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The arrival of Froggy the third

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wheresmyfroggy · 19/08/2006 21:20

Just a quickie to annonce the arrival of Kitty, born at four thirty this afternoon and weighing in at a respectable 8lbs 12.

After Lockets awoke this morning to some some painful tightenings we went in to the delivery suite at half twelve, by this time she was 5cm. four hours and lots of gas and air later Kitty was born.

Told you it was a quickie

OP posts:
popsycal · 20/08/2006 15:08


this has come round so quickly!!!!!

wheresmyfroggy · 20/08/2006 17:47

am intrigued wheelybug

OP posts:
aprilmeadow · 20/08/2006 19:13

Congratulations Lockets & Wheresmyfroggy. Beautiful name.

I think you might be the first of the April 05 gang to have had another bubs.

Darciesmum · 20/08/2006 19:41

Congrats Hunni!!

Love the name

Miaou · 20/08/2006 19:44

Congratulations wmf! Hope you are enjoying her

hulababy · 20/08/2006 21:05

Congratulations and welcome to Kitty

northerner · 20/08/2006 21:22


jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 21/08/2006 22:14

Only just seen this - FANTASTIC NEWS!

Havent chatted for a while, but hope all is well with the family of 5!

Take care


Pamina3 · 22/08/2006 08:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fimbo · 22/08/2006 13:46

Well done Lockets (PLEASE COME BACK) and WMF.

FoghornLeghorn · 22/08/2006 15:13

Great news Well done and welcome to Kitty x

daysoftheweek · 23/08/2006 00:54

Congrats, lovely name

Flossam · 25/08/2006 14:09

Just caught up, congratulations WMF. lovely news. Sound our well wishes on to Lockets for us. Kitty is indeed a lovely name.

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