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To think "smashing" is a thoroughly underused word these days?

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turquoise · 05/06/2008 17:08

My colleague (fabulous old boy, clearly had a whale of a time in the sixties) used it today and I thought, you just don't hear that enough!

Even better - "smasher", as in he/she's a smasher.

OP posts:
castille · 05/06/2008 17:10

Oh I use it lots

That's a smashing top/picture/piece of work

Smashing dinner, DH

What a smashing boy

pagwatch · 05/06/2008 17:10

I miss 'beastly'

'don't be beastly marjorie'.
so malory towers

turquoise · 05/06/2008 17:13

Oh yes beastly, excellent.

I am turning more and more Joyce Grenfell as I embrace middle age.

OP posts:
2shoes · 05/06/2008 17:13

I like that word. as in m shadows is fab

littlelapin · 05/06/2008 17:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2shoes · 05/06/2008 17:15

smashing thread. it has made me smile

castille · 05/06/2008 17:16

Oh my lovely and much missed great aunt used to say beastly all the time

that's a beast of a jar, I can't get the lid off / I've got a beastly rash... that sort of thing

She was FAB, I miss her

SheikYerbouti · 05/06/2008 17:17

I say "rotter" and "golly" a lot. I have been known to tell DS1 not to be beastly to DS2 as well.

It's my inner 1950s public schoolgirl fighting her way out through my tough, brummie outer shell

turquoise · 05/06/2008 17:17

Something about smashing though - it's not so jolly hockey sticks, it's just - smashing. In a class of it's own.

OP posts:
littlelapin · 05/06/2008 17:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaureenMLove · 05/06/2008 17:22

My favourite saying is, 'well I'll be jiggered!'

SheikYerbouti · 05/06/2008 17:22


As I "I jolly well will"

ButterflyMcQueen · 05/06/2008 17:23

pagwatch i use 'beastly' my children love it

its soooo Brideshead - Cordelia used it a lot!

DaDaDa · 05/06/2008 17:25

I use smashing/smasher. Cracking and cracker too. I am not posh.

How about 'belting'? Think that might be a northern thing.

BoysAreLikeDogs · 05/06/2008 17:30



Jolly good.

[jolly hockeys sticks at the ready]

random · 05/06/2008 17:32

I told my GS(3) he was a smashing boy ..he replied Im not a smashing boy I'm a fixed together boy

BoysAreLikeDogs · 05/06/2008 17:36


Fanella · 05/06/2008 17:38

I like smashing. It's ever so-ever so.


wilbur · 05/06/2008 17:39

I think splendid should be used more. I am planning a splendid party at the moment.

turquoise · 05/06/2008 17:39

DDD I use 'cracking' and 'belter' too. Think it is quite northern (dad was from Bury).

OP posts:
Heifer · 05/06/2008 17:41

what poppycock

ButterflyMcQueen · 05/06/2008 18:50

i sometimes say 'gadzooks'

uptomyeyes · 05/06/2008 18:54

A couple of years ago DS1 wrote to father Christmas:

"Dear Father Christmas...I've been smashing this year" ...aaawww

UnderRated · 05/06/2008 18:59

Ooo yes, smashing is a great word.

I use crikey quite a lot. And goodness (as in, Oh my goodness)

I like rotter, splendid and super too.

cocolepew · 05/06/2008 18:59

Gosh or crumbs.

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