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To think most people have no idea how much a pharmacy dispenser earns?

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Froggy99 · 27/01/2024 20:22

Following on from another thread I’ve seen today about TA’s I was wondering if people had any idea how much a pharmacy dispenser earns? And if you think they should be paid more/less than they currently get.

OP posts:
chaosmaker · 31/01/2024 09:04

Is there a law about having to make up the prescription from the date it's collected rather than the date it's issued? I'm terrible for picking mine up last minute but think it should be the latter.

SoDoffYourHat · 31/01/2024 12:08

coffeeaddict77 · 31/01/2024 08:51

Their mistake wouldn't have an effect on someone's health though as it will be spotted by the pharmacist.

Not always - the pharmacist is human too.

PolkaDotsLikeALadyBug · 01/02/2024 15:18

i've worked with various pharmacy staff in chemists/hospitals. Dispensers all vary in attitude and ability. the training is basic. The pharmacy technician course is often offered but declined as they don't want to have more responsibility, yet complain about low wage? some have gone to pharmacy school too! All the responsibility sits with the pharmacist too dont forget. some dispensers run the pharmacy, some shy away from basic tasks. i know pharmacy technicians at a NHS 8D AFC (over 80K) salary now - and thats amazing and they have worked hard to get there. As a pharmacist qualified for 15 years i've managed to reach 70K but i started at 23K in the nhs. Plenty of scope and different roles available for pharmacy professionals.

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