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Amelie or Poppy

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user1490278331 · 19/11/2022 09:22

Completely torn by these beautiful names - baby girl is 8 days old, and I feel the pressure of everyone asking what her name is!

Amelie Hope Poppy
Poppy Hope Amelie

She was born 10th November, so hours before Remembrance Day. I love poppy, but I already call my big girls pops or popsie sometimes as a general nickname (they have their own specific nicknames too). I feel like I’m taking something special away from them by calling her pops / popsie as her nn. I love nicknames so I wouldn’t just call her Poppy.

I also love the sound of Amelie, and the nickname Milly / mills but we are concerned she will get forever be called Emily or Amelie by mistake, or on the phone her name will be hear incorrectly.

Poppy is so fitting for her birthday, and we had liked Poppy for most of my third trimester, but Amelie came along after she was born.

Amelie seems quite elegant, and Poppy also seems lovely and beautiful in its own way.

Help! I really want to decide on her name now.

OP posts:
Cuppasoupmonster · 19/11/2022 17:46

Gummibär · 19/11/2022 17:44

I'd spell Amélie the original French way

Bit pretentious in my opinion

delshell · 19/11/2022 20:01

I much prefer Amelie. Pretty, elegant, classy.

Not a fan of Poppy - I always think it sounds a bit too cutesy.

Cheeseandabsolutelycrackers · 19/11/2022 20:05

Amelie is so common where I am so that would put me off and my vote would be for Poppy

TheTeddyBears · 19/11/2022 21:20

Amelie is pretty. I also like poppy but it is very popular around here so that wld put me off.

KirstenBlest · 20/11/2022 08:21

Amelie is too close to Emily and Amelia, and is probably past its best.
The french pronunciation is pretty, but it's a middle-aged name there.
The UK Amully pronunciation is meh.
Milly is ok but a bit too popular.

I like Poppy.

Ruth0505 · 20/11/2022 08:23

I love Poppy Amelie Hope (sorry I know that order wasn't one of the options!) Congratulations OP! X

TheaBrandt · 20/11/2022 08:25

Sorry but I really don’t think poppy translates well into adulthood. Same as Daisy. Cute for kids but I slightly cringe for an older professional woman with a cutesy name.

RoseAndRose · 20/11/2022 08:26

I love the name Poppy

And I think it does honour the season

Twizbe · 20/11/2022 08:29

Not poppy. I knew an adult one once and a name has never suited a person less.

Put me right off.

I'd do it as a middle name though given the date.

Chomolungma · 20/11/2022 08:30


TheaBrandt · 20/11/2022 09:14

Penny much nicer than poppy and can be Penelope

Gummibär · 20/11/2022 09:32

The UK Amully pronunciation is meh.

I agree. Amélie sounds nicer.

But agree that the name, together with Emily and Amelia, is past its fashion peak.

GrubzUp · 20/11/2022 09:38

Much prefer Poppy.
There were three Amelie's in my daughter's primary class (of 13 girls). Feels overused to me.

KirstenBlest · 20/11/2022 10:37

Amelie started to become popular around the time the film came out. It'll get to the stage where people know too many Amelie/Emily/Amelia/Emilias to use the names

Underhisi · 20/11/2022 11:39

I'm not keen on either. Amelie because it is faddy ( I prefer the still popular but more classic Emily, Emma and Amelia) and Poppy is cutesy. Of the two I would pick Poppy.

Fivebeanchilli · 20/11/2022 12:19

I really like them both. I prefer Amelie though as it feels more elegant.

Fivebeanchilli · 20/11/2022 12:20

I really don't think Amelie is faddy. The oldest I know is 20 but I know several at all ages younger than that.

KirstenBlest · 20/11/2022 12:52

@Fivebeanchilli , but how many in the UK do you know who are older than 22?

If you consider Emily, she could be 90, 50, 30 or 5. An Amelie won't.

RandomPerson42 · 20/11/2022 12:57

I prefer Poppy (probably due to the cool female coder in Mythic Quest), but you should choose Amelie due to the reasons you have given.

Fivebeanchilli · 20/11/2022 16:48

KirstenBlest · 20/11/2022 12:52

@Fivebeanchilli , but how many in the UK do you know who are older than 22?

If you consider Emily, she could be 90, 50, 30 or 5. An Amelie won't.

True. But I still don't think Amelie is faddy as I don't see it going in and out of fashion - I think it's here to stay.
I just find Emily much more dull. I know so many and they all have brothers called Sam or Ben or sisters called Lucy or Sophie and they just seem identikit type names to me.
No disrespect to anyone who likes them - I have lots of friends with Emilys - but I just think that slight pronunciation difference makes a big difference! Amelie has more pizzazz for me.

Ihavehadenoughalready · 20/11/2022 17:57

Amelie Hope

I dislike Poppy.

RambamThankyouMam · 20/11/2022 18:11

Amelie is very "I watched the film as a teen and vowed to name my daughter after the main character." Very 2003.

Poppy is just a noise. Very unpleasant.

CambsAlways · 20/11/2022 18:13

Don’t like flower names but I love Amelie

Emanresu9 · 20/11/2022 18:16

Both overused but Amelie better.

poppy is a bit wet. Not the name of a high court judge… it’s a little girls’ name.

TheGellerYeller · 20/11/2022 18:17

I much prefer Amelie. I think that could suit many girls/women but Poppy, being a flower, may not suit some imo.

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