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Ivy or Holly

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Suchardchoccy · 27/11/2023 16:21

We are expecting our DD3 in June. We already have Rose and Sybil.
DH loves Ivy and Holly. I like both but I think Holly makes more sense for a Christmas baby? We had both been settled on Ivy if we ever had a third girl but would like to see what others think.
We both really like old fashioned names.
Opinions and suggestions are welcome please!

OP posts:
RuthW · 27/11/2023 16:40

Ivy is much nicer. Bit Christmassy for June though.

WhiskersPete · 27/11/2023 16:43

Holly! It's beautiful.

SneezyEvie · 27/11/2023 16:46

Ivy goes well and definitely can be used all year round!

glarnaire · 27/11/2023 16:47

I love Ivy

Merrow · 27/11/2023 16:49

I love Ivy and don't consider it a Christmas name.

wherethewildtbingsgo · 27/11/2023 16:53

I prefer Holly. Ivy is quite common these days too (not sure if that bothers you). I wouldn't consider either a Christmas name.

StayingInTheInn · 27/11/2023 16:54

I prefer Holly, but think Ivy goes better with the other names.

Lookingatthesunset · 27/11/2023 16:59

There's a lot of Hollys and I am not keen on Ivy, probably because there's so much of the invasive bastard in my garden!!

What about something like Alice, Ruth, Anna/Annie, Mary, Edie, Sandra, Beth?

itsmyp4rty · 27/11/2023 17:03

Holly is much prettier IMO. Ivy sounds quite hard and is a horrible plant.

fourelementary · 27/11/2023 17:04

Both are lovely and perfect for summer birthdays but naff for Christmas tbh

Highlyflavouredgravy · 27/11/2023 17:06

Ivy is horrid

PullTheStringsAndAddSomeRings · 27/11/2023 17:08

I really dislike Ivy. Hard sounding, old fashioned in a bad way. It makes me think the parents don’t like their daughter.

Holly is better (but a bit boring). Rose and Sybil are lovely.

Sconehenge · 27/11/2023 17:13

I prefer Holly too. Why is a June birthday a Christmas baby though?

MotherofPearl · 27/11/2023 17:20

Not keen on Holly, but in that wheelhouse I do very much like Polly.

Ivy is pretty, though if we're going for flower names starting with I, I probably prefer Iris.

Strawberrycheesecake7 · 27/11/2023 17:22

I prefer Ivy but both are pretty. I think both can be used all year round.

Footprintsinthesand · 27/11/2023 17:26

My DD is Holly. She's not a christmas baby. I think maybe 2 people have asked if she was born at christmas. It's a very short conversation so I really wouldn't base your decision on that!

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 27/11/2023 17:31

I like ivy

AudiobookListener · 27/11/2023 17:51

I do think of Holly as a name for December babies. Ivy is year-round and lovely.

Other names with a similar vibe: Hazel, Iris, Lily

MaloneMeadow · 27/11/2023 17:52

I much prefer Holly. Where we are Ivy has become somewhat of a ‘council estate’ name. Personally have never been a fan due to how harsh it sounds. Makes me think of poison Ivy! Not a plant to name your daughter after

BoleynMemories13 · 27/11/2023 17:54

I much prefer Holly, it's pretty and quite under-used these days in comparison to Ivy which every other baby girl is called right now.

However, Ivy suits the vintage feel of your sibset more.

Both have quite a wintery/Christmassy feel (the holly and the ivy!), none more so than the other, but equally both are perfectly acceptable any time of year.

ChickenBhunaandChips · 27/11/2023 18:17

Holly because Ivy is overused and just blends in with all the Evies and Avas.

KirstenBlest · 27/11/2023 18:30

Holly. Ivy is overused and just blends in with all the Evies and Avas, is a thuggish weed, and the name makes me think of Ivy Tilsley.

Polly would go well with the siblings' names.

SiennaMillar · 27/11/2023 18:33

Please may I ask, how do you know it’s a girl so early?

Pemba · 27/11/2023 18:35

Holly is a nice cheerful name. I don't really like Ivy much, although it currently seems so popular.

But, like other pps have asked, how is a baby due in June a Christmas baby? Typo?

Pemba · 27/11/2023 18:39

Oh I see what you mean, baby is due in June, you think that Holly makes more sense for a Christmas baby. You can choose it any time of year imo.

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