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Dickon - yes really!!

104 replies

inconceivableme · 08/12/2014 18:15

Today at work I came across a 30 something guy called Dickon. Who would do that to their child??!!

Hid surname didn't exactly help either, though not sure any would?

(Having looked it up, apparently Dickon is Old English for Richard.)

OP posts:
TravelinColour · 08/12/2014 18:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dancingwitch · 08/12/2014 18:20

Is he late 30s? I was at school with a Diccon (spelt like that rather than with a K I think). I didn't think about it at the time but quite like it & certainly wouldn't do a double take if a parent told me that was the name of their DC.

inconceivableme · 08/12/2014 18:22

Clearly not, Travel! Though just because a name appears in literature doesn't mean I'll think it's any less awful.

OP posts:
listed · 08/12/2014 18:22

I like it!

Wouldn't use it though Smile

WestEast · 08/12/2014 18:24

I've always loved it since reading The Secret Garden

inconceivableme · 08/12/2014 18:26

With a surname like Fire / Wood / Mann....

Still like it?! Wink

OP posts:
TheWomanTheyCallJayne · 08/12/2014 18:28

I only know of the Diccon from the Monica Edwards books and he's spelt the two C's way too.

Doodler79 · 08/12/2014 18:29

I know a Diccon. A lovely guy and a really cool and creative fella. I quite like it as a name, however, would want to spell it with cc rather than kc.

inconceivableme · 08/12/2014 18:30

Ah yes, I do recall watching The Secret Garden, now I think of it. Cute story I agree. Colin's another name I'm not a fan of though tbh! But Martha for a girl is lovely.

OP posts:
grumpyoldgitagain · 08/12/2014 18:30

Sarah Beeny off the house programmes on the tv has a brother called Diccon

pregnantpause · 08/12/2014 18:30

I like it. Can't see what's wrong with it

GoodboyBindleFeatherstone · 08/12/2014 18:31

Oh I love the name Dickon! But then he was such a lovely character in TSG.

inconceivableme · 08/12/2014 18:32

Really, pregnant??!!

The double c spelling is much better, on paper at least...

OP posts:
Alisvolatpropiis · 08/12/2014 18:41

I've read The Secret Garden.

Still think Dickon is bloody awful and tantamount to child cruelty.

We live in rather different times now.

JakeyBurd · 08/12/2014 19:37

I'm sure Kate O'Mara's son was named Dickon. It's the only time I've every come across it.

Bowlersarm · 08/12/2014 19:40

It's unusual but not unheard of.

Mrsmorton · 08/12/2014 19:43

Love TSG, I think it's a super name. I've met a dicken.

Muskey · 08/12/2014 19:44

I like it first heard it in the secret garden

JammyTodger · 08/12/2014 19:46

I went to school with a Dickon. I honestly can't remember it ever being an issue with anyone. It's nice.

Bartlebee · 08/12/2014 19:46

I know a Diccon. I love the name.

He's very cool, btw.

PinkOboe · 08/12/2014 19:53

I used to know one. He was a rugged farmy type. I always thought it was lovely

I think he was Dicken though

OfficerKaren · 08/12/2014 19:56

I like it better than Nicholas, Christopher and Kai. That's just off the top of my head!


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Abra1d · 08/12/2014 19:56

Dickon is a lovely name.

LittleErin · 08/12/2014 20:12

I knew a Dicken and a Dickon at university...

MollyBdenum · 08/12/2014 20:16

I think it's a lovely name.

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