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To ask who has an NHS dentist etc?

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girlfriend44 · 25/01/2024 17:43

I am Lucky to have a dentist?
Would be really worried otherwise. Reports that nobody is taking anyone on NHS?
If you haven't got a dentist? Are you worrying about it?
What are people doing ?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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funniestpersonyouknow · 25/01/2024 18:03

I do have an NHS dentist but they are unreliable, always cancelling appointments and caused me huge issues with a badly done root canal but there is absolutely zero chance of me getting in with another surgery. The whole dental system is a mess.

Newhaven12 · 25/01/2024 18:03

My husband had appalling treatment from our NHS dentist when he had a cracked tooth. They simply couldn't fit him in for an appointment despite him being in absolute agony. They even offered him a "turn up and wait" but stated that there were no guarantees he'd even be seen. After 12 weeks of being in constant pain and getting nowhere, he went private. Immediate appointment offered and the tooth extracted the same day. I have now also registered with the same private dentist as no NHS dentists were available to move to. It costs us £15 per month each and for that we have two checkups and a scale and polish each year. The treatment and attitude to patients is amazing and a world away from what we had experienced under the NHS. There's also no issues with appointments. It is annoying that we now have to pay after working for decades and paying taxes (we are both retired), but we were left with no alternative.

Ihateslugs · 25/01/2024 18:04

Yes, I have a NHS dentist and go every six months.I have a fear of dental treatment and won’t allow him to jab with his hook thing at my fillings or anything - he can gently prod my gums to check for infection! I do go immediately if I have a problem ie broken tooth, filling or painful and do manage any necessary treatment but he knows I’m very nervous and understands.

However, if the treatment I need is limited or unavailable on the NHS, I could afford ( just about) to pay for private treatment.

OldTinHat · 25/01/2024 18:05

I had an NHS dentist until I moved counties about 5yrs ago. There are no dentists here taking on new patients, private or NHS, waiting lists are huge so I've not seen one in several years now.

MatildaTheCat · 25/01/2024 18:06

Mine recently went private. I had a private dental before but honestly felt in more recent years there was a very poor boundary between giving ‘medical dental’ advice and trying to flog expensive aesthetics.

Our lack of NHS dentists is a national disgrace. So many children not being seen and people in agony. I volunteer on a well known phone support line and we get callers who are literally suicidal with dental pain.

TheChosenTwo · 25/01/2024 18:06

I do and have been there for 20 years. Myself, dh and the 3dc. They’re brilliant and I do feel lucky.

FuckinghellthatsUnbelievable · 25/01/2024 18:07

I have an nhs dentist, she also does private work. I needed a root calms land got two quotes. £60 ish nhs and £500+ private. Dear reader I waited for the NHS slot. I do pay privately for an annual scale and polish. Kids all nhs with same dentist.

HunterHearstHelmsley · 25/01/2024 18:08

I signed up to an NHS dentist last year. I had to prepay my first appointment and wait 6 months but they're pretty good now. I can book an appointment pretty easily.

There are a few local to me that are accepting NHS patients. They're in the less nice areas but you can join as an NHS patient with no wait. My old dentist went private only so I moved, a few friends had the same and have new NHS dentists also.

It's seemingly unusual to be able to find one everywhere else. This is in the West Midlands.

I see a private dentist also. I have crowns at the front due to an injury. I started seeing them in the 6 month wait for the NHS dentist, I still see them for anything relating to my crowns.

stargirl1701 · 25/01/2024 18:09

DH, both DC and I all have an NHS dentist. Perthshire.

RudolfsLeftToe · 25/01/2024 18:10

Me, DH and DC all go to the same dentist - we have to pay privately apart from the DC who are seen as NHS patients. He’ll only take kids on as an nhs patient if their parents are private though.
I still feel lucky as he’s not taking on any new customers, the waiting list is massive and there’s not NHS alternative anywhere near us.

Moier · 25/01/2024 18:15

Yes had mine since l changed from a child to a teenager.. my daughters and Grandsons too.
I go every 6 months..

CustardySergeant · 25/01/2024 18:19

I have an NHS dentist, but I also now have a huge fear of the dentist which I never had before I went to this one. He has hurt me so many times and I have left the surgery in tears. I always attend my 6 monthly check-up appointment.

lemonsqueezyeasy · 25/01/2024 18:23

There are no NHS places in the whole of my county and slowly every remaining NHS surgery is shutting their NhS service down and turning it fully private.

I seriously don't know how people are just paying privately. It's £300 for a check for a family of 4. Double that if you have a hygienist too. Needing work is eye watering.

I paid for a check up and it was a 3 minute glance in my mouth and out the chair. £85 down the drain. Daylight robbery. We don't go any more as it's not value for the money and I can't afford it. Kids included 🤷‍♀️

We don't live in an affluent area and there isn't a single NHS surgery in my entire town for any child nor adult - expect significant health complications in the future.

Doublerainbow23 · 25/01/2024 18:23

We have an NHS dentist (who also does private, so from what I can see it's the same service in terms of check ups and basic treatments. Not sure about more complicated stuff). Our area was supposedly hard to find one but we just rang up and had no problem registering.

Menomeno · 25/01/2024 18:24

We moved and there are no NHS dentists taking patients in the entire city. I’ve stayed with my old dentist and changed my address to my mum’s house (along with DH and our kids). I’ve noticed a real decline in the standard of treatment recently. I lost a filling and half a tooth at the back. She literally just got some filling on her fingertip and shoved it into the half tooth that was left. No injection, no cleaning it out beforehand or anything. Just squished it in and off you go!

RebelMoon · 25/01/2024 18:31

I don't have a dentist full stop. None in my whole region are accepting NHS patients and the nearest one that will take on new private patients is a 3 hour drive away. I haven't seen a dentist in years.

ShinyAppleDreamingOfTheSea · 25/01/2024 18:33

I have NHS dentist and have been with the practice since the early 80s. I think I'm really lucky as I've always been able to get emergency appointments within a day or two .

There may possibly be changes afoot though as the practice has recently been sold/taken over and they have taken people off their books who haven't visited in the last 2 years (in terms of NHS treatment - I think they will still treat them privately).

SecondHandFurniture · 25/01/2024 18:35

I have one but she's awful. I think I'm going to do a private pay-monthly plan before I next need anything done as I need a root canal.

ShinyAppleDreamingOfTheSea · 25/01/2024 18:35

I'm West Midlands too.

Meadowfinch · 25/01/2024 18:38

Yes, at the closest village surgery about five miles away. DS & I are both covered.

I also pay for a private hygienist session once a year which allows them to make a little bit of profit so we are all happy.

Sunflower8848 · 25/01/2024 18:39

I’ve been on the waiting list for nhs dentist for 12 years 😩

feellikeanalien · 25/01/2024 18:46

I had one but they threw me off their list after covid and took me on privately. I had an appointment today but DD was sick and so I couldn't go. I phoned them last night to leave a message to explain this. When they spoke to me this morning they said that the computer has automatically marked me as a no show as I gave less than 24 hours notice so I expect they will probably throw me off their private list too.

They also still act as if we are in the thick of Covid. When you get there you have to ring the bell and wait outside until it is your turn. They have never re-opened the waiting room. Then you have to put on a mask and sanitise before going in to see the dentist.

I really need to go regularly as I have quite bad gum disease but I can't really afford it.


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Nowimdownarabbithole · 25/01/2024 18:48

Mine went private as he said they were no longer able to run properly as NHS dentists. I pay monthly but if it means he can look after my teeth properly then so be it.

Tumbleweed101 · 25/01/2024 18:51

I'm lucky as I booked us all in when we moved to the area when my eldest children were small. So a good 20 years ago. I took them all regularly and had myself seen at same time. The actual dentist has changed a couple times but I still had the NHS space.

My brother moved to this area more recently and nowhere local is taking on NHS patients.

Thisisnottheend · 25/01/2024 18:51

I “have” an nhs dentist but they are currently unable to do nhs check ups as have done their max nhs work…’s a very very odd system .I think all dental graduates should have to offer 5 yrs to the nhs in nhs hubs ….or else the govt needs to pull their finger out and pay appropriate reimbursement. Rates of oral cancer caught late have been steadily growing the last few years and in the under 10’s, dental decay is the most common cause of a hospital admission…disgraceful in this day and age.

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