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Baby names

names that are making a re appearance

100 replies

noddyholder · 23/02/2008 22:53

What names have you noticed making a comeback? and do you think alan kevin and the like are about to be cool again?

OP posts:

TurkeyLurkey · 23/02/2008 22:55

I know someone with a kid named Colin.

Can't see that making a comeback though can you?


noddyholder · 23/02/2008 22:56

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 23/02/2008 22:57

I saw a baby Colin the other day too - he'd be about five mo now. I wonder if it's the same one?

I also saw a baby when DS1 was little - so he'll be about three now - called Wayne.


tyaca · 23/02/2008 22:58

oi! shhhhhuddddit. dh is a colin and you couldnt ask for a finer specimin.



TwoFirTreesToday · 24/02/2008 10:18



CristinaTheAstonishing · 24/02/2008 10:22

We went to a 60th b'day party last evening and the band members were called Brian (two of them) and Colin (the other 2).

DD1 is called Sylvia, which is old-fashioned but not making a comeback as far as I can tell.


ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 24/02/2008 10:23

Have heard of lots of Stanleys recently. I just can't get rid of a vision of an old man when I hear it.


dizzydixies · 24/02/2008 10:25

I love sylvia/sylvie, on my list for this one

know a baby Andy, not sure if that counts but always felt they were names from the 70s?


evenhope · 24/02/2008 10:27

My colleague has neighbours whose 3 and 5 yo s are called (I kid you not) Barry and Eileen


noddyholder · 24/02/2008 10:29

barry and eileen are hilarious Sylvia is a lovely name.

OP posts:

CristinaTheAstonishing · 24/02/2008 10:29

Good taste, Dizzydixie

Eileen is a bit old-fashioned. I like the similar sounding Alina, i think that's v sweet.


PuppyMonkey · 24/02/2008 10:32

We knew someone quite recently who was genuinely thinking of calling his son Gary.

Fortunately his other half managed to intervene and he changed his mind to Ross at the last minute.


shabster · 24/02/2008 10:33

One of my 4 DS's is called Thomas but I always call him Tommy. When we used to visit my Nan (his great gran) in the nursing home I would shout to him 'Tommy come here' at least half a dozen old chaps would turn around thinking I was shouting to them

I lurve old names - one of my friends is called Martha - have noticed that is really becoming popular - its a lovely name.

Two little girls in Tommy's nursery (they are cousins) are called Pearl and Polly - which is lovely until you put those names with their surname - Pepper


Buda · 24/02/2008 10:35

I think lots of really old-fashioned names are coming back now - the Stanleys, Arthurs, Rubys, Marthas and Matildas.

The 60s/70s Carols, Susans, Sandras, Jackies, Barrys, Darrens, Alans and Kevins need another generation or two before they are seen in the same light I think.


CristinaTheAstonishing · 24/02/2008 10:38

DH loves Pearl and Penelope.


wheresthehamster · 24/02/2008 10:50

Eek! I know a baby Colin. Hopefully we all know the same one or it IS making a comeback.


PestoMonster · 24/02/2008 11:10

I know a 7 year old Edith, which I think is cute.


claraquitetirednow · 24/02/2008 11:15

DD2 (11 weeks old) is Martha and I had no idea it was a name about to make a comeback - I love it but might have reconsidered had I known this as don't want her to be one of three or four in her class...

I keep coming across Honors and Avas now too - are classic Hollywood names coming into fashion too?


MissingMyHeels · 24/02/2008 11:20

I know two little Martha's and a Stanley, all of whom are about 3 months old so can definitely see them being big in the next 12 months. I think geography certainly plays a part too.


edam · 24/02/2008 11:22

Funny how some old-fashioned names, like Albert and Stanley and Ivy, are coming back. While other names of the same generation are not - has anyone met a baby Hilda? Why is Ivy OK but Hilda not?

When our children start having babies, they will probably think Doreen and Sheila are due for a renaissance!


schneebly · 24/02/2008 11:26

lol @ OP - I have a 3 year old called Alan Not my choice (had a deal with DH) but I have never viewed it as an old fashioned name because it is my younger brothers name too.


schneebly · 24/02/2008 11:27

but then I also have a 4 year old with an unfashionable old man's name!


PortAndLemon · 24/02/2008 11:29

Colin and Collin are very popular (well, quite popular) in the US at the moment -- you see quite a few of them on US boards.


alfiesbabe · 24/02/2008 11:34

Martha is definitely making a big come back. I know of some new babies called Ernie, Stanley, Iris and Edith which makes me think of the line up for an OAPs coach outing. (sorry to anyone who may have given their kid those names!)


RustyBear · 24/02/2008 11:37

On the babyname voyager Martha is still declining in popularity, but it hasn't yet been updated for 2007.

Weirdly, Martha was also popular as a boy's name until 1910, when it suddenly dropped off the scale.

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