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nesday · 12/05/2022 19:11

We are in love with the name Enoch but are concerned that people will immediately think of Enoch Powell.
Many of my friends of a similar age (mid 20s) are baffled by my concern and don't think the connection matters. I've found people a little older are very put off. My mum says there is no way it is usable.

Thoughts? I obviously don't want people assuming DC is named after Powell.

OP posts:
MadMadMadamMim · 12/05/2022 19:13

As Enoch Powell is probably the only 'Enoch' that most people have ever heard of I think you risk being labelled as a racist, right wing fascist if you call your child this.

I'm with your mum.

AlisonDonut · 12/05/2022 19:14

Erm, no. Not a chance.

sunnysaturdaydaffs · 12/05/2022 19:16

I knew a Enoch in London; he was black. It seemed to suit him.

after the first !!!! Moment we didn’t think of it again

LittleBearPad · 12/05/2022 19:16

Powell. First thought

Rivers of blood, second thought.

I’m in my early forties so not massively old.

Watto1 · 12/05/2022 19:16

Enoch Powell immediately jumped to mind I’m afraid.

Hugasauras · 12/05/2022 19:17

My first thought was Powell too Sad

Evilista · 12/05/2022 19:18

Made me think of Boardwalk Empire

KurriKawari · 12/05/2022 19:18

Agree with @MadMadMadamMim it instantly makes me think of racism and "rivers of blood".
But also it's not a very nice sound is it "ee-knock".

OhLookCriedNed · 12/05/2022 19:18

Made me think of Boardwalk Empire too.

AssignedSlytherinAtBirth · 12/05/2022 19:20

It's a biblical name. That was my first thought. I didn't think of Powell. I agree with sunnysaturdaydaffs, people will quickly get used to it. It's unusual but not totally 'out there'.

Scabbyknackers · 12/05/2022 19:20

Yeah sorry it would be too strong and too unpleasant of an association for me to consider.

User3568975431146 · 12/05/2022 19:20

Powell here too. I'd definitely choose something nicer and less controversial.

Antarcticant · 12/05/2022 19:20

Late 40s and first thought was Powell, even though his most infamous speech was before I was born.

Saucery · 12/05/2022 19:21

Boardwalk Empire and the fall of angels. I like it.

Nesbo · 12/05/2022 19:21

nope. Adolf was also one a perfectly good name.

Nesbo · 12/05/2022 19:22


mum2jakie · 12/05/2022 19:22

No way is it usable even after all these years. Unless you want people to assume your son's parents are blatant racists!!

Mybobowler · 12/05/2022 19:24

Eeek, no! I'm 32 and immediately thought Powell and Rivers of Blood. I think for most people, that'll be their only frame of reference for the name Enoch - I'd give it a hard swerve.

And I know you weren't asking for opinions, but imo it isn't a nice enough name to justify disregarding the connection with an infamous racist.

Is Errol even vaguely similar? I've always had a bit of a soft spot for it.

LondonQueen · 12/05/2022 19:25

Absolutely not.

Justcallmeanatm · 12/05/2022 19:27

Obviously you are not serious so stop wasting people's time

Chaoslatte · 12/05/2022 19:32

I’m 27 and immediately thought Powell. Definite no.

nocoolnamesleft · 12/05/2022 19:32

Straight to Powell and rivers of blood. I would assume you were a racist, and pity your child (but fear the environment in which they were being raised).

mumsiedarlingrevolta · 12/05/2022 19:33

oh no!! Def think of Powell-much too soon to even consider!!

faithinnature1 · 12/05/2022 19:33

Powell instantly. I would feel not worth risking association. It's a shame that happens

cheapskatemum · 12/05/2022 19:42

I immediately thought of Enoch Powell and his odious racist beliefs and speeches. If you want something similar & biblical, how about Esau?

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