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To think those who post a lot on social media are generally unhappy in reality?

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Whatsgoingonwithmyhead · 14/01/2024 15:58

Just a conversation I was having.

Do you think those who post a lot on Instagram are unhappy or insecure?

I’m not taking about those who post because it’s part of the work or business just to be clear

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
fuckssaaaaake · 15/01/2024 18:56

This again. Some will be some won't be. I post on social media as I only have my friends and family following me so it's NO different to sending on a whattsap group if your settings are private.
Why is everyone so obsessed with what others do online? It's tiresome. I post so my close friends and family can see pics of the kids and my friends and family do the same.

fuckssaaaaake · 15/01/2024 18:58

Rangelife · 14/01/2024 16:21

I don't know about the social media/sign of unhappiness thing but I find this 'I am waaaaaaay too busy to be posting on SM, just where do people find the time?' baffling. The 'busy busy' people IMO are just poor at time management. Nobody is that busy all the time. I have a FT job, freelance on the side, 3DC, a social life, a house to take care of, a walking hobby and marriage and I get time to sit and scroll on social media frequently Grin

Exactly. I run two businesses and have two kids and run my house (like we all do, that's not really anything new or admirable) and I manage to fit in some scrolling time when I want some zone out minutes. It's quite pathetic people wanting to tell us they're far too busy and important for social media.

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