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Sweetkitty's little kitten finally arrives!!!!!

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sweetkitty · 26/01/2006 10:41

Well 12 days late Baby Talia Erin has made her appearance.

Contractions started at 1.30am very painful from the start called midwives straight away. They were coming really thick and fast but gas and air was good. MWs examined me and I was 8cms already but head was still high up so broke my waters and felt the need to push, she was born at 4am exactly weighing a staggering 9lbs 3ozs. Didn't need any stitches this time. Had very fast natural third stage too. Midwives were excellent and homebirth was fantastic, Talia been feeding really well too. Am absolutely delighted not to need to be induced.

OP posts:
me23 · 26/01/2006 16:32

congratulations what a quick birth after all the waiting!

mrspitt · 26/01/2006 17:17

Have been watching and waiting on any news!
Congratulations, and well done for such a biggy

puff · 26/01/2006 17:17


hoxtonchick · 26/01/2006 18:17


Gillian76 · 26/01/2006 18:30

How absolutely wonderful

So pleased for you!

Maddison · 26/01/2006 20:33

At last!!!

Congratulations and welcome to Talia Erin

romilly · 26/01/2006 20:34

fabulous news sweetkitty

well done you, and welcome to talia erin

expatinscotland · 26/01/2006 20:34

HUGE congrats to you, sweet! SO glad to read you were able to have your homebirth.

WElcome to baby Talia.

spots · 26/01/2006 20:50

Well done and congratulations

chapsmum · 26/01/2006 21:21

Congratulations sweet kitty,what a beautiful name, maybe I'll see you in the west end for baby cinema soon. I wish you and your family health wealth and happines

Frizbetheexpansionset · 26/01/2006 22:25

Huge Congrats SK what a lovely way to start a Thursday!! so glad she finally popped and a good size too

threelittlebabies · 26/01/2006 22:25

Congratulations! So pleased for you. Welcome to the world Talia Erin

eidsvold · 26/01/2006 22:35

congratulations and welcome to Talia Erin. Good weight - my dd2 was 9lb 7oz and named Erin.... so needless to say love the name too.

Aimsmum · 26/01/2006 22:41

Message withdrawn

spub · 27/01/2006 07:41

Hurrah! Huge congrats!

georgeandwigglyjake · 27/01/2006 11:18

SK, hooray, finally!!!

Congratulations to you. Sounds like a bit of a dream birth (especially considering what a good weight she was) which I think you deserve after all that waiting time.

Gorgeous name.

mears · 27/01/2006 21:47

Told you she would come if you talked to her

So glad you got your homebirth. Congratualtions and welcome to Talia. Noticed you comment on PPH 's thread about jaws of steel - make sure you have that positioning spot on

seb1 · 27/01/2006 21:47

Congrats SK

sweetkitty · 27/01/2006 21:57

Thanks for all the congrats and best wishes, can assure you it was not a dream birth I thought I was dying (again!) cannot believe I delivered a 9lbs 3ozs baby with gas and air only with only a small tear after a second degree tear last time.

Mears, BFing not too bad just waiting on my milk coming in, she's an absolute natural.

OP posts:
mears · 27/01/2006 22:04

Sweetkitty - am curious as to why your waters were broken, especially as you were already 8cm?

mears · 27/01/2006 22:22

Amazed by the 3lb difference by the way - I am sure you were too

MeAndMyBoy · 27/01/2006 22:36

Ah Fab news so so chuffy for you. Many congratulations to you all. Love her name too.

H x

hellomama · 28/01/2006 18:48

hip hip hooray! Great news SweetKitty - am really delighted for you, your DP and your TWO lovely girls

sweetkitty · 28/01/2006 18:54

I think the head was still too high mears and I wasn't getting any pressure to push. The minute the broke my waters I got the urge though.

I know pushing out a 9lber was a bit easier though and I had carried her a month more than her sister.

Thanks for all your advice mears think it contributed to my homebirth.

OP posts:
mears · 28/01/2006 21:19

Sweetkitty - at 8 cm you shouldn't have the urge to push anyway. Im my area community midwives do not perform artificail rupture of membranes (ARM) at home. Hence my interest. They would have broken on their own anyway. Not sure why this intervention was done however I am glad you were happy with your experience. So gald you got your homebirth

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