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Does Elinor look misspelt to you?

104 replies

misslucy92 · 04/01/2023 14:19

Just wondering.

OP posts:
Ifyoudreamofsanddunes · 04/01/2023 14:20


Starryskiesinthesky · 04/01/2023 14:21

Yes - a bit!

REP22 · 04/01/2023 14:22

It does to me, but then it is how Jane Austen's character's name was spelled in Sense and Sensibility. And the writer Elinor Glyn.

Any people I've actually known with that name have spelled it Eleanor.

iklboo · 04/01/2023 14:22

A bit. Or a bit Tolkien, like Elsinore.

catfunk · 04/01/2023 14:22


CardiffMam · 04/01/2023 14:23

No. Very common spelling here in Wales.

LaLaLouella · 04/01/2023 14:23


PolarBlair · 04/01/2023 14:23


Chersfrozenface · 04/01/2023 14:24

Not to me, as it's commonly spelled that way in Wales.

watcherintherye · 04/01/2023 14:25

Puts me in mind of Elsinore, where ‘Hamlet’ is set.

FluffyYucca · 04/01/2023 14:25

No, but it does make me think of Jane Austen.

RoseslnTheHospital · 04/01/2023 14:27

Not to me, because it's the Welsh spelling. Plus, there are many different spellings of the name, Eleanor/Eleanore/Elenor/Elanor etc etc.

Frazzled2207 · 04/01/2023 14:27

I'm Welsh so no
Elena is another option - pronunciation is similar unless you are Welsh or Scottish.

ZeldaWillTellYourFortune · 04/01/2023 14:28


carammba · 04/01/2023 14:29

No, I know it as an accepted spelling.

IronicElf · 04/01/2023 14:29

iklboo · 04/01/2023 14:22

A bit. Or a bit Tolkien, like Elsinore.

Elanor is Tolkein too - Samwise's daughter was named for this flower. I know an Elanor with this spelling.

Pemba · 04/01/2023 14:30

Only if you're quite ignorant. Elinor has been an alternative spelling for a long, long time.

asdhelp123 · 04/01/2023 14:32

Not to me - I’ve never come across it before but it looks like an interesting/unusual spelling of Eleanor to me and that’s how I’d pronounce it.

I see from other posters that it’s a Welsh name/spelling, so just to say I’m not Welsh hence it looking interesting/unusual to my eye. I realise from this thread that in Wales it is very usual.

Stickytoff · 04/01/2023 14:33

I love the name Elin but it is pronounced Ee lyn so for me Elinor is a different name to Eleanor.

Itschristmastimeinthecity · 04/01/2023 14:34

Yes very much.

But names are unique, you can spell them however you like and pronounce then however you like!

Thoughtful2355 · 04/01/2023 14:34

I prefer Eleanor, Elinor just feels and looks wrong.
I love the name Eleanor, same as Eliza .. something about El names for me

Potatomashed · 04/01/2023 14:34

No I prefer it

CastleTower · 04/01/2023 14:34

No - Sense and Sensibility. And I've known several spelt this way.

TressiliansStone · 04/01/2023 14:36

Not at all misspelt. I'm a family historian, and Elinor is historically a very common spelling.

Interesting to learn that it's held out like that in Wales like. A Welsh Elinor is one of my favourite historical people.

Boomboom22 · 04/01/2023 14:36

Yes and people will say it wrong. Eleanor for what you mean.

Elena is nice but I know 2 who say it elayna which is in mind another name!

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