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to be disproportionately annoyed at my friend swiping my favourite baby name?

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yorkshirepudding · 20/06/2008 10:03

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
theressomethingaboutmarie · 20/06/2008 10:05

No not at all! We had this too. We were chatting with a pg friend a few years ago and said that we really liked the name George for a boy. She looked all ponderous for a moment and guess what? Her little boy is called George!

misdee · 20/06/2008 10:05


jojosmaman · 20/06/2008 10:06

As you know, YABU, but I would feel exactly the same way if I had a fave name and it was used. You'll get over it though!
{slaps face with a line caught haddock}

DisplacementActivity · 20/06/2008 10:07

Message withdrawn

Pinkjenny · 20/06/2008 10:07

Ha ha, I would feel the same. Not quite the same thing, but my best friend got married 10 years ago, and we had been discussing 'first dance' songs. I was due to get married the following year, and told her what we would be having.

Guess what she did her first dance to? You can actually see me crying on the wedding video watching them, ha ha, everyone thought it was tears of joy!

Incidentally, she is now divorced, and I didn't marry my then-fiance. We are both married now to different blokes.

I was furious though.

cupsoftea · 20/06/2008 10:07

A kipper should do the trick

jojosmaman · 20/06/2008 10:07

{not my own face, YP's face obviously}

mummymusings · 20/06/2008 10:09

what was the name?
you know...just in case

Threadwormm · 20/06/2008 10:09

I'm not pregnant or trying for a baby. But if I do have a little girl I would like to call her Eve. I've told you lot now, so don't you dare use it.

mollysawally · 20/06/2008 10:10

I had a problem similar to this.
My sister had children long before me (big age gap) and gave her dd our mums middle name.
When I was pregnant it was made clear to me that I wasn't allowed to use that name, however I really liked the name and I wanted to use it as its a family name. Dp and I spent months agonising.
When dd was born she really suited the name so we used it as a first name.

We decided that no one can "OWN" a name

milknosugar · 20/06/2008 10:11

i would have to say something along the lines of 'wont it be interesting if i have a son and they have the same name'. and then see if she still uses it. its your name, fight for it!!!!

handlemecarefully · 20/06/2008 10:15

lol yabu - since you are not expecting or ttc. Let it go for goodness sake!

wingandprayer · 20/06/2008 10:15

Take is as a huge compliment - you obviously have fantastic taste in these matters

I'm ready with a particularly fine seabass should you still require a slap...

wingandprayer · 20/06/2008 10:15

Take is as a huge compliment - you obviously have fantastic taste in these matters

I'm ready with a particularly fine seabass should you still require a slap...

wingandprayer · 20/06/2008 10:16

Sorry, no idea how that happened, seabass making hands slippy...

littlelapin · 20/06/2008 10:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OverMyDeadBody · 20/06/2008 10:17

would it matter if you had a son and used the same name though? Of course not.

Psychomum5 · 20/06/2008 10:18

well, you know you ARE being unreasonable, so .


she may have her baby and find that he does not suit any of the names shortlisted anyway, so don;t plan revenge just yet.....

mazzystar · 20/06/2008 10:18

well she may not use it
so you may be getting upset for no reason
and even if she does there is no reason why you can't still use the name anyhow unless its outlandishly singular

yorkshirepudding · 20/06/2008 10:19

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Threadwormm · 20/06/2008 10:20

Kippers at dawn

yorkshirepudding · 20/06/2008 10:21

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Flashman · 20/06/2008 10:23

Strangely I am on the other side - I have had a fall out with my sister - I have been told that I am taking her name if our baby is a girl - It is her middle name, but our mothers name. And she is not pg or TTC but feel it is hers too. Totally mad!!!

Psychomum5 · 20/06/2008 10:27

oh, and I do think you may just be broody to......a teeny little bit

Saymyname · 20/06/2008 10:31

Do you know what? This is exactly the kind of thing that AIBU is great for. (Hopefully) no judging, just rational discussion of something that's playing on your mind.

I don't think you're unreasonable to feel a bit miffed. Being unreasonable would be acting on feeling miffed, and as it doesn't sound like you're going to do that then YANBU.

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