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Final 2 Emma or Ella ?

73 replies

lobsterchallet · 18/12/2023 16:15

I can't decide, opinions please?

OP posts:
SaltyGod · 18/12/2023 16:16

Emma. Classic.

Ella - nice but I think it would date. I also know several Ellas

Namechangedworriedmama · 18/12/2023 16:17


Leni987 · 18/12/2023 16:18


BlochAndRoll · 18/12/2023 16:19

Emma is more timeless

FayCarew · 18/12/2023 16:21

Emma. Ella seems a bit like it's short for something longer.

lobsterchallet · 18/12/2023 16:22

I was thinking about Ella dating quite quickly. I really wanted it for my first but decided on something else last minute and said I'd use it for my next if a girl but that was 4 years ago and I'm not sure if I still like it but there is a feeling that I always imagined a little Ella.
Emma is similar and I think much more classic.

OP posts:
FayCarew · 18/12/2023 16:27

They are similar but have a different vibe. Emma seems more assertive.

NoelleNameChange · 18/12/2023 16:29

Emma for me. I'm just not a fan of Ella / Ellie / Bella sounding names.

kaceylena · 18/12/2023 16:30


Petrarkanian · 18/12/2023 16:32


IsadoraQuagmire · 18/12/2023 16:34

Emma, it's much nicer.

Iamnotaloggrip · 18/12/2023 16:35

Another vote for Emma. Lovely name.

Strawberrymoonx · 18/12/2023 16:37

I prefer Emma it's a timeless name

Olika · 18/12/2023 16:40


AutumnNymph · 18/12/2023 16:43

Another vote for Emma. Ella/Ellie is too popular and will date (if you care about that)

I know a little Elena nn Ella which might be an option?

tokesqueen · 18/12/2023 16:43

Emma. More substantial somehow.

MaggieFS · 18/12/2023 16:44

Emma. It's strong, lovely and classic. Plus the added bonus of being less popular at the moment. Sooo many Ella's is DC's classes.

Anotheranonymousname · 18/12/2023 17:04


moonshinepoursthroughmywindow · 18/12/2023 17:09

Another vote for Emma from me.

RoseMartha · 18/12/2023 17:16


IHeartBiscuits · 18/12/2023 17:28


Sorry, I know it's not what you are asking!

Both Emma and Ella are lovely. Ella is prettier IMHO but will possibly date more because it's so popular right now (like the Ellie craze in the late 90s-early 2000s). Emma is classic but perhaps a little boring.

ScruffMuffin · 18/12/2023 18:26

Emma. More unusual now, in a good way. Classic.

CharlieBoo · 18/12/2023 18:29

Emma, pretty and classic but unusual these days.. Ella feels a bit early 2000’s now

LikeItOrLumpIts · 18/12/2023 20:16

Emma. There are a million Ella’s at the moment.

43ontherocksporfavor · 18/12/2023 20:18

Ella. Would have loved to be called Ella. It’s so feminine and light sounding. Completely different to Ellie which I hate.
Like Emma too but that feels more classic.

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