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Final 2 boy names - which would you choose?

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fortunespender · 07/09/2022 08:57

We are down to two options I think....

Jago - pronounced Jay-go. I am Cornish. Worried it is an ugly combo of letters and that if you didn't know it was Cornish it might sound like a made-up/ hipster name, or like Jayden/ Kayden etc

Louis - pronounced Loo-ee. An old favourite of mine but a bit worried about popularity, pronunciation confusion and the royal link

Any other suggestions also v welcome! Boy names are HARD!

OP posts:
Awwlookatmybabyspider · 07/09/2022 09:01


GlassDeli · 07/09/2022 09:02


pixiecharm · 07/09/2022 09:03

Louis - I'm Cornish, never heard of Jago

Sunshineismyfriend · 07/09/2022 09:04


LadyKenya · 07/09/2022 09:06

Jago, a really nice, unusual name. I did not know it is a Cornish name. Nice.

BanditBluey · 07/09/2022 09:07


yikesanotherbooboo · 07/09/2022 09:07

Is Jago very unusual? I know a few and think that as it is pronounced as it is spelled that there shouldn't be a problem.
I prefer it to Louis but both are quite acceptable.

PolkaDotShoes · 07/09/2022 09:08

I absolutely LOVE Jago - but yes, I do recognise it as Cornish, and I also get what you mean. Do you live in Cornwall now? That might make a difference.

There's always a risk with names that something will happen in future and tarnish it, eg I liked Kit a lot and might have used it for its 1930s vibes, but the Rooneys using it alongside Klay and Kai made me think differently about it.

You'd probably get some people writing it as Jaygo - either but then Louis isn't exactly free from the risk of confusion either.

I'm not a fan of Louis at all, just think it's really dull (like the rest of the Cambridge family, very inoffensive and middle of the road) - so if that's the alternative, I'd personally take the chance on Jago.

Skinnydecafflatte · 07/09/2022 09:13

No help here but both very lovely names. I’m not Cornish but have heard of Jago being a Cornish name. It’s slightly difference but not odd ( I do have a fondness for J names). Louis also lovely, quite popular but I wouldn’t worry about the royal link.

ByTheSea · 07/09/2022 09:14

I like Jago

EVStar · 07/09/2022 09:14

Jago is really lovely - I’ve never heard of that before!
I had a little girl but boy names we liked; Remi, Oakley, Albie, Jet.

DuchessOfSausage · 07/09/2022 09:16

Louis and Louie are very popular.
Jago fairly unusual. Will probably get shortened to Jay

Which goes best with the surname?

fortunespender · 07/09/2022 09:18

that's another concern with Jago - I have an irrational dislike of 'Jay' - was hoping that it might be similar to Hugo - which I don't imagine you'd shorten to Hugh, but Jay makes me cringe.

Both fine with our surname I think - single syllable classic/ boring British surname

OP posts:
ChillysWaterBottle · 07/09/2022 09:18


fortunespender · 07/09/2022 09:19

We don't live in Cornwall but do spend time down there visiting family

OP posts:
Enko · 07/09/2022 09:21

Jago. It's a lovely name i know of one he is about 4. His sister is Lowenna.

Louis is nice but Jago is cool unusual without being hard to deal with.

pantherrose · 07/09/2022 09:21

Louis with Jago as a middle name perhaps.

Wowitshot · 07/09/2022 09:23

I know a few Jagos, so don’t think of it as that unusual. None are shortened to Jay.
I think it just edges out Louis, but I also really like Louis.
The Jagos I know are quite posh!

DuchessOfSausage · 07/09/2022 09:26

@Wowitshot , most names get shortened. You might not hear the names being shortened but that doesn't mean they aren't or won't.

LizzieBet14 · 07/09/2022 09:27


Wowitshot · 07/09/2022 09:27

DuchessOfSausage · 07/09/2022 09:26

@Wowitshot , most names get shortened. You might not hear the names being shortened but that doesn't mean they aren't or won't.

OK. I am a Charlotte and that never gets shortened.

ThatshallotBaby · 07/09/2022 09:31

Both great names. Jago just pips it for me.

FawnDrench · 07/09/2022 09:38


KangarooKenny · 07/09/2022 09:39

Like you say, Jago sounds made up.

Purplemoon19 · 07/09/2022 09:44

Love Louis!

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