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AIBU as a Type 1 Diabetic, to be baffled the seemingly sudden influx of non diabetics using CGM's...?

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OSAP · 24/02/2024 19:17

If your pancreas works, you don't need one.

Blood glucose isn't exclusively influenced by the food you eat so 'personalised nutrition plans' 'metabolic trackers' etc etc are a, usually expensive, gimmick.

Nobody seemed too fussed about their 'blood glucose' when it involved finger pricks, but the Freestyle Libre now seems to have become a must have accessory for the 'worried well' who now seem to need to know what their blood sugar is doing, all while not really understanding what most of it means.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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SoEmbarrassed2024 · 24/02/2024 19:35

Things like Zoe and Abbotts own advertising have encouraged people to pay attention with 2 week free trials etc. Plus they are advertising for sports purposes too e.g supersapiens

Unless it is causing an issue with supply for diabetics (in the same way as ozempic and wegovy are) i'm not entirely sure why anyone would have a issue with it to be honest

All it does is make it more common to see the sensors on people's arms and if people want to spend their money it's not really anyone else's business

OSAP · 24/02/2024 19:46

Good post, and it has made me think. I think my issue is that it's a gimmick, and is also a dressed up more advanced 'diet' that is pretending it's not a diet. It is also not needed, and not helpful, to wear a CGM if you're not diabetic.

Also, the Zoe thing. Well...


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BristolBorn · 24/02/2024 19:50

I heard someone in our local pharmacy the other week insisting the pharmacy order double from now on as he has spoken to the GP who is going to be prescribing double due to the fact it only stays on for half the amount of time it should.
My immediate thought was that he had a DP also using them to monitor themselves.

OSAP · 24/02/2024 19:59

@BristolBorn if you mean the Libre, then yes, it often comes off before it should. You can get Abbott to send replacements but it generally involves a 30 minute phone call, mostly 'due to unexpected call numbers, the wait is longer to get through, but your call is important to us'. I doubt they'd replace the Libre's people get via Zoe, Lingo, Supersapiens, Level et al.

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ekoreetaeaekoetetautohetohekitepoauau · 24/02/2024 20:14

It' brilliant marketing to get worried well to spend their money.
They sell it to encourage you to panic about your postprandial blood glucose levels, then sell their 'diet' to address this 'problem'
It also makes non-diabetics think that managing type 1 diabetes is a piece of piss and that it's not all about trying to keep yourself alive
It is disgusting

Hellogoodbyehello4321 · 24/02/2024 20:14

Absolutely agree with you OP. Fellow Type 1

I dont know why anyone without diabetes would spend their time bothering on this- just enjoy your pancreas and eat sensibly and maybe ask for your HBA1C to be checked if worried.

I think they're a huge gimmick and these companies are making a fortune and causing ppl to have anxiety. So many ppl worrying about going up to 9 mmol after eating chips or whatever, with absolutely no context at all. Like you say as well, so few ppl understand food is just one of many things that influences blood sugar.

Completely agree no one was that arsed when it wasn't a fun gadget and relied on finger pricks. It must be nice to do as a novelty when you're life doesn't depend on your blood sugar being wrong. Just hope we don't have supply issues with these next, will be such a step back for diabetics who have been able to massively improve their lives on the back of these sensors.

OSAP · 24/02/2024 20:29

I suspect other Type 1's might find it equally ridiculous then!

OP posts:
ToftySheepdog · 24/02/2024 20:30

It’ll be elective dialysis next! 😅

MyGooseisTotallyLoose · 24/02/2024 20:31

Oh don't be mean! How awful of you to suggest people shouldn't use medication other people have to use to stay well so they can lazily lose weight?

Karwomannghia · 24/02/2024 20:36

my dsis who is type 1 hasn’t mentioned it but she has one and I had the same reaction - there’s almost like an element of playing at having to monitor yourself all the time but the real diabetics won’t have the privilege of taking it off and forgetting about it when the fad has run its course.

Frizzyleaf · 24/02/2024 20:41

For some people managing blood sugar within a narrow range can be useful for reducing some symptoms of mental illness, possibly symptoms of autism and ADHD too, and if you’re already struggling with depression or difficult mood swings finger pricking multiple times a day can be barrier, so CGMs would probably help.

As PP said it’s more than just simply food related so it helps to understand what’s happening with sleep, stress etc and if someone’s mood is being affected or vice versa.

Also I imagine people who are type 2 or at risk of type 2 and exercise heavily would find it helpful to manage carb intake etc. Easier than stopping mid training to prick a finger.

It’s about £100 a month I think which is pretty eye watering, so the cost would deter most people who are just doing it for no particular reason. If you can afford to buy them when they aren’t giving you any benefit it’s a bit silly but that’s nothing new.

OldGreyBoots · 24/02/2024 20:42

Also type 1, I feel the same.
I think @Karwomannghia has summed it up perfectly actually Flowers

Drapion · 24/02/2024 20:43

I had gestational diabetes and used the libre, self funded cost £50 every two weeks, now it's £69 every two weeks. I'm borderline type two and thought about it again, but it's just so expensive! Why on earth would you spend all that money without diabetes is beyond me.

Yogatoga1 · 24/02/2024 20:44

Yep. Same as the whole diet fad based around “insulin resistance” and cutting out carbs for weight loss.

basic science- if you were actually insulin resistant you’d be a type 2 diabetic.

none of it fits with the actual science of insulin/glucagon mechanisms to keep blood sugar stable.

NotThatWitty · 24/02/2024 20:45

It's a fad, and it also minimises T1 diabetes. It makes people think that all we need to do is monitor what we eat, as the marketing for these are aimed at diets- it actually reinforces the stigma of "Oh, did you get diabetes because you ate too much sugar?"

HarryUnicorn · 24/02/2024 20:45

I do find it a bit baffling as a type one (on Dexcom who I have to say are amazing at replacing them if they fall off early, quick online form). I look at the comments on their Facebook ads and see things like ‘it’s amazing and has taught me so much, like how if I eat carbs my blood sugar rises’. And the ‘oh my goodness is it going to hurt me’ video ads are particularly annoying.

I think I find it irritating as it somehow seems to reduce this incredible bit of kit that is literally life changing and life saving to a gimmick. But I do console myself that this sort of interest does help fund and drive research which can then benefit those who need it, sporting interest in CGMs accelerated their development far more than purely medical research ever did.

Hellogoodbyehello4321 · 24/02/2024 20:51

As someone said up thread, it's no skin off our noses - I just pray it doesn't result in supply issues.

But I do think ppl are getting rinsed and wasting their lives and working pancreases being obsessive and thinking they need to cut certain foods out because they 'spiked' at 7.5 mmol.

My current consultant advice is if I can be below 10mmol , 70% of the time, that should massively reduce all my risks. So far so good

And yet these companies have convinced ppl to spend hundreds of pounds and created huge anxiety because they spent 2% of their day above 7 mmol and their pancreas brought them back down with no issues.

I could only dream of a blood sugar issue like that 😆.

It's actually marketing genius. I am genuinely baffled why it's become the new thing and why ppl want to be obsessed with their blood sugar when they don't nedd to be but perhaps that's because being a T1 has defined my life and I wish so much I didn't have it so I can't understand why ppl do cause themselves anxiety when they weren't born with this awful disease.

I get some ppl are worried about T2 but as I said, they could address that through a blood test.

Anyway hopefully all the ££££ being made, will go towards an even better sensor that diabetics will benefit from in future

CathyAnne91 · 24/02/2024 20:52

Yep; another fellow type one here.

I had to jump through HOOPS to get my pump and Dexcom combo, as I was having frequent seizures due to no hypo awareness (I used to have fab awareness, then following a bout of covid it completely got rid of it! Really bizarre!, but not much fun being back on the old glucagon on a pretty regular basis 😔) I’ve been a type one since I was 6, so 26 years now!

But yes, I fully agree, it’s an absolutely ridiculous trend, half the people who wear them in this faddy way couldn’t even tell you the difference between a blood glucose reading and a reading gained from the interstitial fluid.

But hey ho 🤷‍♀️

drspouse · 24/02/2024 20:53

DH has T1 and we both agree. If you haven't had levels as high as his when his insulin got fried on safari you have no clue.

Workworkandmoreworknow · 24/02/2024 20:56

I think they're a huge gimmick and these companies are making a fortune and causing ppl to have anxiety

parent of a type 1 diabetic - I assume that the more people who use them, the more inclined these companies will be to improve their efficiency? In other words, it’s probably not a bad thing (unless resulting in supply issues, I agree).,

Hellogoodbyehello4321 · 24/02/2024 20:59

@Workworkandmoreworknow I really hope so.

Borris · 24/02/2024 21:11

I use it on my diabetic dog!


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spiritualawakening · 24/02/2024 21:17

OSAP · 24/02/2024 19:46

Good post, and it has made me think. I think my issue is that it's a gimmick, and is also a dressed up more advanced 'diet' that is pretending it's not a diet. It is also not needed, and not helpful, to wear a CGM if you're not diabetic.

Also, the Zoe thing. Well...

God that Zoe thing. I hadn't linked the two, 👀🤯😖

NerdWhoEatsMedlar · 24/02/2024 21:20

CGM's are the shiny new toy of the research world.

Zoe is quite clever, they've managed to get thousands of people to not just take part in but self finance a research study. Apparently it would have required a grant of over £7M to conduct the same study, without the worried well.

The huge data base is going to give an insight into diabetes probably mainly type 2. It is certainly putting CGM's through their paces, which should led to them becoming cheaper and more reliable.

On an individual scale it is probably minimally useful, on a population scale it will give data that has never been available before.

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