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The name Erin, I dislike it, it is my wrongness

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CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:16

I have a problem with the name Erin. It does something strange to me. Objectively it is a normal kind of name but when I hear it, it makes my scalp tingle. I know this my fault; I have nothing against the name. Does anyone else have this kind of thing? I don't mean like when people say the name Margot reminds them of maggots. I have no time for that nonsense. This is a visceral thing.

OP posts:
CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:18

is. is.
why WHY is there no edit button on this site? It's like some kind of puritan thing, no, you can't edit.

OP posts:
CakeCrumbs44 · 22/11/2022 13:19

Nope can't say I've ever had that. I've also never heard the phrase "it is my wrongness" which makes my skin crawl far more than any name ever has 😂

CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:23

Extremely fast reply. Haha. IT IS MY WRONGNESS doubled😀 then, sorry

OP posts:
Theundertaker · 22/11/2022 13:23

I don't like it either. Not sure why as it shouldn't be offensive and my very nice friend---- has a daughter called Erin. There's something a bit stick-up-arse about it, like someone who isn't posh trying to be posh.

CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:26

Someone I know, when she talks, I get a very strong taste of toffee. It's more like that rather than a dislike of the name in particular.

OP posts:
ThorsBedazzler · 22/11/2022 13:28

I have this with the name Pamela. It reminds me of cold houses in the 1980s and very weirdly a great sense of injustice.

No idea why.

Janedoe82 · 22/11/2022 13:31

Erin posh?? It is a favourite of Irish Republicans so you are far off the mark lol

IWillBeWaxingAnOwl · 22/11/2022 13:32

This sounds like a form of synaesthesia!

LucySno · 22/11/2022 13:32

I think I know what you mean. I hate the name Nathan. It gives me a horrible fuzzy feeling. Also Ethan and Nathaniel are nearly as bad. It's the "th" but also the names overall. Shudder.

LucySno · 22/11/2022 13:34

Also I hate "Ellie". Wobbly yellow jelly sound without enough consonants holding it together.

SweetyGreen · 22/11/2022 13:35

OP, do you have any other signs of synaesthesia? Google it - fascinating.

Rauha · 22/11/2022 13:36

I have this with the name Harris, hate it.

Choconut · 22/11/2022 13:37

Not a name but the word pamphlet. There's something really wrong about it.

ErinAoife · 22/11/2022 13:39

I have a dislike of the name Lisa. All Lisa that i know but one are awful person which makes me hate the name

CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:40

I think it must be synaesthesia. Very strong and strange. Thanks.

OP posts:
Santagiveyoursackawash · 22/11/2022 13:40

Ndn's dd was Erin. They pronounced it Urin.. Was bloody awful.

Murasakispillowbook · 22/11/2022 13:40

Peter & Martin

Both make me irrationally irritated. I know it's nonsensical. I wouldn't act upon it!

Alexandernevermind · 22/11/2022 13:42

Mnetters generally don't like Irish names, which is a shame.

Jaybird43 · 22/11/2022 13:43

Lucas for me (reminds me of mucus and I actually feel sick with it). Ditto with Clemmie (Clementine) - I knew a little girl who always, ALWAYS had a snotty nose so she was Phlegmy Clemmie to me!

Jaybird43 · 22/11/2022 13:45

LucySno · 22/11/2022 13:34

Also I hate "Ellie". Wobbly yellow jelly sound without enough consonants holding it together.

Ditto with Sophie - such a pretty name but spongey and the name just like, drops off the edge into a void. It has no "bones" to it, if you get what I mean?

Chattycathydoll · 22/11/2022 13:46

Barry. Have always hated it. Makes me feel irrationally angry?

CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:49

I thought Erin was an American name rather than Irish.

Murasakispillowbook - completely understand and happy to act as witness in forthcoming trial, etc.

OP posts:
CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:53

Objectively, I love all names, I don't mean to be hating on any names. All names a beautiful, really. It was just a thing about the feeling I got from the sound, I think.

OP posts:
CustomerService · 22/11/2022 13:54

ARE. Jeezes

OP posts:
gingerbreadtits · 22/11/2022 13:55

Erin isn't a nice name. Nor is Ethan or Erica

Cold shudder just went through me 😆

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