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Wren for a boy?

63 replies

sweetbeee · 20/07/2023 08:55

What do you think of Wren for a boys name?
We live in the UK and haven’t met anyone with the name.

is the name Wren more for girls?

OP posts:
DuchessOfSausage · 20/07/2023 08:58

It's a nice surname. Dreadful as a first name. Lovely birds but tiny and loud.

YourNameGoesHere · 20/07/2023 08:59

It's definitely a girl's name in the UK

51 Boys in 2021
279 Girls in 2021

According to Darker Green

But to be honest first and foremost it's a kitchen brand.

Hollyppp · 20/07/2023 09:04

I know 3 wrens (all toddlers). All girls.

I wouldn’t use it for a boys name personally

lunar1 · 20/07/2023 09:07

I know two, both girls.

Serpentine1717 · 20/07/2023 09:14

Nicole Richie’s son is Sparrow I think. Just another option.

DuchessOfSausage · 20/07/2023 10:11

It's better that Tit, I suppose.

CurlewKate · 20/07/2023 11:30

Just remember-what is a sweet charming name for a baby or even a toddler doesn't work so well for a teenager, a corporate lawyer, a truck driver or an old man. Don't make life any harder for your child than it is already!

MotherWol · 20/07/2023 11:33

I know a boy who has it as a nickname for Lawrence - would that work?

MamTDM · 20/07/2023 11:33

We have a little boy called Wren in our family, now nearly 2. Everyone was quite surprised when the name was announced but it actually really suits him.

TheModHatter · 20/07/2023 11:35

Wouldn’t be my choice

Wisterical · 20/07/2023 11:37

I know two boys called Wren, one a toddler and one an older teenager. It's a lovely name and suits them both.

RenegadeMrs · 20/07/2023 11:39

I know two, both girls, but think it works for both.

villamariavintrapp · 20/07/2023 11:53

Christ teigan recently acquired a son called wren.

AdaColeman · 20/07/2023 11:53

Have you considered Hawk, Jay, Peregrine or Robin?

villamariavintrapp · 20/07/2023 11:53


Babybabybabyy · 20/07/2023 11:55

I would automatically think girl when I heard it but it’s unusual enough that it could pass for either. I do think unisex names work best for girls though (even if they’re more commonly used for boys) rather than using one for a boy. If you love it, go for it though

VeridicalVagabond · 20/07/2023 11:56

Boy or girl all it makes me think of is mediocre kitchens.

DuchessOfSausage · 20/07/2023 11:57

Have you considered Howden?

IridescentRainbird · 20/07/2023 12:01

I wouldn't use it for a boy, I always think "Jenny Wren".

wherethewaterisdarker · 20/07/2023 12:09

I think of it as a boy’s name - unisex, but my mind goes to boy. I love the name and the bird.

TrueScrumptious · 20/07/2023 12:11

I would assume a girl. I don’t like it as a name for either sex. Lawrence with a short form Wren/Ren might be OK.

RobertsRadio · 20/07/2023 12:13

What about Robin, Crow, Raven or Dartford Warbler.

Lindy2 · 20/07/2023 12:16

I'd say Ren for a boy and Wren for a girl.

It could be a nickname for Lawrence.

The main character in Footloose was a boy called Ren. I actually always thought it was quite a cool name but I may be in the minority based upon the other replies!

IglesiasPiggl · 20/07/2023 12:16

I am not sure an adult man named after a dainty little garden bird works.

WaltzingWaters · 20/07/2023 12:17

Definitely more a girls name. I wouldn’t.

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