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Astrid or Phoebe?

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feb1982 · 19/04/2022 00:00

Please help! Our beautiful DD arrived almost 2 weeks ago and we named her Astrid Phoebe Rose. We're now wondering if we got the names the wrong way around and she is more of a Phoebe than an Astrid. But is this the sleep deprivation talking? We love both names and just can't decide! Generally we've had very positive reactions to her name (although I know that my family prefer the name Phoebe).

Have you been in a similar situation? If so how did you make up your mind! Grateful for any thoughts on each name too.

OP posts:
AdaColeman · 19/04/2022 00:40

Astrid Phoebe Rose flows much better, and Astrid is an amazing name.

AuntTwacky · 19/04/2022 01:02

Drop the Astrid

Doona · 19/04/2022 01:06

Astrid is way better than Phoebe.

AuntTwacky · 19/04/2022 01:07

Phoebe way better that Astrid!

Punkyfish3000 · 19/04/2022 01:11

Phoebe is better than Astrid

Goneblank38 · 19/04/2022 01:13

Another vote for Astrid! Astrid Rose is an excellent name.

AnotherRoadsideAttraction · 19/04/2022 01:24

Phoebe Astrid flows better/sounds nicer to my ear; both are lovely names though, so you can’t go wrong either way!

Perhaps practice saying both names directly to your new DD indifferent ways? E.g. whispering, conversationally, calling out (like on a playground) and one might feel like it suits her more than the other?

thesnaleandthewhail · 19/04/2022 01:27

I know two phoebe roses and dozens of girls with the middle name rose so personally I'd keep the Astrid as it's less common. I prefer it to phoebe personally.

Kanaloa · 19/04/2022 01:30

I would choose Phoebe over Astrid. I think it’s just much nicer and less harsh.

MrsEricBana · 19/04/2022 01:33

Astrid for me. Not at all common, nice, strong v Phoebe which often seems to become Phoebs/Feebs

ImustLearn2Cook · 19/04/2022 01:40

Astrid Phoebe Rose is beautiful. If you switched Phoebe with Astrid then her initials would spell PAR. My initials spell a 3 letter word and it sometimes annoyed me.

I have met a few people who use their middle name as a first name. So, if in future your daughter prefers her middle name then she can choose to be called by it.

toastofthetown · 19/04/2022 02:02

I don’t think the flow of the name matters as much as what you want to call her every day. Personally. I prefer Astrid, though both are good names. What does your husband think? Could you try calling her Phoebe at home for a few days to see how that feels?

urbanbuddha · 19/04/2022 02:06


DramaAlpaca · 19/04/2022 02:11

I agree with calling her Phoebe at home for a few days and see how it feels. You'll know if it suits her better.

I think I prefer Phoebe Astrid Rose, as long as the initials are OK with your surname.

feb1982 · 19/04/2022 05:31

@toastofthetown my husband is definitely leaning more towards Astrid at the moment and thinks that it's a strong name to grow into.

@DramaAlpaca our surname begins with a P so I think if we went with Phoebe as a first name then we'd change around the two middle names (so Phoebe Rose Astrid) to avoid the initials PARP 🤣

Finding it helpful to get people's views so thank you!

OP posts:
Aorh · 19/04/2022 05:41

Love Astrid!

LaTangerina · 19/04/2022 05:59

I love Astrid & you don't hear it much

NETSRIK · 19/04/2022 06:17

Astrid . Phoebe is so popular. Astrid is beautiful and different.

RuthW · 19/04/2022 07:51

Phoebe is lovely. Astrid isn't

Sparkl · 19/04/2022 07:56

Astrid is lovely

WhoppingBigBackside · 19/04/2022 08:28

Drop the Rose, it adds nothing.

I prefer Astrid but also like Phoebe

Bumpsadaisie · 19/04/2022 08:31

I think they're both good names. Astrid and Phoebe are both smart and nice girls, with good friends and a slightly quirky / creative streak to their personalities ( in my view)!

ThePoint678 · 19/04/2022 08:37

Astrid is great.

thewhatsit · 19/04/2022 08:38

It doesn’t matter which way “flows” better because you won’t be calling her all names. She will be Phoebe or Astrid so which one do you prefer?
Personally I prefer Phoebe but Astrid is perfectly nice.

UpInTheAttic · 19/04/2022 09:11

Astrid is much nicer IMO.

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