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Sweetkitty's little kitten finally arrives!!!!!

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sweetkitty · 26/01/2006 10:41

Well 12 days late Baby Talia Erin has made her appearance.

Contractions started at 1.30am very painful from the start called midwives straight away. They were coming really thick and fast but gas and air was good. MWs examined me and I was 8cms already but head was still high up so broke my waters and felt the need to push, she was born at 4am exactly weighing a staggering 9lbs 3ozs. Didn't need any stitches this time. Had very fast natural third stage too. Midwives were excellent and homebirth was fantastic, Talia been feeding really well too. Am absolutely delighted not to need to be induced.

OP posts:
jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 26/01/2006 10:42


Nice and quick in the end! REALLY PLEASED!


munz · 26/01/2006 10:42

woohoooo! big congrats and welcome to little Talia.

NomDePlume · 26/01/2006 10:43

HOORAY !!! Congrats and welcome to Talia Erin

PiccadillyCircus · 26/01/2006 10:43


I am impressed at small gap between baby being born and your posting

And also that you were able to have a homebirth.

lucykate · 26/01/2006 10:43

wow, have been following your posts, really pleased for you, and so fast!, well done (how's the cold by the way?, hope its getting better)

Marina · 26/01/2006 10:44

Wonderful news, well done on getting your home birth and such a great experience. Congratulations and welcome to Mumsnet Talia!

Flamesparrow · 26/01/2006 10:45


Gorgeous name too!

I'm sooooo pleased for you.

LadySherlockofLGJ · 26/01/2006 10:46

Born?? born ???

She is coming up for her first birthday is she not ??

C'mon even Hunker had her baby, no one can be that overdue........


Nbg · 26/01/2006 10:46


Lovely name.

pepperpots · 26/01/2006 10:48

wow after all that waiting she decided to shoot out didn't she?!
Congratulations to you and your family gorgeous name xx

MarsOnLife · 26/01/2006 10:48

Congratulations sweetkitty

Well worth the wait!

bundy · 26/01/2006 10:49

oh what lovely news, welcome to Talia

gomez · 26/01/2006 10:53

Fantastic - good things come to those who wait .

What a super, speedy birth and I am so pleased for you that you managed your homebirth.

Relax now, enjoy you new baby girl. Big congratulations to you, DH and DD1 (did she sleep through it all btw?)

BudaBabe · 26/01/2006 10:56

Fantastic news! Congratulations!

Speedy arrival in the end.

And lovely name too.

Looking forward to a piccy to make me even more broody!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 26/01/2006 10:56

Oh I am so so pleased for you SK! Congratulations. It all worked out well in the end.

Nemo1977 · 26/01/2006 11:13

fantastic SK am soo happy for you and talia is a beautiful name..cant wait to see a pic!!

Wallace · 26/01/2006 11:13

Delighted for you

nutcracker · 26/01/2006 11:14

Congratulations, and welcome to Talia

curtains · 26/01/2006 11:17

Big congrats to you both!!

MrsDoolittle · 26/01/2006 11:18

Nice one sweetkitty - really pleased for you. What a fabulous birth story Here's hoping for a similar experience

bubblerock · 26/01/2006 11:29

At last!!!
What a wonderful experience for you and welcome to Talia Erin!

Miaou · 26/01/2006 11:31

Oh how fantastic! So pleased for you - and NO INDUCTION on your own!!!


Laura032004 · 26/01/2006 11:33

Congratulations on a speedy birth - made it worth the wait I hope! So pleased you got your homebirth.

Dinosaur · 26/01/2006 11:36

Congratulations - and lovely names! So happy for you.

How is kittenbigsister adapting?

lucy5 · 26/01/2006 11:37

Hooray!! Well done Sweetkitty and welcome to the world Talia

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