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The arrival of Froggy the third

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wheresmyfroggy · 19/08/2006 21:20

Just a quickie to annonce the arrival of Kitty, born at four thirty this afternoon and weighing in at a respectable 8lbs 12.

After Lockets awoke this morning to some some painful tightenings we went in to the delivery suite at half twelve, by this time she was 5cm. four hours and lots of gas and air later Kitty was born.

Told you it was a quickie

OP posts:
YellowFeathers · 20/08/2006 10:05

Congratulations both of you

Hope to see you back Lockets

MrsJohnCusack · 20/08/2006 10:06

congratulations! and love the name

hope to see you around here soon Lockets...

alittlebitshy · 20/08/2006 10:09

Congratulation Lockets and WMF!
What a lovely name, and it sounds good with the other 2 dd's names too

Bouj · 20/08/2006 10:17

Aaah, congratulations!

Kidstrack · 20/08/2006 10:19

Congrats to you both!

Lemmingswife · 20/08/2006 10:20

Congratulations! Sweet name.

MaloryFascinatorTowers · 20/08/2006 10:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Enid · 20/08/2006 10:21

Bea was going to be a Kitty (IYSWIM!)

How lovely - welcome to the three girls gang, its very exclusive and rather fab you know.

xxx Enid

moonshine · 20/08/2006 10:24

Congratulations and cue music "5 little speckled frogs, sat on their speckled logs...." - only 2 more needed now .

LIZS · 20/08/2006 10:55

Congratulations ! Love the name

LadyTophamHatt · 20/08/2006 10:57

Awwww very cute name


puff · 20/08/2006 11:00


Quadrophenia · 20/08/2006 11:39

congrats you guys am dead pleased for you all, also miss lockets on here xx

motherinferior · 20/08/2006 12:26

Oh how lovely. Three little girls! Well done!

wheresmyfroggy · 20/08/2006 12:55

Thank you all for the lovely messages

We're back from the hospital now and with our two older girls at their granny's the house is spookily quiet (kitty has been fast asleep since we got back)

OP posts:
lucy5 · 20/08/2006 12:58


dinny · 20/08/2006 13:20

Fantastic, and what a surprise it's a girl

Well done, Lockets xxx And WMF, lol.

Scoobydooooo · 20/08/2006 13:23

Wow congratulations love the name

magnolia1 · 20/08/2006 13:34

Congratulations xxx and Welcome Kitty

harpsichordcarrier · 20/08/2006 13:35

big congratulations to all of you and big love and kisses to lockets from me WMF

wheresmyfroggy · 20/08/2006 13:39

When you coming to meet her Dinny ?

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 20/08/2006 13:49

Congratulations to all of you.

Is it just me or was that a quick pregnancy?

I'm sure lockets wouldn't agree!

dinny · 20/08/2006 14:29

ooh, soon as I can, lovely x

think am up seeing friend near you Thursday, if any good (bit soon?) le me know x

wheresmyfroggy · 20/08/2006 14:41

Text us [lockets said it'd be great to see you]

OP posts:
wheelybug · 20/08/2006 15:04

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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