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do you know anyone with the name blue?

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nappyaddict · 07/02/2008 11:53

if so are they a boy/girl and is it a first/middle name? oh and how old are they?

OP posts:
sparklesandwine · 07/02/2008 17:18

i had a cat called blue, was a boy, he got run over

sparklesandwine · 07/02/2008 17:32

lol did i 'kill' the thread with that

MyEye · 07/02/2008 17:39

I know a 7yo boy called Blue (first name). He does not live in a yurt... but his parents are alternative
He has a sibling with a colour name too
They both get away with it due to shedloads of charisma and general sweetness

TooTicky · 07/02/2008 17:41

There was a boy called Blu in my junior school.

Pinkchampagne · 07/02/2008 17:42

I knew of a little girl called Addy Blue. She will be around 20 now...wonder if she's now changed her name to Sarah or something!

bluedomino · 08/02/2008 01:11


violetsky · 08/02/2008 01:23

DD is 13. After I had her, the lady who was in the next bed in the maternity unit and I intoduced our selves and our baabies to each other. Her baby was called ... drum roll please ... Sky Blue. I will always was a poncy name for a boy

violetsky · 08/02/2008 01:24

Bluestocking, I have only just read the rest of the thread, I wonder if it is the same lad!

Bluestocking · 08/02/2008 17:48

Violet, the boy I know is quite a bit younger - but what an awful thought that two mothers were unkind enought to lumber their sons with such a twee name. Incidentally, while we're here, why do some people think Boo is a name? It's a nonsense syllable like "phut" or "ouch".

Jenkeywoo · 08/02/2008 17:56

I always wanted to call a child Blue but eventually got it out of my system by calling my cat Blue. Blue then passed away and my latest cat is called Boo. I like both those names but probably wouldn't use them for a child, mainly as I used to be a teacher and remember how the children with funny names were often pigeon holed by us. I had a pupil whose surname was Green, first name Emerald... Also a Mr. Joe King.

littlerach · 08/02/2008 18:05

I knew a boy at nursey called Blue.

Hopeysgirlwasntbig · 09/02/2008 06:25

My dog's called Blue, does that count?

Bouncingturtle · 09/02/2008 06:40

Bonny Blue was Scarlett's daughter in Gone With the Wind - because her eyes were as "Blue as the bonny blue flag!" according to Miss Melly (I'm a GWTW fan!)

I have vague memories of watching a Royal Variety Performance, I think Morecombe and Wise mihgt have been hosting, or doing a bit on the show and there was a little girl up on stage who was going to sing a song or something, and her name was Blue. Or am I imagining it?

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