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Give it to me straight- Roland?

142 replies

TeddyTonks · 31/03/2022 19:54

Nickname Roly.

What do you think?

OP posts:
MelCat · 31/03/2022 19:55


Sorry first thing that comes to mind when someone says Roland.

DigitalGhost · 31/03/2022 19:56

Makes me think of the The Dark Tower series.
Roly will just get Roly Poly at school though.

LoIa · 31/03/2022 19:56

I like it!

Piglet80 · 31/03/2022 19:56

Was on my list too, i like it

Manekinek0 · 31/03/2022 19:56

Came to say rat but pp beat me to it.

CloseYourEyesAndSee · 31/03/2022 19:57


DukeofEarlGrey · 31/03/2022 19:57

Sorry, it's a no. Roll Poly. Roland Rat. And Roland off Grange Hill was not aspirational either.

InFiveMins · 31/03/2022 19:57

I really like the sound of it but it looks ugly if that makes sense? When I say the word "Roland" I actually like it, and I like "Roly" for a nickname, but written down it just looks harsh and ugly.

Thewindwhispers · 31/03/2022 19:58

I like it

fallfallfall · 31/03/2022 19:58

Vintage 1930’s. Nice in French and English. When it comes to youth birthday parties etc parents and teachers will know he’s a boy.

mizzo · 31/03/2022 19:58


deadlanguage · 31/03/2022 19:58

I quite like Roly (as long as he isn’t overweight!) but Roland is really awful.

Theraindropontherose · 31/03/2022 19:59

My Dad’s called Roland! No one ever connects it to the rat, and he is nicknamed Roly. It’s a heroic epic name.

PuppyPowerTool · 31/03/2022 19:59


BusySittingDown · 31/03/2022 19:59

Yeah, I think Roland Rat too. It's a shame because it's quite nice with the nickname Roly.

spotcheck · 31/03/2022 19:59

The only Roland I know is one self possessed young man who carries it with panache

Cyberworrier · 31/03/2022 20:00

Roland- neutral. Roly as a nickname just makes me think roly poly which I'm sure is the name of a chubby puppy in a children's book. I think Rory is much nicer. I don't mind Roland but would say not to use Roly as nickname!

Playitagainsam · 31/03/2022 20:00

Makes me think of the rat, the overweight kid on Grange Hill and the dog on Eastenders.

GeodesicDome · 31/03/2022 20:01

'I'm only trying to help you, Ro-Land '.

All us Grange Hill fans will LOVE you Grin

Liloandstitch · 31/03/2022 20:01

Literally - EastEnders! Are you Rainey and Stuart?

RestingPandaFace · 31/03/2022 20:01


BiscuitLover3678 · 31/03/2022 20:02

Are you a schitts creek fan? Blush

MerryMarigold · 31/03/2022 20:02

My DS's best friend (13yo) is Roland. Nobody's heard of Roland Rat or ever mentioned it. Nor called him Roly Poly! We're not in a Middle Class area though. There's a few unusual names like Sebastian, Caspian, Don in amongst the Georges, Charlies and Rileys!

Wheresthisgoing · 31/03/2022 20:02

All I can think of is the character from Schitt’s Creek

Sailorsusan · 31/03/2022 20:03

Ro-LAND! Smile

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