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Sweetkitty's little kitten finally arrives!!!!!

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sweetkitty · 26/01/2006 10:41

Well 12 days late Baby Talia Erin has made her appearance.

Contractions started at 1.30am very painful from the start called midwives straight away. They were coming really thick and fast but gas and air was good. MWs examined me and I was 8cms already but head was still high up so broke my waters and felt the need to push, she was born at 4am exactly weighing a staggering 9lbs 3ozs. Didn't need any stitches this time. Had very fast natural third stage too. Midwives were excellent and homebirth was fantastic, Talia been feeding really well too. Am absolutely delighted not to need to be induced.

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 28/01/2006 23:11

Sorry mears I meant to say I was 8cms on first examination but when examined again I was fully dilated with just a bit of a lip but the head was still too high for me to feel like pushing. I think they broke the waters to speed things up a bit for me I don't know as I know they would have gone by themselves.

I think homebirth is so uncommon around here (I posted on your other thread) that they don't really have a policy.

OP posts:
mears · 29/01/2006 13:30

Thanks for the update. Hope all is going well for you

iris66 · 30/01/2006 19:55

Huge congratulations again Sweetkitty, both on the arrival of Talia Erin and for avoiding the induction by delivering at home! Soo pleased for you hon

hermykne · 30/01/2006 21:11

it only seems like yestaerday we were writing on the due in july 2004 thread and here u are with your 2nd baby!
ahh congratualtions, i was just saying this evening to my older child that ds isnt a bay anymore but a little boy
she persists in calling him a baby, my baby!

oh you lucky thing!

Flossam · 01/02/2006 21:43

I've only just seen this sweet kitty! Huge congratulations on the birth of you second dd.

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