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The arrival of Froggy the third

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wheresmyfroggy · 19/08/2006 21:20

Just a quickie to annonce the arrival of Kitty, born at four thirty this afternoon and weighing in at a respectable 8lbs 12.

After Lockets awoke this morning to some some painful tightenings we went in to the delivery suite at half twelve, by this time she was 5cm. four hours and lots of gas and air later Kitty was born.

Told you it was a quickie

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 19/08/2006 21:21

Oh wow!


expatinscotland · 19/08/2006 21:21

Aw, that's a lovely name!

ComeOVeneer · 19/08/2006 21:22

Congratulations. Welcome Kitty.

colditz · 19/08/2006 21:22

hooray congratulations onn your new daughter

Beauregard · 19/08/2006 21:22

Congratulations and well done Lockets,and i love the name kitty

trinityrhino · 19/08/2006 21:22

congrats to you

MatNanPlus · 19/08/2006 21:23

Congratulations WMF and Lockets on the speedy arrival of Kitty.

Gingerbear · 19/08/2006 21:23

Many congratulations! 3 wee Froggies now

Beetroot · 19/08/2006 21:24

fabulous. say well done to her for us.

and welcome to kitty

Nemo1977 · 19/08/2006 21:24

Awww am sooo glad she arrived safely...lots of love to you all and hope L is taking it easy.

colditz · 19/08/2006 21:25

hooray congratulations onn your new daughter

morningpaper · 19/08/2006 21:26

Hello Kitty

Congrats! Lovely lovely name

tissy · 19/08/2006 21:26

well done, all of you!

hoxtonchick · 19/08/2006 21:27


Frizbe · 19/08/2006 21:33


SherlockLGJ · 19/08/2006 21:38
VeniVidiVickiQV · 19/08/2006 21:40

Oh congratulations to you all!!! Lovely name (my great aunts name although shortened from Katherine).

x x x

wheresmyfroggy · 19/08/2006 21:41

It's my great great aunts name (but I only found that out when I told my grandmother this afternoon)

OP posts:
Marina · 19/08/2006 21:44

What a gorgeous name and many congratulations to you all WMF and Lockets XXX

VeniVidiVickiQV · 19/08/2006 21:48

Awwww lovely.

Will you be posting a pic on member profiles for us? [begging emoticon]

SaintGeorgeMarple · 19/08/2006 22:39


UrsulatheSeawitch · 19/08/2006 22:41

Oh lovely - congrats to you all - for your 3 girls

Yorkiegirl · 19/08/2006 22:42

Message withdrawn

bubble99 · 19/08/2006 22:43

Lovely news.

zephyrcat · 19/08/2006 22:45

Aww congratulations to you all

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