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Noah, Isaac or Kit?

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EllieD33 · 12/02/2023 04:34

Hi all,

Hubby and I are down to three front runners: Noah, Isaac and Kit. Noah is currently the no. 1 boys name in the UK, Isaac is pretty popular too though I don’t seem to meet that many of either (I am a teacher in a middle school), Kit not so much. We don’t like any long forms for Kit so baby would be just Kit. We would do middle names though do not have middle names established for Isaac or Kit (feel free to suggest), Noah would be Noah Edward or Noah Edwin. Our surname begins with a D and I like the idea of me - and probably just me, unless he wanted to distinguish himself from many Noahs in a class - calling him Ned sometimes.

We have a three year old DD called Dottie (Dorothy). She likes Noah and doesn’t mind Kit. We’d probably call Isaac Izzy and Zac, I have come across several lovely Zachs as a teacher.

I’m due next month. Thoughts?

OP posts:
TheOriginalEmu · 12/02/2023 04:38

I really Kit!
i prefer Zach/Zack/Zac to Isaac. (My nephew is Isaac and the number of people who misspell it as Issac drives me up the wall).
I like Noah too, but it’s my least favourite of the 3.
Kit Zachary? I feel like Kit needs a longer middle name (though that would depend on how long your surname is I suppose).
Ivan, Evan, Ezra all go well imo.

Bournetilly · 12/02/2023 04:41

My favourite is Isaac, lovely name but I don’t like the nn Zac at all.
I love Noah too but personally wouldn’t use it because it’s so popular.
I don’t like Kit at all sorry.

Also I love your DDs name!

plumduck · 12/02/2023 05:10

I haven't heard of any little Noahs!

But I like Isaac

Kathryn91 · 12/02/2023 05:23

i have an 11 day old little boy named Kit!
people weren’t sure at first but I love it!

Pinkieismyname · 12/02/2023 05:25

Either Noah or Isaac are good strong names and any shortened version I like but Kit gets a big no from me. Can't help thinking someone would call him kitty cat, or that car from the tv programme years ago

Judgyjudgy · 12/02/2023 05:46

Not Kit, reminds me of a cheesy American name. The other two are lovely, probably Noah is my preference

EllieD33 · 12/02/2023 07:29

Congratulations! Is it short for anything? Does he have a middle name?

OP posts:
Pinkdafodils · 12/02/2023 07:32

Kit? As in take your kit off Blush No way. It also sounds too close to Kitten or Kitty.

Noah or Isaac definitely

TiaI · 12/02/2023 07:36


Kentlassie · 12/02/2023 07:37

Noah or Kit! Both lovely. Sounds like you prefer Noah, so go with that :)

Beautifulsunflowers · 12/02/2023 07:38

Isaac by a country mile! But then I’m biased 😉

TiaI · 12/02/2023 07:38

I know a Kit and it suits him. It’s short for Christopher but fab as a stand alone name

Teeshirt · 12/02/2023 07:38

Both Noah and Isaac seem very dated to me. The ones I know are at least mid-20s, so it seems strange to me. Kit only if it’s short for a longer name, probably Christopher. I really couldn’t pick any of the names at all.

Tumbleweeder · 12/02/2023 07:42

I LOVE the name Kit. Goes really well with Dottie too. It’s cheeky and fun but also cool and strong for an adult. The adult Kit I know is 40 and it really suits him.

I really dislike Noah.
Isaac is ok ish. But not keen on those shortenings you mention. I know an Isacc who is called Cas.

LlynTegid · 12/02/2023 07:42


rollerblind · 12/02/2023 07:44

I like Kit- but only if it's short for Christopher

HerbErtlinger · 12/02/2023 07:48

I have an Isaac but as pp mentioned the amount of people who misspell it Issac, Isacc, izack is pretty irritating. It happens a LOT.

Pinkdafodils · 12/02/2023 07:52

Christopher naturally shortens to Chris in my experience.

Kitten shortens to Kit 🐈

Dragonsandcats · 12/02/2023 07:56

I like Isaac and noah. I think when boys have very short names, their nicknames are often longer so can imagine Kit becoming Kitty!

Katjolo · 12/02/2023 08:03


Theoldwoman · 12/02/2023 08:08

Noah Edward is lovely.

Definitely not a D name.

Kit Reuben or Kit Francis

Isaac Jeremy or Isaac Trey

Lordofmyflies · 12/02/2023 08:09

Isaac is Hebrew for ‘the one who laughs / rejoices’. Ours was born after 3 miscarriages and the name seemed so fitting!

TheLastDreamOfTheOak · 12/02/2023 08:10

Kit was top of my list for boys, followed by Noah. Great taste Op! Kit goes well with Dottie too I think.

RandomUsernameHere · 12/02/2023 08:11

Isaac, I love it
Kit is nice
Not keen on Noah, sorry

WinterFoxes · 12/02/2023 08:15

I LOVE Isaac. Top name. And love the nickname Zack or Zac.
Noah is also a lovely name.
I quite like Kit and know an adorable one but it's a diminuitive of Christopher, Kristian or Crispin, and I'm never keen on nicknames as main names. Christopher is well worth a revival as a name.

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