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Amelie or Poppy

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user1490278331 · 19/11/2022 09:22

Completely torn by these beautiful names - baby girl is 8 days old, and I feel the pressure of everyone asking what her name is!

Amelie Hope Poppy
Poppy Hope Amelie

She was born 10th November, so hours before Remembrance Day. I love poppy, but I already call my big girls pops or popsie sometimes as a general nickname (they have their own specific nicknames too). I feel like I’m taking something special away from them by calling her pops / popsie as her nn. I love nicknames so I wouldn’t just call her Poppy.

I also love the sound of Amelie, and the nickname Milly / mills but we are concerned she will get forever be called Emily or Amelie by mistake, or on the phone her name will be hear incorrectly.

Poppy is so fitting for her birthday, and we had liked Poppy for most of my third trimester, but Amelie came along after she was born.

Amelie seems quite elegant, and Poppy also seems lovely and beautiful in its own way.

Help! I really want to decide on her name now.

OP posts:
Gummibär · 20/11/2022 19:16

But I still don't think Amelie is faddy as I don't see it going in and out of fashion - I think it's here to stay.

Have a look at a diagram of the name - it shot up like a rocket (from literally nowhere) and is now declining pretty steeply ....!

Like any fashion trend, they tend to fall as fast as they rose.

KirstenBlest · 20/11/2022 19:29

But I still don't think Amelie is faddy as I don't see it going in and out of fashion - I think it's here to stay.
It became popular really quickly, which as a pp said will probably mean it will fall of out of fashion.
I just find Emily much more dull.
I don't. The sounds in Emily are prettier. Em-ill-y not Am-ull-y.

78Summer · 20/11/2022 19:31

Amelie is a beautiful elegant name. Poppy is very sweet.
Both lovely in their own way.

LulooLemon · 20/11/2022 20:35


I agree that Poppy works better on a child than an adult.

Amelie is nice for both.

IamnotwhouthinkIam · 20/11/2022 22:03

Amelie Hope Poppy for me- yes, perhaps slightly faddy in this country (since Amelie only became popular here after the film) but a pretty name that suits all ages imo.

While I'm sure there are some lovely adult Poppy's out there, for some reason it always seems like it should be a cutesy nn for me (for Penelope which I'm not keen on or maybe Philippa) - but if you use it as a middle name you could still call her Poppy anyway!

pimlicoanna · 20/11/2022 22:12


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