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Astrid or Phoebe?

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feb1982 · 19/04/2022 00:00

Please help! Our beautiful DD arrived almost 2 weeks ago and we named her Astrid Phoebe Rose. We're now wondering if we got the names the wrong way around and she is more of a Phoebe than an Astrid. But is this the sleep deprivation talking? We love both names and just can't decide! Generally we've had very positive reactions to her name (although I know that my family prefer the name Phoebe).

Have you been in a similar situation? If so how did you make up your mind! Grateful for any thoughts on each name too.

OP posts:
IsThePopeCatholic · 20/04/2022 17:25

I much prefer Phoebe. Astrid sounds harsh.

whitewashing · 20/04/2022 17:51

Astrid is my preference, I’ve just heard of the fourth baby born that’s been called Phoebe….my hairdresser is pregnant and her baby is a girl, she’s going to named Phoebe!!!

LowbrowVictoriana · 20/04/2022 19:07

Astrid all the way! Never liked Phoebe, always struck me as a bit of a wet lettuce name, and will be misspelt. A lot.

I don't get the new obsession with "flowing" either. Never checked this when naming my 5 DC!

feb1982 · 20/04/2022 19:33

Very sweet @Sammilouwho 💕

OP posts:
Luredbyapomegranate · 20/04/2022 19:41

Well they are both nice and quite popular, but Astrid is really elegant and strong - I’d much rather be called that.

Phoebe does blur a bit with Chloe/Zoe/Sophie etc and then there is Pheeeeeeebs

feb1982 · 21/04/2022 11:10

Thanks @TheMadGardener I did think that might be the case. I have a fairly popular name from the 80's and found it annoying growing up that there was usually at least one other in my class

OP posts:
Wyattanddarlene · 21/04/2022 11:48

It's only two syllables so we just call her Astrid. The Pheebs NN is one of reasons my DH preferred Astrid (I quite like Pheebs though).

DuglyFugly · 21/04/2022 11:59

Not keen on Astrid but love Phoebe. Dd middle name is Rose so I'm somewhat biased. Phoebe Rose sounds lovely.

UseOfWeapons · 21/04/2022 12:02

Phoebe Rose is lovely, I’d drop the Astrid.

UhtredsLatestPaganHussy · 21/04/2022 12:53


Astrid is one of those names that MN becomes obsessed with. I personally find it quite ugly.

Purplepalm192 · 21/04/2022 12:54

I love Bee as a nickname for Phoebe. I can’t help but give nicknames so that put me off Astrid. It is a cool name though.
Popularity wise I don’t think Phoebe is anywhere near as popular as the popular names from the 80’s. It’s also quite different to the current popular names so doesn’t blend in. Either way both names are good, so I’d follow your gut!

schoolsoutforever · 22/04/2022 12:38

Sorry I haven't read the whole thread - sorry- but I just wanted to add that I have a 14 year old Astrid who loves her name and being a little different to the more popular names.

Moonshine160 · 22/04/2022 13:36

You need to go with whichever name you both prefer because the middle names just won’t get used.

Both are lovely names but Astrid wins for me.

user3199 · 22/04/2022 14:54

I met an Astrid a few years ago - Irish woman in her 30s. I'd never heard the name before and my first reaction was 'that's a cool name'. I like it, strong sounding and very different to all the vowel heavy girls names that are commonly chosen.

Thewolvesarerunningagain · 22/04/2022 19:48

I'm Team Astrid. It's just an awesomely cool name and Astrid Phoebe Rose is a world beater of a name. Congratulations by the wayFlowers

AegonT · 22/04/2022 22:50

I prefer more unusual names so would prefer Astrid. Phoebe is nice though.

Robinni · 23/04/2022 01:19

Initially I was going to say Phoebe.

Then I saw Astrid Phoebe Rose and it’s such a strong name. I really like it.

MurderAtTheBeautyPageant · 23/04/2022 14:59

Astrid is too astringent. Don't see the appeal whatsoever.

Mamalamadrama · 16/01/2023 13:19

Phoebe by far!

DurdleSnore · 16/01/2023 14:42

Mamalamadrama · 16/01/2023 13:19

Phoebe by far!

Old thread but just out of interest @feb1982 did you swap them round in the end or keep Astrid as the first name?

ThomasinaLivesHere · 16/01/2023 14:54

Argh zombie!

Mamalamadrama · 16/01/2023 16:55

@DurdleSnore eek don't know why that has popped up for me

RuthW · 16/01/2023 17:20

Phoebe is nicer

feb1982 · 16/01/2023 19:51

@DurdleSnore we kept Astrid 😊

OP posts:
pairofrollerskates · 16/01/2023 19:57


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