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Who should pay?

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BlackBean2023 · 06/02/2024 20:07

Child is finishing exams late June this year. There are other children in the family so can't go on holiday outside of term time.

Grandparent has booked a holiday with DC (16) for a week at beginning of July. Their suggestion, their choice of destination, their choice of dates.

Who foots the bill for DC?

OP posts:
LovedmyRaleighChopper · 06/02/2024 20:09

Whoever said they would when the idea was first discussed 🤷‍♀️

ZekeZeke · 06/02/2024 20:09

More information needed.
Are adults going?
How many rooms, how many children etc..

Betterbuckleupbarbara · 06/02/2024 20:10


YetMoreNewBeginnings · 06/02/2024 20:10

If the grandparents are taking the 16yo away then them.

ZekeZeke · 06/02/2024 20:10

If its just your DC going on holiday with grandparents, I would expect DCs parents to pay for flights and give money towards food.

Anjea · 06/02/2024 20:11

Who said they were going to pay when it was first discussed?

Lizzieregina · 06/02/2024 20:12

If grandparents invited DC then they foot the bill.

LoveBluey · 06/02/2024 20:13

If it was grandparents suggestion then I'd expect them to pay.
I wouldn't pay for a holiday I hadn't suggested and wasn't going on myself (unless explicitly agreed upfront)

TwylaSands · 06/02/2024 20:13

That sounds like two completely different situations and neither has anything to do with the other.

did the grandparent offer to take the child on holiday?

LittleOwl153 · 06/02/2024 20:13

I would say grandparents unless it was discussed before the booking was made that parents would pay/contribute

VickyEadieofThigh · 06/02/2024 20:15

I'm not sure I fully understand.

11NigelTufnel · 06/02/2024 20:16

I don't think there are any rules on who should pay, it should just be a discussion. If they said directly to the child without going via the parents, I would expect them to pay. Otherwise it's between everyone to decide.

eggbot · 06/02/2024 20:16

LovedmyRaleighChopper · 06/02/2024 20:09

Whoever said they would when the idea was first discussed 🤷‍♀️

This really

HeddaGarbled · 06/02/2024 20:17

In my family, the parents would offer a contribution, the grandparents would go “no, no, our treat” and the parents would give the teenager money to pay his way a little bit during the holiday.

TeaKitten · 06/02/2024 20:17

Depends what has been discussed doesn’t it. More story needed

Coconutter24 · 06/02/2024 20:20

If the grandparents invited DC then they would pay. Have you asked grandparents what contribution is needed? If not I’d just ask how much will it cost and then they’ll either say X amount or it’s our treat

MiaGee · 06/02/2024 20:21

Did grandparents just say surprise we've booked a holiday? Granparents in this case. And what do exams have to do with it?

Or did a discussion take place of we should all go away, oh hang on we can't but 16 year old can. Parents in this case.

Mumof2teens79 · 06/02/2024 20:23

I would have expected the grandparent to pay.....or only book following a conversation where someone else explicitly agreed to pay.
I would see this as either a gift for leaving school, or doing a favour for the grandparent.

AnOldCynic · 06/02/2024 20:24

I would see this as a treat from the grandparents to the child upon finishing their exams.

Are the GP asking you to pay? Does your DC want to go? Will you be paying for DC to go away later on in the summer with the rest of their siblings? I can see why you wouldn't want to pay for two holidays.

Onabench · 06/02/2024 20:28

Depends how the conversation started. I can’t see why a grandparent would raise and consider such a thing if they weren’t looking to foot a chunk of the bill? Flights and accommodation? And everything else is down to the parents. Seems unfair on the other grandkids though

ElevenSeven · 06/02/2024 20:30

Depends what is discussed. There wouldn’t be any hard and set rules

Terrrence · 06/02/2024 20:33

Well, when the grandparent suggested it did they say they would be paying for the DC or that the DC would have to pay for themselves? Either way is fine as long as it hasn't gone from them implying they would be taking the DC away to changing it to them accompanying the DC but the parent paying.

TheChosenTwo · 06/02/2024 20:35

What was discussed at the time?
Just have a conversation to work it out, there isn’t any kind of law about this!

Alwayswonderedwhy · 06/02/2024 20:36

If they booked it without discussing it with you then I'd assume they're paying. If you knew about it and agreed he could go then it should've been discussed before booking.

DisforDarkChocolate · 06/02/2024 20:38

They do, I'd provide some, but not all, spending money.

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