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Ezra or Adair?

52 replies

arlequin · 27/06/2023 13:07

For little boy. Which do you prefer?

OP posts:
Midnightpony · 27/06/2023 13:08


GloomySkies · 27/06/2023 13:10

Neither. Ezra Miller is currently very famous for all the wrong reasons. The Adair family are well known loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland. Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair did 16 years in prison. His son died of a heroin overdose. Awful connotations.

Gooseysgirl · 27/06/2023 13:16

Neither but if I had to choose, Ezra.

MerryChristmasToYou · 27/06/2023 13:56

Of the two, Adair. Not keen on either of them.

AfingeroffudgeisNOTenough · 27/06/2023 14:05

I prefer Ezra, although I don’t mind Adair, and I would certainly never think of Mad Dog or his son - despite growing up and living in the town he as from! I know plenty of people with the surname Adair and Johnny would not even have come to mind unless the PP mentioned him!

Adair is much more common as a surname though and I know that’s not something some folk are keen on.

Ezra is ok, but definitely more more common now than it was 5/10 years ago.

arlequin · 27/06/2023 20:33

Ok so 2 votes for each so far. It's a tough one!

OP posts:
Coffeeandcakemum · 27/06/2023 20:48

Adair is lovely

aintnospringchicken · 27/06/2023 21:06


Parvolax · 27/06/2023 21:07

What @GloomySkies said

Infusionist · 27/06/2023 22:46

Definitely Adair, it’s cool.

There are a couple of little Ezra’s in every nursery class and makes me think of (Nazi) Ezra Pound.

arlequin · 27/06/2023 23:28

I know of one baby Ezra but agree it's on the rise! Not too worried about Miller/Pound, it's an ancient name. We love Adair but some people mention the Johnny connection. I'd never heard of him before mumsnet mentioned him so I'm wondering how much of a problem this would truly be.

OP posts:
DramaAlpaca · 27/06/2023 23:32

I quite like Adair, though the association mentioned above did occur to me unfortunately.

I don't like Ezra at all.

Austin as an alternative, maybe?

continentallentil · 28/06/2023 07:28


arlequin · 01/07/2023 21:50

Any further views?

OP posts:
HewasH20 · 01/07/2023 21:57

Ezra makes me think of elderly Americans sitting on a verandah in a rocking chair chewing straw. Can't say Adair is much better.

arlequin · 01/07/2023 22:25

@HewasH20 😂

OP posts:
strawberry2017 · 01/07/2023 22:39

Ezra, don't like Adair

PinedApple · 01/07/2023 22:59

I prefer Ezra but I think that's because I've not heard of Adair as a first name. It's growing on time the more I think on it!

PinedApple · 01/07/2023 22:59

Growing on me *

Viviennemary · 01/07/2023 23:00

Both are totally dire. Ezra perhaps a little less so.

HideousKinky · 01/07/2023 23:00

I absolutely love Ezra

SoWhatEh · 01/07/2023 23:09

I love the name Ezra. I don't associate it with Pound or Miller. It's a strong, classic name in its own right.

Less keen on Adair, but it's OK.

HewasH20 · 01/07/2023 23:11

Your user name has reminded me of a former Harlequin's player called Elia Elia, so good they named him twice. Ezra Ezra doesn't have the same ring.

momofthreex · 02/07/2023 02:24

Ezra! Such a lovely name!

TheCyclingGorilla · 02/07/2023 02:30


A friend has named his don Austin. Very cute.

I also like Asa and Clement.

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