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To ask who has an NHS dentist etc?

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girlfriend44 · 25/01/2024 17:43

I am Lucky to have a dentist?
Would be really worried otherwise. Reports that nobody is taking anyone on NHS?
If you haven't got a dentist? Are you worrying about it?
What are people doing ?

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tokesqueen · 25/01/2024 18:52

I have one. Have been registered there for around 50 years. DH and teens there too. About fifteen minutes away.
Very lucky.

guineverehadgreeneyes · 25/01/2024 18:54

I have an NHS dentist (Dorset). I've been with the same practice for over 30 years, though have had some private endodontic work done at a specialist practice and also dental implants done at a private clinic.

Was there yesterday and noticed they had a notice up saying they are not currently taking on new NHS patients, apart from children.

Inthebleakmidwinter2 · 25/01/2024 18:54

I do but it's my childhood dentist and in a different town to where I live now. I'd like a more local one but couldn't find anywhere else that would have me.

Bunionbabe · 25/01/2024 18:55

I have just had a molar 'surgical extraction' which cost me a total of £630 for 30 mins treatment. No NHS in this county despite thousands of new houses being built. Private costs are a scandal as is successive governments' failure to sort it out.

GoosieLucie · 25/01/2024 18:55

My dentist stopped doing NHS work about 25 years ago, so at that point I changed from being an NHS patient to a private patient. I'm still with the same dentist.

HunterHearstHelmsley · 25/01/2024 18:57

ShinyAppleDreamingOfTheSea · 25/01/2024 18:35

I'm West Midlands too.

There must be a glut of NHS dentists in the West Midlands! My sister has just signed herself and children up too. It's madness how other areas are struggling.

AncientSkaterGirl · 25/01/2024 18:58

I can't get one, so have just gone private for me (my kids were already private as I couldn't get them a dentist) Ive just been nearly bankrupt after my last appointment 🙃 (I'm on minimum wage and no savings, but hopefully now I won't need much more at my next check up)

MonsteraMama · 25/01/2024 18:59

I've got one and am lucky enough that he's a bloody brilliant dentist, and cares about his patients enormously (will often sneak in additional treatments not usually covered on the NHS if they'd be of benefit to me for example). I will cling on to him with a vice grip as I have a lot of trouble with my teeth, my husband has joked that if it came to a choice between him and the dentist, I would choose the dentist.

IntriguingFactJumble · 25/01/2024 19:01

No, as I stopped going because of mystery chest pain a few years ago. Last week I was told I need one because I have to have heart surgery and dental infections can affect that. I'm hoping the pre-admission nurse will advise me on how to find one.

AllBlackEverything · 25/01/2024 19:02

No, there are no NHS dentists available to me. Or none within a couple of hours radius, anyway.

I have just received a quote to "stabilise" my teeth from a private dentist, and it is many thousands of pounds. I can suddenly see the appeal of seeking treatment abroad.

WonderfulCheese · 25/01/2024 19:04

No, there are no dentists taking on nhs in the whole of the large city in which I live.

JaneLawrence · 25/01/2024 19:05

We have an NHS dentist, but their waiting list for new NHS patients is now closed because it got so big. So we’re careful about not missing appointments, because there’ll be no getting back in there if they kick us off the list for not going often enough or cancelling too often.

The dentist surgery I’m at does a combination of NHS and private work, and I strongly suspect that they’re staffing the NHS side of things with recent graduates, as the dentists doing the NHS work are all very young, and they rarely stay more than a couple of years.

StopTheQtipWhenTheresResistance · 25/01/2024 19:06

I can't find an NHS dentist and can't afford private treatment so I'm screwed 🤷🏻‍♀️

Paw2024 · 25/01/2024 19:11

Mine is private under denplan

Judellie · 25/01/2024 19:12

I did have but it changed hands after Covid; I had one appointment after telling them my filling fell out the first week of lockdown. They looked, said 'oh yes, you have a broken tooth', attempted an x-ray (but I gag, I have problems with this), couldn't do it and left it at that, so they just didn't/wouldn't do anything and I never went back.
My husband and daughter are still patients but they keep pushing fo rmy husband to go private (dd is under 18).
Unfortunately my crown came out in November and I didn't realise crowns could be put back. I did carefully put it away but when i went to get it, it wasn't there any more.
So I've had to find a private dentist, which luckily I have done - but all the treatment I need costs £1360.50. That's my holiday savings gone then, as I can't go onto a plan until the original work is all done!
I did find a private dentist fairly easily tho -Newcastle upon Tyne

Limbo2 · 25/01/2024 19:13

I'm very lucky and do have a great NHS Dentist, I have been with them about 15 years though. My stepdaughter missed appointments and was removed from their records and has now been 3 years trying to find one.

jenny1209 · 25/01/2024 19:13

I have an NHS dentist and moved between NHS practices last year without issue. There are five dental practices currently accepting new NHS patients within a 2 mile radius of my address. Assume it’s because I live in a city where the university has a dental school.

elliejjtiny · 25/01/2024 19:14

The dc do but it's 40 minutes drive away.

Eviebeans · 25/01/2024 19:15

I go to a private dentist. Pay a set amount each month which gives me 2 check ups and two appointments with hygienist each year

Gensola · 25/01/2024 19:16

I’ve decided NHS dentistry is a scam - I have an NHS dentist but they also do private work and if I want eg a filling that isn’t black/grey it’s “private” prices, same when I had a crown, the NHS one was dark grey so instead of paying the £306 NHS cap for that treatment I paid £1300 for a white crown because my other teeth are, ya know, white and I didn’t fancy a dark grey one. This country is a mess.

StopTheQtipWhenTheresResistance · 25/01/2024 19:18

Gensola · 25/01/2024 19:16

I’ve decided NHS dentistry is a scam - I have an NHS dentist but they also do private work and if I want eg a filling that isn’t black/grey it’s “private” prices, same when I had a crown, the NHS one was dark grey so instead of paying the £306 NHS cap for that treatment I paid £1300 for a white crown because my other teeth are, ya know, white and I didn’t fancy a dark grey one. This country is a mess.

Completely agree. I think Dentists should have to take NHS patients as surely it should come under healthcare?


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Littleelffriend · 25/01/2024 19:19

I have an amazing NHS dentist for me and the kids. He goes above and beyond. Been with him about 8 years, he doesn’t take on new patients though and check ups are once a year

Brightandbreezey · 25/01/2024 19:19

I have an NHS dentist but they refuse to do any actual dental work. During pregnancy one tooth got very bad and I’ve had to have a root canal but they would only do it privately. It’s costing about £1000 and then a crown on top will be another £600. Mad when I still have pregnancy exemption but can’t use it! My baby is getting teeth but I’m struggling to register her anywhere!

ohtowinthelottery · 25/01/2024 19:19

Been with the same sole proprietor dental practice for many years but it has changed hands 3 times. 1st dentist was NHS then went to private only for adults but kept DCs of adult patients as NHS. Then they sold to new dentist who decided to do part NHS and part private. DH asked if we could go on NHS list so we were put on a waiting list. After 12 months we all got an NHS place (DC turned 18 by this point). Practice has recently been sold again and so far we are still NHS but not sure if the intention is for that to continue or if it will go private again. If it changes we will have no option but to pay as there are no NHS dentists taking on in the area.

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