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Baby’s last name?!

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Nicole2399 · 01/06/2022 19:13

So me and my boyfriend are currently trying for a baby. We aren’t married and don’t plan on it any time soon, we would just rather spend our money on other things!
My problem is the future baby’s last name. I would be happy for the baby to have his last name although I really would like to have the same last name as my child so not sure how to get around it. As far as double barrelling, our last names are both two syllables but they just don’t sound right together! Would love to hear what other people have done!

OP posts:
User6761 · 29/11/2022 15:08

Although not the point of the thread, I wanted to balance the many posts saying you would have more security/rights if you were married. My sister would have been so much better off if she had never married. Instead, her divorce (which took years to go through because her ex did everything he could to delay it) cost her a small fortune as she had to pay him money as he was unemployed at the point they separated and he has a claim on her pension. As a teacher you perhaps have (or have the potential to have) a higher paid job with more job security than your partner - so I wouldn't assume marriage would necessarily be of benefit to you financially.

VenusClapTrap · 30/11/2022 17:53

Your name. If you marry in the future and take his name you can change it then. Not personally a fan of double barrelling but each to their own.

Listen to the wise women on this thread and make sure your wills and paperwork are fully up to date if you’re not marrying. Awful situation locally where a young man died in a car accident and his pregnant fiancé has ended up with huge problems as a result of not being his official next of kin.

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