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Having my first girl but can't agree on a name!

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Herewegoagain1990 · 27/08/2022 22:09

I'm new here! I'm expecting my third child in December and we are super excited because we are having a girl, we already have two lovely boys Oliver and Alfie. We cannot agree on a name and it's driving me insane! We know the middle name will be after my Mum's middle name Christine. Anyway so far our list is ; Ava, Sophie, Abigail, Lily, Grace. My favourite is Ava! What do you think? 💗

OP posts:
Mumofgirls2017 · 27/08/2022 22:11

I like Ava best too! Also like Lily

Cantchoosename · 27/08/2022 22:16

I like Lily and Ava the best out of those names too

Floomobal · 27/08/2022 22:19

I don’t think Ava and Oliver sound very good together. Too samey. Same with Sophie and Alfie.

I like Lily the best. But if Oliver is an Ollie, I don’t like Ollie and Lily together… haha

Its hard with 3 names that need to sound good together

nokitchen · 27/08/2022 22:20


arb123 · 27/08/2022 22:21

Ava but I'm biased as my 11 month old DD is called that ☺️

averythinline · 27/08/2022 22:25

Ava sems a bit short compared to the boys names but is ok.. they are quite classic/old style so how about


Margaret (Peggy)

Herewegoagain1990 · 27/08/2022 22:26

It is really difficult. My husband chose the boys names and I wasn't initially keen on Alfie but it suits him perfectly! My husband has always liked lily but someone put me off it so that's why Ava is my new favourite

OP posts:
noclothesinbed · 27/08/2022 22:28

Georgia sprung to mind with your boys names

pimlicoanna · 27/08/2022 22:35

I love Ava

Squashedraddish · 27/08/2022 22:36

Lily is my favourite on your list

I also like Megan with the names you have

Herewegoagain1990 · 27/08/2022 22:37

Almost forgot I did have Evelyn, Harriet and Hazel on there!

OP posts:
Pemba · 27/08/2022 23:09

There are SO many Avas at the moment. It's fine, but everywhere, and I prefer Eva really.

From your list I love Sophie and Abigail, proper names and Sophie is so gorgeous. Yes it's been popular for about 30+ years but that's for a reason!

But they're all nice names really.

Snugglemonkey · 27/08/2022 23:28

I like all of your names, but they are mostly very popular. There are so many Ava's. It would put me off, but obviously if you love it, that won't matter. I think Harriet and Hazel are beautiful but also more unique.

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 27/08/2022 23:30

Abigail. It also means her father's joy.

J0y · 27/08/2022 23:33

I'd go for Grace or Lily.

You have Oliver and Alfie so Ava just seems to blend in with those names. No new consonants.

Namechange192727171 · 27/08/2022 23:38

I have a Grace and love her name ❤️

I think Sophie goes best with your boys names.

pawkins · 27/08/2022 23:40

All the names you like are in the same vein. Go with the name you prefer - Ava.

Kanaloa · 27/08/2022 23:47

Aww they’re all lovely. My personal favourite is Abigail but if I was choosing I’d have to cut Ava & Abigail - having their own initial was one of my criteria for choosing my kids’ names. Then I’d probably choose Sophie because I think it’s really pretty, but I also like both Lily & Grace! I’d maybe even have Sophie Grace Christine or Lily Grace Christine.

Pieceofpurplesky · 28/08/2022 00:45

Harriet Christine

caringcarer · 28/08/2022 00:51

I love the name Harriet. I have taught 3 Harriet's and all have been lovely girls really kind and nice.

Facecream · 28/08/2022 01:22

I really don’t like Lily (sorry OP!). I just think of Lily Allen.
I had a Grace so obviously love that.
Have a Lydia (one of her middle names is Christine after a DGP).
Ava and Evie have been popular for a while- for a reason.
Just like Rosie, Molly etc.
Ida is more unusual, as is Ada.
Not that anyone has to choose the more unpopular names!!
I can imagine an Edie Christine better than Ava Christine..
Or .. like my DD’s middle names Julianne Christine.

DaisyJoy1 · 28/08/2022 05:37

Ava - I think it's too matchy with Oliver
Sophie - Same about Alfie - Sophie and Alfie is too cutesy together and Sophie is a bit boring
Abigail - it's fine but nothing special
Lily - Like a PP said, Ollie and Lily would also be a bit too matchy
Grace - This is the nicest and goes well with both Oliver and Alfie. I also think it's nice to have children's names all starting with a different letter.

I'd definitely choose Grace. Or from your other updated names, Hazel. Oliver, Alfie and Hazel is a very sweet combination and Hazel is a bit different and more interesting than the other girl names which are very, very popular.

DaisyJoy1 · 28/08/2022 05:38

Harriet is also very nice and less overdone than the others.

MassiveSalad22 · 28/08/2022 05:40

Ah congrats 😊 we just had our third, a girl after 2 boys too. It’s so nice and the boys are obsessed.

I always LOVED Ava and was thinking the other day we should have just used it. The popularity put me off but I don’t know any in real life yet. Have loved it for about 15 years! Oh well I love dd’s name too.

MassiveSalad22 · 28/08/2022 05:41

Oh I didn’t see your update!! Has to be Hazel imo!!

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