomach thus far has escaped, but it's these last four weeks which I've heard can really do the damage. Oh well.

Anyway I'll stop my waffling and leave you all in peace! I don't think I've missed anyone on the list, but definately have a pregnancy brain... got stuck half way upside down off the sofa earlier looking for the used lid of my yoghurt pot. I eventually found it in the empty yoghurt pot besides me. Oh dear! Don't think it was a particularly pretty site for DP to be looking at!
webmum - 1 Nov
Nannyjo - 3 Nov
Riebee - 3 Nov
eidsvold - 5 Nov
Mum2Ela - 5 Nov
Arwenevenstar 6 Nov
vivie - 11 Nov ?
chicaguapa - 11 Nov
PandaBear - 12 Nov
twinkie - 14 Nov
Discomonkfish - 16th Nov
Piper - 17 Nov
collision - 23 Nov
Flossam - 23 Nov
Bronze - 25 Nov
Bunny2 - 25 Nov
Gingernut 26 Nov
squigglesmum - 27 Nov
potpourri - 29 Nov

OP posts:
eidsvold · 26/10/2004 22:17

well - today is our anniversay and we joked that we could be spending it in the birthing suite - only time will tell.....

another scorcher - so I hope this is over soon....

rsvped to the pampering morning tea thingy next Tuesday but did warn them that I may not make it.

Next Tuesday afternoon - have to see the consultant and he will make a decision re: induction. I know he does not want me to go much beyond term - due to my desire to have a vbac and the fact that this could be a good sized babe... so time will tell.

Discomonkfish · 26/10/2004 22:51

Its good to see everyone's due dates . I'm just about to finish work, last day Friday and I cannot wait! They've piled a ton of work on in the last week, busy handing over everything to this new guy who's taking over while I'm away....its an absolute nightmare because he stinks of fags...its probably not that bad but I think with being pregnant my sense of smell is a bit more acute....might give him a few mints as a hint tomorrow smelly git ...x

arwenevenstar · 27/10/2004 04:48

Well, had my "rummage" yesterday with gynae and the good news is.........I'm 1 complete whole centimetre yay and she's totally engaged.
The bad news is as I am a third timer it is not uncommon for us saggy people to be like this for 4 -5 days before labour actually starts and I was engaged for 2 weeks before the arrival of #2 so..........
no better off really.
Nothing has happened in the night, no waters, no show and now I have a horrid cold to boot!

I have another appt next Thursday for monitoring and what's the betting I damn well make it to then too.
2 friends have now had their babies, got their e-mails this morning so am really ready to go now.

Collision, don't worry about the tablets, like I said, not a problem and I will be sure to find someone else who can use them.

Well, not a madly happy person this morning, but it'll come when it's cooked I suppose.

take care all

Riebee · 27/10/2004 09:38

One week to go....Hurray!!!
I am feeling quite calm today which very unusal for me at the moment, I am usually raging about something these days. Even composing a letter to my ex (we can't seem to have civilised conversations) about Christmas access with the boys has even phased me today!

Arwen- sounds promising, I think I will try and convince my midwife to have a rummage next time, I'm not seeing her until next week though as being a 3rd timer too they thought I didn't need to go at 39wks. I'm rather hoping I don't make next appt!

I have to admit too being soo nervous this time, you would think I'd never done it before!, maybe it's the gap between this and my last one.

Hope every one is well.

Eidsvold- Happy Anniversary for yesterday

PandaBear · 27/10/2004 10:51

Hi All - 2 weeks to go, and today is my last day at work and I can't wait!!! We've started cleaning up all the baby stuff and I actually think we'll be ready for this baby (providing he or she doesn't show up before the weekend). I'm going to start taking arnica tablets tonight just in case.

Hope everyone is OK.

Riebee · 27/10/2004 12:32

One week to go....Hurray!!!
I am feeling quite calm today which very unusal for me at the moment, I am usually raging about something these days. Even composing a letter to my ex (we can't seem to have civilised conversations) about Christmas access with the boys has even phased me today!

Arwen- sounds promising, I think I will try and convince my midwife to have a rummage next time, I'm not seeing her until next week though as being a 3rd timer too they thought I didn't need to go at 39wks. I'm rather hoping I don't make next appt!

I have to admit too being soo nervous this time, you would think I'd never done it before!, maybe it's the gap between this and ny last one.

Hope every one is well.

Eidsvold- Happy Anniversary for yesterday

Riebee · 27/10/2004 12:34

oops posted my message twice, must have clicked on post message again. Brain dead pregnancy moment,

Bronze · 27/10/2004 14:45

put this on the old thread (pregnancy brain)

Gingernut, where are you?
I dont get to come online much anymore cos of my temperamental computer and was quite surprised that noones had their baby yet.
I'm now being sent to my mums for a week while the babies room is decorated which is a first as I normally have to do all the painting
Good luck to all those due very soon

Oh and im looking at a 8 1/2 lb max this time yay (though she did say she may be wrong but it gives me hope). And i'm on iron tablets that have given me an upset stomach but apart from that everythings fine? maybe going how it should would be a better phrase

gingernut · 27/10/2004 17:38

Hello Bronze (and everyone else), I'm here! All is well in the nutty household. The decorators have all but finished and have mopped my floors for me . Had a/n appt this morning and everything is OK. 36 weeks tomorrow and I have my growth scan at the hospital. Hoping this one'll be about the same size as ds in which case I'll opt for normal delivery (unless something unexpected happens). I'm not measuring any larger at all with this one, in fact I don't feel as big so I'm hopeful, but I'll have a better idea soon anyway.

Phoebe25 · 27/10/2004 17:41

Good to hear everyone's well!
Thought there may have been a few early arrivals seeing as i havent managed to get on here for a week or so....

10 days to go & seriously counting!
Everyone i know has gone 2 weeks or so early so i had my fingers crossed, but she's hanging on in there!!
Drinking the first cup of Raspberry leaf tea was amusing to say the least. I nervously took the first sip a week ago expecting it to initiate seriously bad contractions, as if!
3 cups a day since & still not a twinge.
Although i have had period type pains since Friday...a sign perhaps?!

Im gonna try a curry tonight.......

hana · 27/10/2004 18:07

good luck to everyone waiting here!!

bunny2 · 27/10/2004 20:01

Thanks Hana, how is your pregnancy going?

I am sooo p*ssed off right now, I have a cold and horrid heartburn, to top it all I puked up earlier having felt quesy all afternoon. Half term is so tiring and I am looking forward to ds going back to school next week (feel such a bad mum saying that ). In Tesco today, a woman cut in front of me with her trolley so I rammed her with mine, te he he, dont mess with me I am pregnant and angry!

Flossam, some pampering sounds like a fine idea - I keep meaning to get a St Tropez tan to deflect from my fat and wobbly bits.

Good to hear everyone is ok, Arwen and Eidsvold, I am going to be looking out for your news over the weekend.

Mum2Ela · 27/10/2004 20:04

Blimy, I can't believe how many of us are on this thread and none of us have had our babies yet!!

No sign here, lots of period type pains and discharge (TMI).

Had ante natel today and mw wouldn't give me a sweep. Said she would next wed at my appt then. Am def going to have sex tonight . . .keep talking about it a lot but up to now can't actually face doing it! Anyone in the same boat?

Baby still 3/5 engaged so hasn't moved back after ecv (yay!) but is slightly back to back. Think this baby is going to be lazy or stubbon.

Anyway, gald you are all well, and 9 days to go here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mum2Ela · 27/10/2004 20:05

Bunny2 - being sick can often be a sign that your body is having a 'clear out' ready . . . .!!

Quackers · 27/10/2004 20:13

HI!!!! Yep Bunny, could be pre labour! How is everyone! Can;t wait to hear all the announcements!

collision · 27/10/2004 21:45

Nearly cried today. Went to the drs and she said that she thought we were being very superficial about this pregnancy! She couldnt find some results she was looking for and said I had lost them and wasnt taking it seriously. (I found them in the folder when we got home and had already had them checked by another dr but was in such a state in the surgery that I couldnt see them)

DH stood up for us and said the system here in Italy stinks and that there were far too many tests and drs to deal with and that we werent used to it. We are taking it very seriously and have done everything we were told to do. She was cross that the other dr hadnt written down my BP results but that is hardly my fault!

She gave me another internal and declared I had an infection......candida. Anyone know what this is? Got some stuff to take for it.

Then she said that she didnt know where the babys head was and sent us off on a 40 min journey to the hospital for another scan! We went straight in but the dr at the hosp was NOT impressed. She stormed into a room, spread gel over my stomach, said its head was where it should be, and walked out!! I had to get off the bed myself and clear up the cold gel off my stomach!! AM SO PEED OFF!!

Have to go for a routine heart monitoring test next week. WTH!! I wouldnt mind but there are 100's of tests here and then I have to give birth completely naturally without any pain relief, like a cave woman, and then there is no after care at all.

I am sorry I am ranting but my Mum will freak out if I tell her all this so I thought I would burden you all with it and have a little moan.

Sorry to go on and hope you are all well.

Discomonkfish · 27/10/2004 22:27

Collision, what a horrible day! I think candida is another word for thrush...nice ;-)

Its bad enough over here sometimes but when you're in a strange country it must be awful...glad everything is ok and next time they're horrible give them as good as you get! take care, not long now x

Flossam · 27/10/2004 22:54

Poor you Collision. It must be horrible. I find it very hard to be 'treated' by other people who are speaking my own language, let alone when not. Make sure you take DH with you always, I can't imagine how horrible it would be alone at something like this when you are feeling so isolated. Your DH needs to be there to translate, though, am I right? I'm sorry you had such a horrible day. Candida is thrush. You could try to treat it with some natural yoghurt if you don't want to take the medication.

I had another dream last night, it was about you Collision... definately think that Mumsnet is taking over my life too much! I had a dream about Bunny a couple of weeks ago . Well you and me were having a race collision, to try and give birth first!! And I mean literally, next to each other!

Bunny, sorry you are feeling rough, I hope that the others are right and it is a sign for you!!

OP posts:
piper · 27/10/2004 22:57

hi everyone hope are all well.
this may sound weird but i keep on getting like popping/clicking noices form me belly sounds like that stuff you wrap things up in to stop them from breaking. Does anyone know what it may be

does anyone know what they are having they told me they were 95% sure i am having a little girl

eidsvold · 28/10/2004 00:25

sorry to hear you have been having a rough time of it collision - but I think candida is another term for thrush....

I have been having period type pains too along with the odd very strong braxton hicks but then nothing.....although I feel like the baby is right down as I am sooo uncomfortable and going to the loo all the time - gets very annoying not being able to go 20 minutes without going to the loo sometimes!!

off to the Gp's tomorrow so will see what she says.

Riebee · 28/10/2004 03:28

Well it's 3am and I can't sleep, have been waking up at 2am practically on the dot for the last's seriously doing my head in.I've been doing nocturnal ironing, my god I must be desperate!

Looks like it's all gearing up for afew then ...who will be first?- Bunny it could be you!

Collision- I hope things get better, time for some pregnacy rage maybe and give them some attitude over there . Glad your DH is sticking up for you. Perhaps it's a good thing there isn't much will probably be so sick of them interfering by then it will be a relief to get them off your back.

I've think I have given up looking for signs and trying to make the baby come, I have lots of pains, been sick etc but still nothing doing, so going to let baby get on with and hopefully take me by surprise.

Mum2E- Decided to try sex last week after much talking about it, after the 4th time (not all in one day!)nothing has happened so it's back to bread and water for DH.

Piper- Í don't know what the noises could be, sorry

arwenevenstar · 28/10/2004 07:52

Oh Collision I REALLY feel for you, we too are in a foreign country with minimal pain relief (although not none like you are) it's epidural or nothing here although there is an organisation here that loans TENS machines.
The continent are soooo fussy about scans and stuff.

I was told at my last blood results that I had had an infection. I caught it from my own children from kissing them (apparantly 99% of children have the virus at some point!) and I was 34 weeks. Apparantly it is only relatively serious if you catch it before 24 weeks, but there is no cure or medicine, even then the baby has to catch it too. So why tell me??? I was 34 weeks, nothing I can do, shouldn't have affected the baby anyway so WHY?????? I really do feel they give you far more information than you really need.
Sending you a big HUG anyway.

Candida is Thrush btw, but I think someone already said that. Try drinking cranberry juice, I know it is meant for cystitis, but I used to get Thrush a lot and found this really helps. The other thing is live yoghurt you know where, but I would avoid that at the moment if I were you!!

As for the sex thing......I can hardly open my legs at the moment due to the pressure and pain of spd and the baby's head. To be honest, I don't know how I am going to give birth, standing I hope and it'll just fall out (yeah right )

My sweetie dh has taken the kids to school this morning, yay, one less trip for me.

Bunny - hope the nausea and sickness is a good sign for you.....drink lots though!

I also have a rotten cold, couldn't hear anything this morning when I woke up, perhaps this will be the moment she chooses to come, when I can't breathe at all, let alone do breathing for labour!!!

Well, better go, ought to put this extra time I have this morning to something relatively and a biscuit perhaps???

Take care, see you later I expect!

SpringChicken · 28/10/2004 10:05

Hi to all you massively blooming tired annoyed angry and stressed mums to be

Just wanted to pop in and say Good Luck for the up and coming events - Cannot wait to hear all of your stories.

Same applies to everyone but particulaly you Bunny - I am so so so pleased for you - it took a long time but you are finally there.
Wont be long until you get to hold your beautiful baby in your arms xxx

I've gone all gushy now, so will make a sharp exit - Good luck to you all.

gingernut · 28/10/2004 11:11

Hi SpringChicken, Quacks and hana, thanks for popping in!

Hope you are feeling better today bunny.

collision, sounds like a right PITA! As the others have said, candida is thrush. What have you got to take? Eating live yogurt and staying off sweet things are supposed to help (because fungal infections thrive on high blood sugar levels). Cranberry juice is a strange one - according to the high blood sugar theory it should be avoided but hey, if it works! Worth trying to get rid of it before the delivery because there's a risk the baby could catch it from you (not a serious problem but just not that nice I suppose).

bunny2 · 28/10/2004 13:11

Springchicken, your message brought tears to my eyes . Hi to you, Hana and Quacks, seems long ago that we were all on the TTC boards doesnt it?

Collision, sounds like you deserve indulging in a damn good sob. I am in tears every day at some point and put it down to hormones. Your day does sound horrid thoug and how dare a doctor suggest you are not taking this seriously - does she not use Mumsnet???

Well, I still feel pukey and have eaten nothing since lunch yesterday. I hope it is the baby coming but I have a feeling this one is going to e late just like ds was.

Good to see this board busy and crackling with anticipation!

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