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Amelie or Poppy

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user1490278331 · 19/11/2022 09:22

Completely torn by these beautiful names - baby girl is 8 days old, and I feel the pressure of everyone asking what her name is!

Amelie Hope Poppy
Poppy Hope Amelie

She was born 10th November, so hours before Remembrance Day. I love poppy, but I already call my big girls pops or popsie sometimes as a general nickname (they have their own specific nicknames too). I feel like I’m taking something special away from them by calling her pops / popsie as her nn. I love nicknames so I wouldn’t just call her Poppy.

I also love the sound of Amelie, and the nickname Milly / mills but we are concerned she will get forever be called Emily or Amelie by mistake, or on the phone her name will be hear incorrectly.

Poppy is so fitting for her birthday, and we had liked Poppy for most of my third trimester, but Amelie came along after she was born.

Amelie seems quite elegant, and Poppy also seems lovely and beautiful in its own way.

Help! I really want to decide on her name now.

OP posts:
frazzledali · 19/11/2022 09:23

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

dream28 · 19/11/2022 09:25

I would go Amelie, but both names are fine. What about Poesy or Peony?

countrypunk · 19/11/2022 09:26

Ignore that horrible poster OP.

I've always had a soft spot for the name Poppy, I think it's gorgeous!

34and3 · 19/11/2022 09:36

Amelie by a country mile

GlassDeli · 19/11/2022 09:51

I prefer Poppy.

Rauha · 19/11/2022 09:54


redbigbananafeet · 19/11/2022 09:56

Poppy is our girls name but I've a feeling I'm having a boy. I'm a redhead and partner 25 years in the army so Poppy seems fitting. As for boys names I have no idea.

Cuppasoupmonster · 19/11/2022 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

What would you call interesting?

Cuppasoupmonster · 19/11/2022 09:57

Both gorgeous by the way and so pretty.

Gummibär · 19/11/2022 10:14

I'm afraid I find both very dull from overuse.

If I had to choose, probably Amelie. But I think it will start to sound dated soon.

Good luck.

fairycupcakes · 19/11/2022 11:20

Both gorgeous names. There’s an absolutely darling Poppy in the close family so I’m ever so fond of the name because she’s such a lovely loving little girl.
Amelie is really pretty and may be a better choice given your current nn of your other DCs?

Amelie Poppy Hope / Amelie Hope Poppy - both beautiful x

ZoyaTheDestroyer · 19/11/2022 12:02

Amélie, but I would use the accent.

mummyh2016 · 19/11/2022 12:14

Poppy and Hope together don't look right to me written down, I don't know if it's too many ps?

mintich · 19/11/2022 12:15

Amelie Hope Poppy sounds better

cptartapp · 19/11/2022 12:16

Amelie. Poppy is so wet and infantile.

Luredbyapomegranate · 19/11/2022 12:18

Amelie Hope Poppy

It’s very pretty. Poppy is too babyish for an adult.

RandomMusings7 · 19/11/2022 12:18

Amelie is more elegant and works better on an adult.

Poppy is cute, but a little infantile.

TalkisChips · 19/11/2022 13:03

Both really overused, sorry that’s not what you went to hear. I don’t like Millie, there are 100s of Millie’s as all the Amelia’s and Emelia’s are also Millie, I think it’s really bland.

Poppy is twee, out of the two I would choose Amelie and not shorten it to Millie.

Dalekjastninerels · 19/11/2022 13:04

Amelie Poppy :)

Dalekjastninerels · 19/11/2022 13:04


Both very pretty names

Allschoolsareartschools · 19/11/2022 13:05

Absolutely love Poppy it's such a beautiful name.

DramaAlpaca · 19/11/2022 14:12

Of the two, Amelie.

Poppy is babyish, cutesy and twee. In your circumstances, fine as a middle name.

radho · 19/11/2022 14:47

I have a soft spot for Amelie (I adore the film), though I can see some issues with the pronunciation or people thinking it's Amelia/Emily.

I remember liking Poppy as a teen but it's become very popular in recent years. I would be concerned about it becoming a "dated" kind of name in the future.

Overall I prefer Amelie.

DaisyChristina · 19/11/2022 14:49


Gummibär · 19/11/2022 17:44

I'd spell Amélie the original French way

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